Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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His Unconditional Love

Author Pov

Staring at her Darian was sitting beside her bed while she was still looking so weak. Her one hand was in his hold as he kept on kissing it.

"I missed you. I missed so much love." He said while kept on kissing her hand. She said nothing just weakly smiled at him.

Placing his hand on her cheek he caressed it before staring in her tired hazel orbs with his teary dark ones. Anastasia gathered her strength and extended her hand in order to wipe away the tear that was escaped his eye.

Darian closed his eyes feeling her soft touch after waiting for so long. He felt these 8 months like an eternity. Placing his forehead on hers.

"I love you, Ana. " He whispered near her lips but she only smiled at him. He didn't push her to reply to him and then a wide smile appeared on his lips.

Standing up he walked towards his sleeping son and gently carried him towards Anastasia. "Our son Nicholas Black "

Anastasia looked at him surprised because she always wanted to name her son with that name. But soon her frown turned into a wide smile with teary eyes when Darian laid Nicholas beside her.

She wrapped her hand on his tummy and placed numerous kisses all over his face. Darian also smiled and wrapped his arm around Anastasia's waist before placing his forehead on hers.

They were looking complete. Their family was complete. Darian never felt this happy and joyful before. He couldn't wait to see his family laughing together.

He knew Anastasia still needed time and he was ready to give her as much as time she wants in order to accept the fact that he started loving her and she's still alive.

After Sometime Darian placed Nicholas in the stroller and sat beside Anastasia who was now fast asleep as the doctor gave her medicines. He had no idea for how long he stared at her sleeping figure that he himself ended up sleeping while sitting on the stool and placing his head on her bed.

He felt something soft in her hair like someone's fingers caressing his hair. The touch was really familiar to him unconsciously he moved closer to the touch and whined like a baby when the fingers stopped brushing his hair.

Opening his eyes he met with smiling Anastasia. Instantly jolting up he let out a groan hearing a crack from his neck. His neck went numb as he was sleeping all night on it.

But soon his groan fades away seeing Anastasia's worried expressions. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. Before he could say something he heard Nicholas crying.

Instantly running towards him he picked him up then he realized he needed milk. Darian brought his feeder with him So he pulled the bottle out of his bag and started feeding him.

It was winter that's why the chances of milk expiring were less. He was humming and strolling here and there while feeding Nicholas.

On the other hand, Anastasia was witnessing everything. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Darian being so careful and loving she felt tears in her eyes finally accepting that her decision of giving birth to Nicholas wasn't wrong.

With that one week went by and doctors gave Anastasia permission that she can go home. This week was hectic for Darian he was extremely busy with Anastasia and Nicholas that he didn't even go to his company.

And after dropping Anastasia to his house in the care of his mother he finally went to his office and was stunned to see so much pending work after all he's the CEO of the company.

And with that month went by. Anastasia started to walk properly. Her strength started to come back and she also started to take care of Nicholas. Darian felt relieved that his work has become lesser.

But his body was still not relaxed. He always confessed his love to Anastaisa but she never replied to him. She only smiled at him which made him sad but he was still ready to wait for her to be ready.

This time he was the one loving her unconditionally. He wasn't forcing her to do something which she doesn't want to. He was showering his care and love on her without asking anything in return.

Standing in front of the mirror he wiped the fog from it as he just took a warm bath. Nicholas was fast asleep in his room and Anastasia was making coffee for him.

Darian smiled at the mirror remembering how he used to look in this same mirror with hatred towards himself.

He still remember how he used to tear up and cursed himself whenever after having sex with Anastasia he always left her alone and went to the bathroom but he never felt any kind of relaxation instead he used to feel worst.

He used to cry and cursed himself under the shower when he heard her walking out of the room. He always wanted to stop himself from touching her but he just couldn't help it

But after having her he was afraid to give her any hope so he always left her alone but he never felt in peace after leaving her.

If Anastasia used to tear upon his cruel act of leaving her he also used to hate himself for letting her feel that how worthless she is when the truth is for him she's the most precious gem and he's a worthless stone who doesn't deserve her.

But now smiling at the mirror he understood why he used to feel so bad. Why he used to feel like hating himself when he used to left her alone.

Wearing his bathrobe he walked out of the room and found Anastasia on the bed and cup of coffee beside her. She was so much busy in her thoughts that she didn't even notice him coming closer to her.

She got startled when he held her hand "God you scared me. What are you doing. You will catch cold go and wear something warm. " She said pushing him but he instead pulled her closer.

"What happened love. Tell me from the day you woke up you're always in deep thoughts. Share with me. I am here for you. You know how much I love you right. "

She looked down but he forced her to look at him her teary eyes met his making him instantly cooed at her. He places his both palm on her cheeks caressing it softly.

"I-i was so scared, Darian. " She said crying harder. He instantly pulled her in his embrace. She wrapped her arms around his torso and pressed her head on his bare chest.

"I thought I will never be able to meet you or our son. It scares me so much, Darian. I am so scared of what if I had die--- "

"Don't Ana. Never even think of spitting that word out. Nothing will happen to you. You are with me and our son. So never even think of that ever again. "

He interrupted her and kissed her forehead before stating calmly. Pulling away he wiped her tears and smiled at her.

"My crybaby. I know I admited my feelings too late. But I swear I will treat you the way you deserves to be treated. I will give you the whole world I promise. I love you so much. "

She smiled at him feeling so grateful that finally, she was hearing those words from his lips. But soon her smile fade away

"But I can't be a m-mother again. I --" He placed a finger on her lips shushing her up.

"We have our son Ana. And if we wanted to have more child we can adopt a one. But what's more important is you. I can't afford to lose you. I and Nic can't even think of living without you. I love you so much. "

Anastasia's tears again started to fall down as Darian chuckled and kept on wiping them away. But then he got frozen when he heard her next words.

"I love you too. "

He stared at her for some seconds before smashing his lips on hers. Anastasia was surprised but didn't stop him. She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and softly kissed him back.

Wrapping his arm around her waist he pulled her closer and kissed her with full of love and affection.

That time they didn't stop and let their bodies melt away. That night Darian made love to Anastasia for the first time. That time Anastasia felt his love and affection in his doings.

He held her gently and had her with full of care showing how much he loves her.

That time he finally answered her unconditional love with his acts.

Sometimes patience proves the strength of ones love. Just the way he proved his unconditional love for her.


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