Hold Onto Me

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A girl whose notion of love was shattered forever. A boy who just wants to be truly loved and cherished. They couldn't be more different from each other and yet something so carnal and wild bubbles between them, igniting a fire that leaves them both slighted in its wake...Will they come out on top? Will they be able to keep each other close? Or will their connection become a cinder, like ash blown away by the harsh realities of their lives....

Romance / Drama
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"For fuck's sake, Nova! We have to go!" Gianna called out for the umptieth time, leaving me groaning in exasperation. I didn't even Want to go to the damn concert in the first place. They had had to come and drag me out of my bed and my chill Netflix and popcorn evening.

And now they're being all pushy about it, damn them...

"I'm coming! Jesus!" I called back out, staring at my outfit once more, one they had picked themselves of course. It had been so long since I'd been in anything But my work pant and skirt suits. Partying hadn't really been at the forefront of my mind since that incident...

Which is exactly what they're using as an excuse to get me out...Damn him for still making my life a living hell...

Okay, that was pushing it a little. My two best friends meant well, I knew that for a fact but that didn't mean I couldn't hate them just a little bit for interrupting my weekend...

I smoothed over the leather black miniskirt that showcased a zipper design at the front. The pairing with the stockings and garter straps was bound to pull in some attention, what I was sure was their plan all along.

Always so damn cheeky...

The red lacy bralette was a great pairing against the leather black jacket. I grabbed the black platform ankle boots, pulling them on quickly before adjusting the high ponytail my waist-length red hair was in, the curls flowing effortlessly down to the small of my back. My blue eyes looked all the more accentuated with the black-winged eyeliner and mascara, the nude lip gloss a good neutral blend with the entire outfit.

You can do this, Nova. It's just a night out with friends and your brother as it turns out...You're safe and allowed to have some fun. For chrissakes, you're only twenty-five. Might as well enjoy it while you can...

Chuckling at my dumb pep talk, I grabbed my clutch bag before heading out of my room, the girls' catcalling and whistling low at the sight of me that had me playfully rolling my eyes. They could be so dramatic.

"Finally! But it was definitely worth the wait. You are going to make everyone bend over backwards for you, bitch." Blue called out, her beautiful brown eyes assessing me from head to toe, leaving me flushed even as I admired her own outfit that consisted of a black rugged band t-shirt that was tucked into the high waisted rugged jean shorts that she matched with black doc martens. Her curly hair was in a simple messy bun showcasing her mixed heritage. Her brown skin was littered with beautiful intricate tattoos, all of which had a story behind them. She was the fashionista of our small band of friends, her outfits always on point and the one we called when we were wound up on what to wear.

A compliment from her was literally the holy grail of all comments. It meant you'd definitely done something right. It also didn't help that I'd always had the smallest crush on her back when we first met. She had always and still is so free and fierce which always had a part of me pulled to her and the confidence she exuded. When she'd come out to us as lesbian, we'd been so thrilled for her and what was to come but I couldn't help but put my feelings on the back burner, knowing damn well that I couldn't give her what she wanted and vice versa.

Since then, our friendship had grown all the more but it didn't mean that I couldn't help but admire her.

A girl is allowed to look...

"Well, we did good, Bee. She's gorgeous. Now, we're late! Let's go before Leo gets impatient." Gigi prompted, grabbing her own bag as Blue handed me a tequila shot I downed in one go before following the two out of my apartment and into the elevator where our fiery Italian friend was waiting impatiently.

"Your OCD is showing, Gigi." Blue poked at her, earning the middle finger in return that had us all chuckling. She was one of my oldest friends, our relationship going as far back as senior year high school to being college roommates before we met Blue who became our new roommate down the line. Beautiful with the most striking hazel eyes, I had always been jealous of her petite figure which was currently clad in a beautiful short off the shoulder black dress with buttons at the front that she paired with thigh-high boots. Her blonde hair was loose against her shoulders, her make up light as well with black eyeliner, mascara and a red lip combination. She was equally just as impressive when it came to her outfits, her and Blue's style contrasting though.

Her relationship with my older brother, Leo, had been a shock at first for me seeing as I hadn't even realized they'd been dating. She had been scared I wouldn't approve, which was dumb honestly but I understood her thought process and yes, I had been hurt that she didn't feel she could come to me and tell me they were together but I was all in all, super happy for them. They were complete contrasts of each other with Leo being more conservative, something I guess came with him being a trauma surgeon whilst Gigi was more outgoing and wild which melded perfectly with her job as a social media manager at one of the top PR firms in Seattle and the states over.

Their relationship really was couple goals, despite my ardent distaste for that misused term. They had somehow made it work despite their crazy work schedules and different personalities that made them argue here and there but always made a point to fix it. Seeing them together was almost enough to make me believe in love again.


"Why are we taking an Uber? I could just drive us?" I spoke up once we got to the chilly lobby where the black Escalade was parked in waiting.

"Girl, you know damn well we're gonna get drunk tonight. And none of us wants to be the designated driver so Uber it is...And yes, we made the decision for you." Blue finished with a mischievous smile and wink as she got in first, Gigi following suit with a small apologetic shrug that made me sigh in exasperation before bundling in as well and shutting the door behind me.

"You two are freaking insane," I muttered under my breath despite their chuckles and mini hi-five. We rolled down the streets of Seattle that was alive despite it being 9:00 pm. Everyone seemed to be gravitating towards clubs and bars, the nightlife in absolute full swing.

"What band are we going to see again?" I let out a wide cheeky grin even as Bee burst out laughing at Gigi's annoyed look, her eyes narrowing into slits as she glared at me for my question which was 100% meant to annoy her.

Of course, I knew the band she'd been fangirling for since back in college although then, I hadn't been as malleable as I am now to pull to all their concerts.

It's not that I have anything against EverBreed. They were an amazing band, renowned all over the world and their music wasn't actually bad from the few times I had heard them blasting through Gigi's stereo. I just didn't see the need to go see them on Saturday when I was supposed to be watching anime on Netflix.

And it was a wonder that Leo had even gotten her the tickets what with her Crazy crush on the band's lead singer, the infamous Colton Blake who had been in the tabloids quite a lot in the recent past. For what, I have no idea. I was sure Gigi had explained at some point but I probably wasn't listening.

We were at the venue soon enough, the assortment of cars and people being a clear indicator.

"Let's go have some fun, ladies!" Gigi said, exiting the car as we followed suit towards Leo who honestly stood out in the crowd of people especially due to the fact that he was six ft two with raven black, slicked back and cut into a fade hair that contrasted his forest green eyes. A wide dimpled smile stretched across his lips as he outstretched his hands for Gigi who launched right into him, holding onto him tight as he spun her around. Many of the passerby's glanced at them with small smiles, us included as we took in their love for each other.

See? Couple goals.

"I know he's your brother and Gigi's boyfriend and all but he could have Definitely gotten some if he was single," Blue muttered over to me as she skimmed her eyes appreciatively at him, taking in his black well-fitting jeans, matching turtle neck underneath a grey trench coat and brown cut off shoes.

I rolled my eyes playfully at Blue, slightly shoving at her as I made my way towards them with her in tow.

"Little sister. Good to see you out of your cave." Leo muttered as he hugged me tight, putting in as much feeling in that one simple embrace. It had been a while since we saw each other as I'd chosen to isolate myself for a while. Seeing him now brought a kind of warmth to my soul. I hadn't realized just how much I'd missed him.

"Oh, come on, Leo. Don't pretend you weren't the one who put these two psychos to the task of getting me out of my cosy apartment." I retorted, earning guilty chuckles from the girls as Leo rubbed the back of his neck with his own guilty smile and shrug.

"Well, you had to get out at some point. Anyway, the concert's already started. The headliners though." He clarified the last part for Gigi who, for a moment there, seemed ready to cry.

"Well, what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go!" She prompted, pulling Blue with her as Leo and I stared at the lot of them in amusement.

"How are you though, little sister?" Leo asked, pulling me in for a side hug as we made our way towards the arena. I knew the question would come but it was still a punch in the gut in terms of finding an answer.

"I'm okay. Taking it one day at a time, as always. Got nothing to complain about." I replied with a small shrug and nonchalant smile that he didn't seem to quite buy but, fortunately, he let it go, granting me a small smile in return. Leo knew me well, knew that it wasn't wise to push. He was considerate like that but I knew I hadn't heard the last of it. The arena's main entrance was packed to the brim with die-hard fans squealing in excitement, some of them already sufficiently drunk as it is.

"Come on, guys. This way," Leo prompted, leading us towards a more exclusive entrance that had Gigi squealing in excitement as she entwined her hand with his.

"Holy shit, Leo really went out on this, huh?" Bee muttered over to me as we proceeded even deeper into the sparsely populated hallway that led straight to the VIP lounge no doubt. I nodded silently, smiling slightly as I watched his eyes take in my best friend, so full of love as he watched her remark on the fact that we were walking on the hallowed hallways that EverBreed had walked in as well.

He really does love her...This is what everyone longs for, such passion and devotion to your partner's happiness...Wouldn't be so bad to have that one day...

I chuckled at my thoughts with a shake of the head, tossing away the ridiculous notion...

You're already past the point of no return, Nova...


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