Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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Happily Ever After

Author Pov


Anastasia steadily unfolded her hazel orbs heaving out a deep breath. Her eyes instantly narrowed as she smiled happily witnessing herself in her husband's arms.

He was sleeping while their bare bodies were pressed against each other. He was hugging her so tightly like he was afraid of letting her go.

Last night Anastasia felt so different. She never in these 3 years felt this much love and affection by this man. He held her with so much care that she wasn't sure if it was her same cold husband.

For the first time, he made love to her. He kissed her every inch with so much love. He had her but with so much care like he was too much afraid of hurting her.

And now seeing him still holding her near him She finally accepted the fact that her husband indeed loves her. She tried to remove his arms so she could take a shower.

Last night Darian didn't let her to take shower as he wanted to hold her. But right now she was in a huge need of a shower. Anastasia was always a crazy hygienic that's why she was feeling disgusted that after making love they didn't wash their bodies.

But as soon as Darian felt her moving he again pulled her closer by tightly holding her waist. He finally unfolded his dark orbs and looked at her with a sleepy glare.

"Where do you think you're going, love." He said in his deep raspy morning voice before burying his face in her crook. Their chest got pressed against each other but Anastasia gave him a push.

"Darian. You know I hate it when I don't take a shower. You didn't let me take one at night now please leave me. I am feeling really uncomfortable."

He whined tightly holding her in his arms. But then Anastasia harshly pulled his hair making him groan. She glared at him making him retreat his arms.

She tried to jump off the bed but got startled when Darian pulled her by her waist and picked her up as a bridal style making her hold his shoulders.

"What are you doing. " He didn't glance at her and entered the bathroom.

"You said you wanna take a shower then let's take one. But " He placed her on the counter and trapped her between his arms smirking at her suspicious face.

"Together. " He whispered seductively. But before Anastasia could protest he instantly picked her up and stood under the shower opening the tap. She gasped out when the cold water hit her warm skin.

He turned the water level to warm and slowly the water became better. He gently put her on her feet and wrapped his arms around her waist hugging her.

She let out a chuckle at his actions. He wasn't leaving her for even a second. Suddenly a gasp left from her lips as his lips landed on her wet shoulder. She placed her hand on the glass wall breathing heavily.

"Ah, D-Darian. Don't do this I h-have to check on Nic ah. " Even after trying to resist she was letting out soft moans while his lips kept on roaming on her shoulder to her collarbone.

His marks were printed on her body as last night he took his full time on claiming her body with his love. Instead of stopping he grabbed her hips and pulled her up making her wrap her legs around his waist.

He pinned her on the wall while his lips started to go down to her chest sucking on her bosoms.

"Don't worry baby. I called mom last night she's taking care of our son. " He mumbled kissing her cleavage earning more moans from her.

"B-but ah. " Her words got interrupted when his free hand went to her womanhood making her throw her head back because of the sensation.

"Not buts love. " After completing his words he earned a huge moan from her when he entered his two fingers in her thrusting them right away.

She tried to speak but all her efforts got swallowed by his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him back.

He kissed her roughly while pumping his fingers making her moan out in kiss. After a while, she came on his fingers breathing heavily.

He held her waist tightly while kissing her neck he whispered.

"I love you, Ana. "

With that, he slammed himself in her with one thrust making her almost scream out but he again kissed her hard swallowing her yelps and moans.

He moved from the glass wall and slammed her on the counter before fastening his pace. She dug her nails in his shoulders throwing her head back while moaning his name out.

"Ughh Ana. I love you so fucking much. " He groaned in pleasure while slamming himself in her with deep and hard thurst. His lips didn't stop as well and kept on roaming on her shoulder and neck.

Anastasia wasn't in her senses. His hard thrusts and the pool of pleasure in her veins didn't let her to say anything or even reply to him.

His words of confession flared up her insides. He kept on moaning her name while deepening his thrust making her to lose her mind completely.

Because of the power of his thrust she harshly slammed her lips on his kissing him roughly which Darian replied with the same intensity but didn't stop thrusting inside her.

After a few rough and deep thrust, they both came together. Darian's one hand was placed on the mirror while other was holding her waist.

His face was buried in her neck and Anastasia's was on his shoulder. They both were breathing crazily after their rough lovemaking.

"I love you, Baby." He mumbled while pulling away from her neck and making eye contact with her hazel orbs.

"I love you too Darian. " He smiled happily pecking her lips. He picked her up and went to the shower and this time they had a warm shower without doing anything except hugging each other.

3 years later

Anastasia was making a breakfast when she was pulled in a hug. Large arms were wrapped around her waist and face was buried in her neck.

"Darian how many times I have to tell you to not do this kind of things when we are outside of the bedroom." She said forcefully removing his arms while he pouted with a sulking face.

"Don't give me that face. I don't want Nic to see something like this. Now go and change first. Look at you just wake up and came outside like this. You're disgusting. Go and wash yourself first."

She strictly scolded him making his pout deeper as he whined like a child.

"But baby. Nic is sleeping he's not here. He ---- "

"Momma." 4 years old Nicholas came in the kitchen towards his mother. Anastasia smiled at Nicolas while spreading her arms and picking him up.

Darian glared at his own son for having his wife's attention. But soon his fake glare turned into a genuine smile when Nic spread his arms for Darian to pick him up which he instantly did.

"Dad what happened you're looking sad," Nic said staring at his father with concerned eyes while Darian smirked at Anastasia making her roll her eyes as she knew what he was going to do.

"Your momma didn't kiss me the good morning I am sad," Darian said childishly pouting at his son earning a disgusted face from Anastasia who earned a cute glare from his son.

"Momma how could you. Look dad is so sad. Come on kiss him." He said strictly making Darian grinned in victory while Anastasia shook her head at his childish behaviour of using his own son.

She knew Nicholas is extremely a short temper brat and angrier than his father so not wanting to hear him ranting she gently leaned towards Darian and kissed his cheek.

"Your so lame." She whispered in his ear making him chuckle.

"Only for your love." He whispered back winking at her making her giggle.

Then they heard a cry and witnessed Mrs Black bringing their 1-year-old daughter to the kitchen.

"Aww, my daughter is awake," Darian said putting Nicholas on his feet and carrying his daughter in his arms.

"Give Claire to me. She must be hungry." Anastasia said picking Clare's milk bottle and feeding her. While Darian again picked Nic up who was staring at his sister with bright eyes.

Claire wasn't Anastasia and Darian's daughter. They adopted her from an orphanage. Her mother died giving birth to Claire. Her father blamed her for his wife's death and refused to accept her.

So he disowned her and gave Darian and Anastasia every parental right. Anastasia and Darian always thought of Claire as their own daughter even Nicholas was happy with her being his sister.

Darian wrapped his arm around Anastasia's shoulder and kissed her forehead while staring at Claire who was now looking at Anastasia with her beautiful emerald eyes while drinking her milk.

"I am so happy for us being a complete family. We don't need anything else when we have each other. I love you all so much."

Darian mumbled kissing Nicholas forehead earning a giggle from him. He kissed Claire's forehead as well making her doe eyes turn to him as she stared at him with curious eyes.

Anastasia smiled at Darian and peck his cheek before leaning to his chest. Mrs. Black didn't disturb their family time and silently left the kitchen with a happy smile on her face.

Their family was complete and they were happily living their life. Their trials and obstacles Ofcourse wouldn't stop but they knew they will pass everything together.

They finally had a happy ending. Living their life happily ever after.

Sometimes life gives you huge lessons and tough time but remember to not lose hope because if you're having a bad present there is always something good in future.




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