Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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A change In Her

Author Pov

"Ana please think about it again. Talk with Darian. " Anastasia smiled at her shaking her head

"No Emily. I have made my mind. And don't worry about Darian he wouldn't oppose me I am sure he will be happy after having this precious gem. "

She said caressing her tummy as Emily sighed in sadness and handed her papers. Taking a deep breath Anastasia signed the papers.

"Don't tell anyone about this. No one means no one not even Andrew. Promise me. " heaving out a heavy sigh Emily nodded as she was helpless even if she tries she knew she has no say in this matter.

It's her own decision and even after Emily's so much pursuing she's still taking this step and Emily can't say anything in their personal matters except to advise like a professional doctor.

Emily knew Anastasia's love for Darian was indescribable. Even after all the cold treatment and unloved attitude, he had given her. She still loves him more than anything.

Darian Black had a childhood fiance. He was in love with her even when he was just a child. He always thought of her as his wife and loved her more than anything.

But his heart and belief in love broke down when his fiance broke the engagement and told him that she's in love with someone else.

She was a respectful woman so she thought of breaking this engagement instead of cheating on him. After breaking the engagement. She got married to the love of her life.

That was the time Darian become depressed. He couldn't accept the fact that the same girl he loved for the whole of his life left him in a blink.

After a year of crying over her. He turned into a cold and emotionless man. He started feeling empty. He drowned himself in work and only work.

But his mother had enough of him being lifeless she met with her friend's daughter only once which was Anastasia. She loved Anastasia the first time she met her. Anastasia was only 20 when she met her. Mrs Black never really liked Darian's ex-fiance as she never really cared about her son.

But after the cancellation of marriage she asked for Anastasia's hand and as Anastasia's mother knew about her daughter's crush on Darian. She accepted the proposal.

Anastasia always adored Darian. They went to the same school and she always respected his gentleman attitude. She fell in love with him when he protected her from bullies many times and even treated her with so much softness.

But after school, she never met him again. She was shocked to know that he was going to be her husband. She was happy and delightful that her first love will be her husband.

Anastasia never had any boyfriend or lover. She was a simple girl with an ordinary face and attitude. But when Darian told her to not expect much from him she was confused about what happened to him that he had changed so much.

Darian's mother explained everything about his ex-fiance to Anastasia. Anastasia indeed felt heartbroken for him but she started to question of what he really didn't want her.

But after talking to her mother she made her mind to at least try and erase his pain. Maybe one day he might started to adore her the way she adores him.

After marriage, they didn't really interact much. They took a full time to be comfortable with each other. She told him from the first day that she loves him but he only replied with silence.

After 6 months of marriage, Darian started to get attracted to her. He took this attraction as lust and desire. He accepted the fact that he wanted her as he was sexually attracted to her.

And finally one night he did what he was waiting to do for so long. After coming late home. Anastasia was angry and worried about him and they had a small argument which ended up in a hot making out session.

He took her to his bed and only said few words "I can't control anymore. Let me have you ". Anastasia also wanted to touch him and him having a great effect on her she gave up and let him have her.

She reminded herself that with time things will get better. That may be one day he would give her answer to her unconditional love.

But now her every hope had ended. She doesn't want to keep on reminding herself that with time everything can become better. That with time. He can become better.

She has accepted that he doesn't feel anything not towards her. Not to anyone except his child and if this child can be the reason for his smile and happiness then she was ready to sacrifice everything.

Entering the house she sighed heavily watching the line of maids there bowing at her. She knew it was Darian's work.

"You all can do your work except cooking. I will make breakfast lunch and dinner if I wanted help I will ask you. Now you can get to work. "

They bowed at her and started to do their work. Anastasia never liked when someone else cooks for her except her mother.

She was taught from childhood to do her own work instead of relying on maids and servants. For baby's safety she decided to let them work on the other things. Like dusting. Clothes washing and house cleaning.

But cooking was the only work she will never let anyone else to even touch. Preparing a dinner. She was about to wait for Darian but then she realised that she needs to start working on the decision she made.

She took her food and ate it peacefully. After eating she washed the dishes and was about to go to her room but Darian entered the house with a tired face.

Without greeting or saying anything to him. She warmed the food and placed it on the table.

"Why are you working where are the maids. " Darian said sitting on the chair as he just got freshen up after changing his clothes.

"It's 10 pm. Their duty ends at 8 pm. " after serving the food she started to walk away taking Darian in surprise.

"Where are you going. Aren't you gonna eat? " His cold voice without a single ounce of care hit her ears halting her steps.

"I already ate it. I am going to sleep. Goodnight. " She mumbled before walking to the room leaving him all alone.

Darian frowned at her sudden cold behaviour. She never missed eating with him before. Sometimes if he comes late she would only wait for him without eating anything.

Darian convinced himself that she's might doing it for the baby. But without him realizing he didn't enjoy his food. He felt his appetite fading away.

He was used to feeling her presence beside him. He was used to hearing her talking during dinner. But right now he felt empty.

After eating the non-appetizing food he went to his room. After freshening up he laid on the bed just the way he used to. Closing his eyes and pretending to sleep.

Anastasia entered the room and laid under the heavy duvet. She stared at his face for few minutes before sighing out.

She turned to the other side facing him with her back and didn't let her emotions to rule her. Today was the second time she didn't hug him or force him to hug her.

After proper minutes he opened his eyes and stared at her back dumbfounded. This was the second night she didn't hug him.

Darian started to feel empty and weird feeling of being ignored by her. But what left him more shocked was the words she never forgot to tell him before sleeping.

"She didn't say I love you to me."

He made her feel unwanted now her ignorance made him feel empty but why. He himself doesn't know.


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