Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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Her Unheard Cry

Author Pov

"What are you doing Darian. Get off me. " She said trying to push his chest but instead he pinned her wrists on the bed and stared in her eyes with his flaming ones.

"I am not letting you off. Today you have to tell me the reason for your ignorance. I am tired of seeing you this distant from me. Tell me what have I done to make you ignore me like this."

He questioned her leaning to her face while she only struggled to get away from him. She knew his touch and closeness makes her weak and she wasn't ready to back away from the decision she made.

"Please, Darian. If you can't find the answers from my unsaid words then please don't expect me to explain to you. I am tired please let me rest. " She said trying to free her hands but instead he squeezed her wrists making her hiss in pain.

"And what about me. I am also tired to see you ignoring me for no reason. I am tired of waiting that you might not well that's why you need time but now what it's already been a month and your still like this."

She chuckled at him taking him for a surprise "A month. Only a month I behaved distant from you and your complaining this much also using force on me. Then shouldn't I be complaining as well about you to be distant from me for the past 3 years? But did I. No right. Then why do you have to question me like this? I can do whatever I want now leave me. "

She seethed at him making him angrier. Without doing anything he smashed his lips on hers kissing her roughly she tried to move her head away but instead pressed his lips harder forcing her head to stay on the spot.

She tried to stop him she tried to break the kiss but all went in vain and at last her love and emotions for him won. She gently closed her eyes and stopped struggling but still didn't kiss him back.

He felt her not moving so he left her wrists and placed his palm on her cheek turning the ferocious kiss into a luscious one. His kiss turned soft and full of care.

He missed her kissing and feeling against his body so much that he wanted to feel her every inch slowly and gently. He was taking his full time tasting her cherry-like lips.

Feeling his gentle touch she kissed him back and let him enter his tongue. She poured her love in the kiss while he filled his longing through the kiss.

Slowly de-attaching his lips from her. She steadily unfolded her teary orbs as a single tear rolled down her cheekbone making him to wipe it away.

Staring in the eyes of each other for some proper minutes he again started to lean down to claim her lips but this time he left stunned when she softly moved her face away making his lips brush her cheek.

"What colour I like. What is my hobby? What's the thing that makes me happy. What's my wish. What's my favourite food. What's my favourite place that I want to visit. What is that I want the most. "

She questioned him but he had no idea what to do he was frozen as his lips were still touching her cheek while another tear escaped her eyes as she continued her words.

"Your favourite colour is grey. You love bike racing. Seeing your mother happy makes you happy. Your favourite food cheese pasta. The place you want to visit Paris. You never mentioned what your true wish is. The thing you want the most is to make your father's company successful. "

She answered her own questions but instead telling her about herself she told him about him clearly emphasizing the fact that she knows everything about him leaving him stunned and shocked.

"Why Darian. Why. When I know everything about you then why don't you know a thing about me? Why. You don't even know the reason for my tears. Of my distancing myself from you. Am I the only responsible one in this marriage. Am I the only one who needs to complete you but to only left herself empty. "

She completed her words while the whole room went silent. There was only the sound of their breathing. She let out a small throaty sob which filled his ears.

She knows so much about him but he can't even read her eyes. Today she showed him how much she loves him and always loved him but how blind he is that he can't even see her pain behind those smiley orbs.

Pulling away he stared in her eyes which were looking at him with nothing. There was no love or hate in them. Instead, there was only one emotion hopeless.

"I am tired, Darian. I am tired of running behind you. I am tired of making you witness my love. I am tired I am really tired please let's just stay away from each other. I wouldn't disturb you. "

She said with emotionless tone clutching his heart painfully. He had no idea but today the things she said made him extremely regretful. He never thought he was hurting her this bad.

He tried to touch her cheeks to wipe the tears away but she moved her head away. "Please leave me. I want to rest. Please" she whispered with her cracked voice.

Gulping down his uncomfortable feelings he pulled away from her and went out of the room. She curled up in a ball hearing him going out of the room.

Tear after tear graced her cheeks making her cry her heart out. She promised herself that this night will be the last one she cried for that heartless man. She wouldn't let him hurt her more.

She was tired of trying. Her strength has given up. What she decided to do wasn't for Darian it was her own happiness. And she was persistent to her decision.

After some time she dozed off while Darian entered the room after relaxing his mind a little. He sat down on the couch staring at her sleeping figure while she was taking slow breaths.

He was drowned in the ocean of regret. How he never thought that he was hurting her this much. Then he took his behaviour and his every act in check.

He never for once showed his caring side to her. How can he be this cruel towards an innocent girl who never did anything wrong except to love him?

But his mind still refused to take his guilt as love. He still refused to accept the uncomfortable feeling in his heart, the pain of hurting her. Because he loves her no he refused to accept that he already had fallen for her.

Shaking his head he accepted the fact that he can't return her feelings so it's better to stay away from each other. If distancing from each other ease her pain then it's fine he's ready to endure her ignorance because he knows one thing he can't love her.

He can't love her. Right?

Only if he knew loving her isn't an option for him because his heart already accepted her a long time ago.


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