My Family's Betrayal

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Stephanie was a pregnancy that was seen as a mistake. She was used as the family punching bag. On the morning of her eighteenth birthday she makes her way to her biological fathers home. What will happen when she shows up at his door and he learns that she is his daughter? Will he be able to heal her from what she has been through? What happens when she meets the man that's been overseas for the past three years? Will they fall in love? Will they just become good friends? Will they heal each other. What happens when Stephanie's past comes back to the forefront?

Romance / Other
Riki Leigh Bishop
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Chapter 1

*Trigger warning: there is abuse in this chapter!*

“No. Please don’t. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do! I promise. It was an accident.” I tried pleading with him. I didn’t mean to do it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t do anything but defend myself. I was being pushed around and I just snapped. I have gotten so tired of being a punching bag to my family. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was a mistake pregnancy and my family hasn’t let me forget it. You would think that my parents would be happy that they were going to have me. The thing is, the man that has been raising me these last seventeen years, isn’t my biological father. My mother had an affair with his best friend. They don’t think that I know, but I do. I heard my mother talking to someone on the phone about it. She was going to send me away when I was ten to someone who she claimed to be my father. Then, last week I heard my mother and my father arguing about me.


“Hey! You filthy whore! Mom and dad want you to clean the guest rooms. You better get on it.” My older brother, Hendrick, tells me before he slaps me across the face, making me fall to the ground. He walks away laughing and I have to push back the tears and get to work. If I don’t get this done soon then I know I’ll face a fate worse than a slap. I head upstairs to the guest rooms. However, I am unsure on why they need to be cleaned again. I just cleaned them two days ago. I don’t get to ask questions though. I just do as I’m told, when I am told to try and avoid a worse punishment than what I normally get. I was walking towards the first bedroom when I passed my fathers’ office and overheard my mother and father arguing.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have had an affair with my best friend and then we wouldn’t have that worthless brat.” My father shouted at my mother. An affair? He wasn’t my father? I should be used to the words that he says about me. I mean I have been listening to them since I could remember, but somehow they always hurt.

“Hector you just shut your mouth! You have a different whore in here each night. You have no room to talk to me like that. I’m surprised you don’t have kids around that are from you conquests. Mine was just one time and I ended up with a child that I never wanted!” My mother yelled back at him. I had to get away. I couldn’t keep listening and not let the tears fall. Why didn’t my biological father come for me? Did he not know about me? Probably not. That would explain a lot.


So, here I am now. About to get another beating for standing up for myself. I was walking home from school and the youngest of my older brothers was berating me. Calling me a whore and telling me that I was nothing. He pushed me down and I landed hard on my butt. I got up and went after him. I knocked him down and he scraped his knees on the concrete. I knew then that it was a mistake. He got up and slapped me hard across the face that I felt my lip split open. I always have to have one of my brothers with me when I go to and from school. I’ve tried to run away once before. Trust me, they are not happy about having to walk with me when they have their own vehicles. I wasn’t allowed to get my license or a car of my own. I can’t wait until I turn eighteen tomorrow. I’m going to find my birth father and if he doesn’t want me then I will get a job and do things on my own.

As soon as we walk in the door, my mother and father are both there waiting. I’m assuming that Keaton had told my parent what I did, and they are waiting to punish me, and I was right just by looking at their faces.

“What the hell did you do you brat!?” Hector yells at me. I guess you could say that I’ve grown a backbone ever since I found out the truth about who my father was just by what I told him.

“Well, Hector! I am sick and tired of being treated as all of your punching bag! I didn’t do anything to you. I was just born! I didn’t choose this!” I yell as I try to pass them.

“What did you just say, you little bitch!” My mother roars at me. She grabs me by my arm, and I wince. I knew I shouldn’t have said that. It slipped out like word vomit. I guess this is where I go back into submissive mode.

“No. Please don’t. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do! I promise. It was an accident.” I pleaded. Hector wouldn’t listen. He took his belt off as my mother ripped my shirt. Two of my brothers held me down as I tried to writhe away from him. It was no use. They were to strong. I couldn’t get away, no matter how much I wanted to.

“You will get the belt for your disrespect and then whatever Keaton feels the need to punish you with for your disrespect through him. You will learn, you mistake!” Hector yelled at me as the first crack with the belt hit my back. I let out a scream. “Shut up!” He yelled. Another crack and another scream. This went on for about twenty minutes. I lost count at how many whips I got. I became numb from the pain. All there was were silent tears. Once Hector was finished Keaton started in. A kick to the abdomen here, and punch to the face there. He kicked and punched for a good thirty minutes. I just laid there. Wanting to be dead. I could feel the bones being broken. I know I have some broken ribs. My arm is broken, and I believe my nose is broken. I’m not sure what else is. I can’t wait until tomorrow to leave. I need to do it tonight. That was the last thought I had until darkness consumed me.

I’m awoken by ice cold water being thrown on me. I wake up with a start and wince at the sudden movement. “Get up mutt and get out of my sight.” Hector says. I slowly get up. Coughing as I do. I make it to my closet and find a bag I pack what I have and now I just have to wait until everyone goes to sleep. Nixon, my biological father lives in Florida and I am currently in South Carolina. I have been sneaking into my parents room when they weren’t home or when I was in there cleaning and taking some money they keep in their drawers. I have enough to get there by bus and I hope that Nixon will believe me. Now, I just play the waiting game. I wrap my ribs with my ace bandage and clean the cuts on my face.

Several hours later and everyone is finally asleep. It’s time to make my move. I open my door and peak out to make sure that no one is there. The coast is clear, and I make my way out of my room. I stay in the shadows and make my way towards the front door. So far, so good. I slowly open the front door and make my way outside while closing the door as quietly as possible. Success! I make my way to the street and pull my hood up on my hoodie. It will take me about twenty minutes to walk to the bus station.

When I arrive at the bus station, I walk up to the window. “Hello, I would like a ticket to Miami, Florida.”

“The next bus leaves in five minutes. That will be seventy-five dollars dear.” The man said to me. I handed him the money and go wait for the bus. This bus ride will take around nineteen hours and it is currently twelve in the morning. I should be there around nine in the morning. Once the bus arrives, I board it and take a seat in the back and get comfortable. Hopefully, come tomorrow, my life will change for the better.

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