Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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Her ignorance, His Pain

Author Pov.

Staring at the couple in front of him he was sitting there blankly there was something different in his mind this time. He was thinking different.

He was confused about why he wasn't jealous or angry seeing them being so lovey Dovey in front of him. Instead, he felt nothing for them except seeing the couple he weirdly missed his own wife.

He felt an urge to kiss her the way that man in front of him kissed his wife. He wanted to hold his wife and wanted to see her beautiful smile whenever she expressed her love to him.

Clearing his throat Andrew stared at his friend with raised eyebrows. "What happened dude you look too much in thoughts "

Darian looked at him shaking his head and pointing at the couple who was busy in their conversation. Andrew's face changed into stern one as he sighed shaking his head.

"Seriously Darian. Even after having a gem like Anastasia you're still not over Ava. " He exclaimed in a disappointed tone when he looked at Darian's ex-fiance with her husband.

"That's what I am saying. I seriously felt nothing when they were kissing. Hugging and smiling at each other. Rather I was... "

"You were what " Darian looked at him letting out a sigh as he was extremely frustrated of what Anastasia was doing to him for past days. And now he was feeling weird emotion rising in his heart.

"I miss her. Anastasia, I miss her so much. " Andrew's lips curved into a wide smile as he looked at his friend in gratefulness. He knew Darian would never lie about these kinds of things.

"Then go ahead and meet her. She's your wife dude if you miss her then go and see her. " Darian sighed shaking his head.

"That's the problem. I am upset not because after 2 years Ava is here. I am upset because for past month Anastasia is ignoring me. She's not even doing the same things she used to do. I hate the way she's behaving right now. That makes me frustrated. "

Andrew chuckled at him " She just ignored you and become distant from you for just a month and this is your condition. Have you thought about her you're being this cold-hearted bastard to her for past 3 years do you think she wouldn't get tired trying to win you. Your love. "

He said making Darian blink multiple times but then he shook his head clearing his mind. "No Anastasia already knew that I don't believe in love anymore and I-- "

"That's just your own made illusion nothing else. It's not that you don't believe in love the truth is you don't want to believe that Anastasia has already crawl her way to your heart and she had done it a long time ago but you're just too blind to accept it. "

Andrew interrupted him and stated his thoughts with full care while Darian scoffed thinking that how can he be in love again. No, he can't.

Call him a coward but his heart has hid itself because of fear. Fear of losing the one he loved so much. He decided to not argue and remain quiet but his silent time got interrupted when someone sat down in front of him.

Heaving his head up his eyes met with the same green orbs which he used to adore so much but now his mind was thinking about those dazzling hazel eyes which apparently belongs to his wife.

"How are you, Darian. It's been a long time. " Ava said with a small smile while Darian only looked her blankly without showing a single ounce of any emotion.

"Can I help you with something. " He asked with a cold tone while she sighed heavily at his harsh treatment. Andrew was glaring at Ava.

"Where is your husband Ava. I didn't know he's going to be our next project partner. " Ava smiled at Andrew when he asked her.

"He got a call. Yes, I wasn't also aware of it. " She said with sincerity.

"But I knew it was your husband. " Darian said emotionlessly making Ava narrowed her eyes at him.

"Don't tell me, Darian, that you're trying to separate me and David. Please, Darian, forget me I love David and --- "

Her words cut down with a sarcastic cold chuckle as Darian stared at her in disbelief. "Why in the hell you ever thought that I will do a business deal and that be so important for you. "

Ava shifted uncomfortably when she realized he didn't do it for her. "Listen to me clearly Miss Ava. Whatever was between us has already ended. I have my wife and I am highly satisfied plus happy with her. And you have your own life so we are better off from each other. "

"I don't love you anymore Ava. So better get rid of that thought of me making efforts of having you back. Because years back we already had decided that once our engagement was ended you and I have nothing to do with each other and that's better if you also consider me as no one because for me your just a stranger. "

He said whatever was in his mind. And his every word was the truth. He has no feelings for Ava anymore. But what confusing him was the feeling he was having from the day Anastasia started to ignore him.

Ava left stunned at his cold and calm words. He said everything with so much calmness but he clearly told her and that for him only his wife is everything. But she also felt relieved and happy for him because she always wanted him to move on.

Darian stood up and fixed his coat before shaking a hand with Ava's husband after signing a project contract with them. Ava also had a huge amount of shares in her husband's company so she was also present in the meeting and her sign was needed.

"I will take my leave now Mr and Mrs Mathews. " After bidding his goodbye he walked towards his car and instantly drove to his house as it was already 9 pm and tonight he wanted to arrive home earlier.

Parking his car he walked inside the house loosening his tie and removing his coat along with unbuttoning his sleeves button rolling them up.

He threw the coat on the sofa and looked around and there the girl he missed like crazy was standing there near the pool.

She was standing near the pool staring at the moon with a small smile while crossing her arms. He took fast steps towards her

Anastasia let out a surprised yelp when he back hugged her tightly locking her body against his. Her back was pressed against his chest.

"You scared me. Are you hungry? " She asked him in a soft tone trying to remove his hands from her body but he only tightens his grip and buried his face in her crook.

His lips finally landed on her slightly revealed shoulder earning a small gasp from her. His lips started to move on aggressively as he placed fast but small pecks all over her shoulder and neck.

He tried to slide the string of her dress from her shoulder to get proper access to her beautiful skin. Darian was too much busy to see her uncomfortable reaction.

She forcefully removed his hands and lightly pushed him away taking him for a surprise as he wasn't expecting it. It was something new for him she never did this before.

"I am tired, Darian. Dinner is ready. Go fresh up I will arrange the table. " She said and instantly fled away from the place leaving him all stunned and confused.

He brushed his fingers in his hair letting out a frustrated sigh "what's happening with you Ana. You're not even letting me to touch you anymore. " He whispered to himself watching her figure working in the kitchen.

After freshening up he ate dinner and it was the same. She said she already had eaten up and he had his dinner alone making him miss her even more.

Entering his room he went to the bathroom but after coming back his eyes harden and he felt anger rushing through his veins.

There she was again laying on the bed with her back facing him and she was doing this thing for the past month. It has been a month when he heard her tell him "I love you" before sleeping.

But he had enough. Being an aggressive man he was. He harshly slammed the towel on the couch which was in his hand and went towards her body.

Grabbing her arm he roughly pinned her back on the bed and hovered above her making her eyes widened in shock. But before she could say anything he interrupted her.

"Enough. I had enough of this. I can't take this anymore. "

He was giving her this ignorance and he was aware of it but why he's in pain now when she only returned the favor.


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