Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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"Love never applies conditions. My love for him is unconditional. The pain indeed is unbearable but the outcome I know will be fruitful. " Anastasia. Her lips never got tired of expressing her love for him even she knew this wouldn't change him. His heart. But the last happiness she gave him broke his every cold wall. WARNING: Its a mature story of 18+. read it on your own risk.

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A Pleasure Of Pain

Author Pov.

She let out a small squeal as she was pulled in a warm embrace. Her breathing got stopped for a second at a sudden action. But then inhaling the same scent she let out a sigh of relief.

"You scared me. " She whispered softly as the man didn't respond instead he buried his face in her crook.

"I made dinner. Go fresh up. " She said as she tried to remove his hands but instead gasp out feeling herself in air.

The man picked her up as a bridal style and without sparing her a single glance he made his way towards the room. Anastasia knew what he was planning to do.

"Darian first eat something and put me down I have work. " Instead of listening to her, he threw her on the bed making her surprised as he was rough than usual times.

He still kept his mouth shut and started unbuttoning his shirt as she stared at him gulping down. His demoniac was different he was looking different.

"Come here" His deep raspy voice ordered her as she was frozen in her place. He removed his shirt and threw it across the room.

Raising his eyebrow at her he indirectly gave her a warning which she worked on instantly. Jumping off the bed she stood in front of him.

Placing his hand on her shoulder he slowly removed the string of her dress as she closed her eyes.

"Do you love me. " It wasn't a question it was a confirmation. An affirmation of her love for him. She nodded still keeping her eyes closed.

His lips curved into a satisfied smirk as he removed her dress from her shoulders. He unzipped her dress in a sensual way as her breath got heavier at his touch.

He brushed his fingers on her bare back reaching to the hooks of her bra as he unclasped them. As soon as her dress along with bra fell on the floor he grabbed her waist and pressed her against his chest.

Her hands gripped his bare shoulders as he was teasing her on purpose. His eyes darken witnessing her lower lip between her teeth as she bit it because of sensation.

Something flashed in his mind as the memories of the morning started roaming in his mind. His softness fades away and replaced with roughness.

He harshly squeezed her jaw turning her lips into a pout and slammed his lips on hers taking her in a bruising kiss.

Indeed kiss was bruising and somehow too hard for her but again his touch made her weak. His few seconds of softness once again turned her into his submissive.

He pulled her up with her waist and instead of bed he harshly removed the stuff on the dressing table settling her on it.

His lips moved viciously as he claimed her wholely as his. He can't help but feel proud as he was the only one who can control her like this.

Without him doing anything He knew he had an undeniable effect on her. De-attaching his lips from hers he went to her neck harshly biting and sucking on it.

She let out a loud moan as his sucking was real hard. Her fingers dug deep inside his flesh as he was literally chewing her skin.

"D-Darian" She gasped out while he let out a groan of satisfaction. Instantly moving to her chest he pulled her trousers down and removed his pants as well.

Without wasting a second he entered her with a hard thrust earning a scream from her. He was rough. Too rough. She didn't know what was the reason but she knew he was angry and this was his way to take his stress. Anger and frustration out.

"Urgh fuck Anastasia." He growled as her walls clenched him hard. He grabbed her waist and pulled her up pressing her back on the mirror as he started to slam himself with a deep hard thrust.

Anastasia's head fell on his shoulder when he pulled her away from the table and slammed her on the bed not stopping his rough thrusting for even a second.

Anastasia had always given him an undeniable pleasure. He couldn't help but to feel satisfied because he was the only man who had touched her. And still touching her.

He knew she will never leave him as her love for him was stronger than he thought. For the past 3 years of marriage, she had shown him how much he meant to her.

And that's what gave him an unasked pleasure of being only one for her. After the last deep thrust, his body fell on her sweaty one as they both were breathing crazily.

His head was buried in her neck breathing in her intoxic scent. Pulling away from her he went to the bathroom without sparing her last glance.

Anastasia calmed herself as a lone tear escaped her eye reaching to her cheek bone because even after feeling his warmth. His presence. His body against her.

In the end, she felt only emptiness.

Wiping the tear away she stood up with her wobbly legs and wore the clothes. She hissed as she limped towards guest rooms bathroom.

He was too rough today as compared to other days. But again shaking her head she foolishly accepted that it's fine to erase his tension. And if this can ease him then no problem.

Taking a shower she changed her clothes and came back to the room finding her husband already laying on bed with his eyes closed.

She turned the lights off and gently dragged herself between his arms and chest like a small kitten. She made him wrapped his arm around her and laid her head on his chest wrapping her arm around his hard torso.

"I love you. Good night."

She whispered in his ears before dozing off. For Anastasia. Her husband was asleep but only if she knew he was wide awake and this wasn't the first day he let her cuddle him. Every night He let her. He never stopped her.

Not because for her but for himself. He felt a weird feeling of being loved. He felt that someone was giving him everything without demanding anything in return.

Love. Peace. Happiness Unconditionally.

When he felt her breathing peacefully as she fell asleep he tightens his hold on her letting her snuggle in him more. Kissing her head he let his eyes smiled at her even though his lips were only remain in a thin line.

"Goodnight. Ana"

Was it so hard to return the things she gave him? Alas, he himself don't know why.


Ok, guys. This story is short based on a simple couple with some hardships.

But trust me it's really heart touching. Moreover do vote and leave feedback.

This story isn't for Inkitt it's a work for sofa novel. As I am taking part in a competition of writing a short story. So I decided to write this.

Please it's a humble request. Go to my sofa novel account. It's mochikook there my name. Please go and vote for my story.

Spread the purple heart.

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