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A sigh escaped from her as she lifted the fork.

“Wait a minute,” Ji-Seong said.

He placed his hand above the dishes and pressed a button on the table, and a waiter immediately arrived.

“The meal is cold. Can we have the settings changed?”

Sa-rang had not looked at her watch, but between the moment Ji-Seong arrived and the waiters brought in the food, thirty minutes had passed.

“Of course, Sir, right away, Sir.”

Sa-rang knew the waiter was blind and was ashamed to stare, but she couldn’t help it.

A few minutes later, the table found itself garnished with fresh dishes.

“Shall we, let’s in indulge ourselves and repent for committing a Lauté” [eating expensively, theory on the seven sins by Thomas Aquinas] Ji-Seong said.

The boy led the dance, and Sa-rang saw no way to come back. It was apparent Yoona could never have set up something like this if she knew Sa-rang would encounter her student. The encounter was one of life’s mishaps, and Sa-rang had to hold her head up through this trial.

Lucky for her, the food was exquisite, and she found comfort with every bite; she hesitated on the pace she ought to adapt to eat. Sa-rang faced a dilemma, she desired to hurry up to flee, but this meant it left time for conversations. Eating slowly avoided conversations, but it lengthened her stay.

“Take your time to eat. We have, let’s say, all night, and in case you are wondering, there are desserts and coffee.”

Did he read her thoughts?

“I know what you are thinking; your darting eyes show you are searching for a way to leave. You don’t want to spend one more second with me, but I have instructions, and I know your reactions,” Ji-Seong took out his phone after two clicks, he stretched his hand to Sa-rang show her his screen:

- She tends to flee situations she can’t control.

- If she is stressed, she’ll run her figures through her hair.

- She prefers European cutlery to chopsticks.

Her preferences:

Height: 1.80 and over

Hair: Black

Eyes: /

Origins: /

Age: Over 21

Education: The highest available

Sex: I’ve never slept with her, but I think she likes the classics ( missionary and company).

Character: She likes being in command, so the knight will have to handle her temperament and dominate.

Three qualities: Smart, pretty, it’s difficult to say she is my friend. I don’t know, I just like her. Oh, she dances well.

Three defaults: Stubborn, feisty, doesn’t recognize her wrongs, too proud, complex of superiority, neat freak, viper tongue.

Other remarks:

The guy has to have beautiful teeth and nails; she is picky.

Just give her the best guy you have in stock!

By the way, your questions are really indiscreet!

“Omo,” Sa-rang reached for the glass of champagne and drank it down at once. Her eyes still assessed what Ji-Seong showed her, “I’m going to kill her; she is dead.”

Ji-Seong chuckled, “Silent Knight asks for extremely accurate information, and the forms are usually filled by the client treating themselves.”

Sa-rang analyzed Ji-Seong’s words. The question about sex suddenly made sense. If the forms were supposed to be filled by the client, she would have written down her preferences.

“Are you okay?”

Sa-rang did not realize how red her face was. The thought that Chae Ji-Seong, her pupil, was aware of such intimate facts made her want to beg death to strike her down on the spot.


“Don’t worry; it’s in my contract. I have to take the information to the grave.”



Sa-rang sighed and reformulated, “Apollo, how can you do this?”

“I’m not minor; it’s a job like any other.”

“But you-ㅡ.”

“What, sell my company? Yes, I sell that as a service.”

“But, you alsoㅡ.”

“Have sex with clients; occasionally, people are very reluctant to give a test result. The rule limits the demands. I can read it in your eyes; my image has changed in your mind. Fair enough, I can concede to that. I never said I was a saint.”

Ji-Seong was right; in Sa-rang’s mind, he was no longer the brat who she argued with about medical theories. He became a question mark.

The young man had become an enigma.

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