Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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Endless Hope

Author Pov

"I am sorry Mr. Black. But your wife is now in a coma. "

Hearing doctor's words Darian fell on his knees crying his eyes out. He was numb and broken. Andrew closed his eyes letting the tears fell down. He always considered Ana as his sister.

Mrs Black also sat down on the chair beside Emily who was crying hysterically. This moment was supposed to be the happiest moment for Darian. He was a father now but he failed in being a good husband.

His son was here but his wife which he just realized how much he loves her left him for God knows how long.

"Mr. Black please don't be hopeless you should be happy. Your wife is one of the luckiest people. " Everyone turned to the doctor but Darian was still motionless.

"This is very rare in these types of cases. Either the patient ends up dying or simply both child and mother got saved but in your wife's case, her condition was extremely severe but still, she's alive. I still can't give you any hope but I can only tell you to pray because no one can predict for how long she's going to be in a coma."

Saying that she walked away leaving all of them in pain and sadness. Everyone was crying because Anastasia was the most humble girl. Everyone respected and loved her because of her beautiful selfless attitude.

Darian stood up and walked towards her room with his wobbly legs. IVs were attached to her body and hands. An oxygen mask was on her mouth. Her skin was paled.

Sitting beside her he gently placed his head on the cushion near her face. His lips were touching her cheek as he started to speak with his broken voice.

"You love c-cooking. Your f-favourite colour is b-blue. Seeing the one you l-love happy m-makes you happy. You never mentioned y-your wish. Your favourite f-food grilled steak. You always w-wanted to visit Sydney. You want to see y-your loved ones h-happy no matter in order see them h-happy w-whatever you have to do. Y-you will never hesitate. "

He completed his words letting out more tears as he answered her questions she asked him that day. Yes, Darian knew everything about Anastasia. He always had taken her liking and disliking towards things in check.

He knew many things about her even before the marriage but he never showed it. That day he had answers to her every question. But he was confused and didn't know what to do or say. So he simply stayed quiet.

But now he regrets it. He regrets not telling her. Not confessing to her that he knew everything. He had given her full attention even though he never showed it but he still was known to her liking and disliking.

"I love you, Anastasia. I know I am late. I know I deserve the worst punishment. But please don't do this to yourself. Punish me not Yourself. Please wake up. Because this punishment is too hard. "

He mumbled kissing her cheek and caressing her head. His heart started beating faster witnessing a tear escaping her eyes. He was stunned to see a drop of water rolling down her cheekbone.

A small smile appeared on his lips when he realised she can hear him. He gently kissed her tear wiping it away.

"Don't worry love. I will do anything in my hands. I will bring you back. I will wait for you. No matter how long it's going to take I will wait. I promise I will be a good father. Please wake up fast. "

Whispering those words he wiped his tears away and made a promise to himself. He promised himself to wait for her. To do everything in his hands and will do anything to bring her back.

Because he knew, he and his child want her. They can't live without her.

8 months later

Darian Pov

8 months. It's been 8 months when I last heard that beautiful melody like voice. When I saw those beautiful hazel orbs. When I witnessed that angelic smile.

I missed her. I miss everything about her. She was still in a coma but I didn't lose hope. I am still trying and will keep on trying. I wouldn't lose hope no matter how long it will take for her to wake up. I will wait.

My son was now for 8 months. His face structure and looks are just like me except for his eyes. He got his mother's hazel eyes not my dark ones. He will be a real heartthrob after growing up.

I have to admit he has extreme anger issues. He doesn't cry much but instead if he doesn't want something he threw things away even my mom seems scared of him.

He's gonna scare people a lot and I can sense it. But what can I do he's extremely cute and Of course our son. These 8 months I took our son's care with everything I can do. I couldn't be a good husband but I want to be a good father.

Ava my ex-fiance also visited Ana two times. I finally decided to let my past go and have a peaceful relationship with her. We are not really like friends but you can say we agreed to be acquaintance after all her father was my father's good friend. My father died when I was 18 years old in an accident. I took the responsibility of the company and also studied at the same time. It was a hard time but eventually, I got used to it.

Every day I went to visit Ana and took our son Nicholas with me. Yes, his name Nicholas Black. He wasn't named by me but by my love Anastasia.

I still remember one night when she was hugging me before sleeping she thought I was sleeping and kept on talking to me telling me about how she wants to raise her children.

That time she told me "If we had a son we will name him Nicholas and if we had a daughter we will name her Claire. I love these names. " She also told me that she used to read stories and these names were her favourite.

That's why I named our son what her mother wanted to name him. Walking inside her hospital room I placed the flowers on the side table and brought Nicholas closer to Ana.

"Look, love. Nic has grown up a lot he also can sit up on his own now. I am sure soon he will be able to walk as well. " Kissing my sleeping son's forehead I gently laid him in the stroller and sat down beside Ana.

I was in my office attire yes I always took Nicholas with me to the company because I don't want to leave him for even a second.

Caressing her head I kissed her cheek multiple times "Baby we really need you. I really miss you. You know Nic has anger issues like me. But he's also very hygiene psycho like you. "

Chuckling out I remembered how Nic hates whenever he's dirty just like his mother she also hates seeing messy place especially mess in her favourite place kitchen. But soon my cries died down as i wiped my tears away smiling at her unconscious figure. I kissed her forehead.

"Please wake up baby. Don't make me wait this much. I miss seeing your eyes. I miss you so badly. Just wake up. I love you my Ana. "

Whispering those words I again kissed her forehead and took Nicholas to go back to my office but suddenly I heard beeping sound from her heart detector machine even her breathing started to get heavy.

I instantly yelled for the doctor. My tears started to fell down. I was kinda relieved that even in this loud atmosphere Nic was still asleep. Please, God, don't let anything happen to my Ana.

I was pacing here and there rubbing my hands. I wiped my tears away consoling myself that everything will be alright. Finally, the doctor came out and stared at me forming a small smile on her lips.

"Congratulations Mr Black. Your wife is out of coma. She's awake. "

Sometimes fate tests our patience. Loyalty and truth of our said words. And finally, he was rewarded after passing every trial.


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