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Chapter 2

"Why must he be so stubborn, I've spoilt the boy silly and yet all he gives me in return are fanatical dreams of being a peasant! You'd be mad to wish that on yourself!"

The silk cloaked man paced back and forth on the step before a large bed befitting a king drowned in green embroidery.

"Quite sir, I've never seen him want for anything, save for that fantasy if his. Though I couldn't say that makes the slightest bit of sense," the words came from a man garbed in the clothes of a servant, as though once fine clothes had been worn to the barest threads and stained to the seams with everything one could imagine.

"Off with you Quimby. You're being depressant."

"I apologize your majesty," the man drawled nasally in a tone that could almost be considered stately.

"yes, well off with you," the king said absently, turning to the large window that covered a large portion of the east wall, giving Quimby a wave, obviously signaling his dismissal.

Quimby gave a gracious bow, sweeping his upper body low, making his back nearly parallel to the floor before swiftly turning and leaving through the large, intricately engraved double doors that lead to the long, labyrinthine hallways of the estate.

The king, now left only to his thoughts, paced slowly to the eastern window, standing regally before the magnificence that was the view of the everlasting kingdom of Thenepa

The young man wandered aimlessly through the embellished hallways of his home, ignoring the eyes of servants and guards who happened past him on his meandering path.

His mind was filled with plans of action.

He knew his rebellion against his father and his wishes would not go ignored forever, but he had no idea of how to go about acquiring the life e wanted to live.

The prince sighed deeply, running a hand through his well kept, honey golden hair. He needed a break, to get a way from the everything, from the life his father had chosen for him.

He hurried to the gardens, making sure his destination was not obvious and found his way to the cherry tree that stood tall by the large, wrought iron fence that that surrounded the castle that he had lived in his entire life.

He crept up the tree and to a sturdy branch that hung low over the border that defined the life of common place man from the life of royalty.

This path, the one to the world of commonplace was not new to him, he'd slipped from the palace to the capital city many times, in search of a place he could belong, but it seemed still not quite right.

On the opposite side of the fence he searched out the bush that stood sentry next to the berry brambles, where he'd hid an older, slightly worn tunic and a pair of worn riding boots that he'd kept from a few years past.

The first time he'd escaped from his fathers land, he'd not been prepared for the town that stood outside of his gated life, he'd never known the hardships that people not of royalty would face.

He'd left in his everyday clothes, unaware that what he'd considered common day attire, was something most would see to be 'fit for a visit with the king'.

He'd learned well after that to keep more typical clothing at hand.

The prince pulled one more piece of clothing from it's hiding place, a cloak he wore, that was a slightly rough fabric, of a mucky brown that had a large hood. It cast enough shadow over his face to hide any prominent features, such as the golden brown eyes that rested above his straight nose.

He pulled the cloak over his shoulders and started the short walk to the city that he craved so dearly to be a part of.

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