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Sa-rang entered the lift, which was ready and waiting, hopped in for a ride to the 33rd floor, tapped her code went in, jerked off her stilettos. She undressed, leaving dress and tights as a trail. She took a shower; her gestures were mechanical. Finally, she sunk in her bed and rolled from each end while squealing like a teenager. Sa-rang sat up, screamed with frustration while knocking her pillows off the bed like fury.

“Otoke, otoke, otoké, Sa-rang, oh my God, how I’m I going to go to work? Argh, otoké, how could this have happened.”

She stopped, “no, aniya Sa-rang, it’s a dream, gummi yeyo, it wasn’t real,” her beeping phone swept the theory away as it displayed:

Please confirm the end of your rendez-vous by clicking on service accomplished.

Sa-rang read the tiny note at the bottom before clicking.

So it was true, not only did Sa-rang have dinner with an escort boy, but he kissed her. Her student kissed her, Sa-rang imagined people discovering the story. No, she did not desire people to remember her as a cougar. At that instant, Sa-rang realized that it was what the deed made her.

Her phone beeped again:

Silent Knight thanks you, and we hope your knight granted you total satisfaction.

While Sa-rang found herself nibbled by guilt, the chauffeur drove Ji-Seong back, “Lee Sa-rang,” the knight murmured, he was sure her heart had beaten as fast as his, Ji-Seong felt the anguish in her kiss which he still lusted.

Yes, Ji-Seong made up his mind to dig into the abyss of her soul to find Sa rang the woman. “Hanahana [one by one], I will strip you naked till you are without shackles.”

If the innocent were to be stained, the condemned were to be rescued.

For Sa-rang, Ji-Seong would use the shock method; the perspective made him smile. The knight was impatient for night II to arrive, but he would take the appetizer of a bit of game of cat and mouse for now.

Sa-rang was relieved; Ji-Seong was on campus in the morning. She could breathe, or could she?

“Dr. Lee, Dr. Lee, “Yoona yelled at one end of the hospital corridor as she ran.

Sa-rang started to hurry too, clogs squeaking on the floor, but she was caught and pushed behind to the closet staircase door.

“Why aren’t you-you replying to my messages?”

“Sorry, Dr. Moore, I was too busy.”

Yoona started to text her from 6 AM. Sa-rang had reasons to ignore Yoona, the first was she could not tell her story by message, and the second was she could not be bothered.


“So what?”

“Sa-rang, I’ve known you longer than anyone. I know something happened.”

Sa-rang put on her straightest face, “nothing happened. I had a nice meal. The young man was charming.”

“Young? How young?”

“Uhmm, twenty-five-ish.”

“OMO, that’s a bae, and?”

“I had a lovely meal, and that was it.”

“Hmm,” Yoona said, crossed her arms and cocking an eyebrow before slapping on Sa-Rang’s shoulders with both hands,” how dare you lie to me, Lee Sa-rang.”

“What, stop it, you are hurting me,” Sa-rang protested.

Yoona stopped and looked at her, “he didn’t kiss you? If he didn’t kiss you, I’m asking for a refund.”

Sa-rang remembered Ji Seong’s words “first night’s orders.” She couldn’t lie.

“He kissed me,” Sa-rang replied in a surrendering tone.

Yoona’s eyes light up like fireworks, “oh, my, was it like a movie kiss? Because I explicitly stated it had to be breathtaking.

“Breathtaking it was, I almost died.”

Her own words made Sa-rang acknowledge the kiss’s greatness; it was good if not to say one of the best. Not like she had many elements of comparison with the years spent with In-Sung and three boyfriends she had before meeting him.

“Yoona placed both hands on her heart, before patting Sa-rang on the head, “잘 했어, 잘 했어, [jal haesseo=you did well, good job]. I’m so happy for you when night 2?”

“He said I’d receive a message, but I won’t go; by the way, give me your bank account number so I can wire you the money.”

Yoona backed her upper body in an I’m-offended motion “Mwo, are you trying to insult me, Sa-rang? I gave you a birthday present, and you want to give it back? Did something go wrong? I know you, what is it? spit it out.”

Sa-Rang’s eyes darted as she searched for something intelligible to say.

Yoona started her reverse psychology, “aigoo, saesaengae [oh, goodness gracious] we shared the same room for four years, we did our first autopsy together, I was there at Sonmi birth, ah, I thought we were sis-.”

“Alright, okay, I’ll tell you.”

Sa-rang beckoned Yoona to approach so she could whisper.

“What’s with the whispering? We’re alone here.”

“You’ll understand when I tell you.”

Yoona leaned.

“The knight is Ji-Seong.”

“Ah, the knight is Ji-Seong,” Yoona repeated, nodding in an acknowledgment without seizing the drama in the statement.

“Shhh,” Sa-rang said, putting a finger in front of Yoona’s mouth.

“Ji-Seong, what Ji-Seong?”


Yoona’s eyes grew big, “omo, don’t tell me, it’s uri, Ji Seong, Mr. Sam Da Soo?”

Sa-rang started rubbing her hands together as she pleaded, “please, jebal, Yoona, stop saying it out loud.”

“Omo, I need to sit down,” Yoona said, immediately scrunching down on the stairs, followed by Sa-rang.

“And you kissed, I mean, you kissed him, Sa-rang?”

“It’s your fault; he caught me off guard. You requested him to give me a cinema kiss.”

Yoona shook her head, “wow, you know whose son he is, right? He does not need to do that. Why is he doing such a job?”

“He said it was part-time like any other,” Sa-rang replied.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll put a stop to it, of course.”

“Do you want to?”

“That’s an absurd question Yoona, of course, I want to stop; he’s a student.”

“No, Sa-rang, I’m not asking you what would be professional and ethically right to do; I’m asking you as a woman who has nothing to lose. Do you really want to stop?”

“Yoona, walaé? Why are you doing this? Being married to foreigner and Netflix seems to have unscrewed a few bulbs.”

Yoona smiled in a cynical yet concerned manner, “I’m doing this because life is too short and your life is the shortest. Why care about what’s right to do if you had fun?”

“You’re worried about your 10 million, aren’t you?”

“Pudi, please, don’t let them go to waste,” Yoona pleaded while pretending to cry and leaning on her friend’s shoulder.

Lunchtime over, it was the dreaded rotation time. Sa-rang felt as if the roles were inverted. She cringed at the idea of meeting Ji-Seong.

“Annyeong, Lee Seongsaeng,” each person gave their greeting as they joined her in the emergency.

“Annyeonghayseyo, Lee Seongsaengnim,” said the voice she hoped would be stuck in bed with influenza or another virus that would condemn him to stay at home.

Sa-rang faced the group. Everyone’s expression was neutral ready to swallow the information and take notes except Ji-Seong’s which wore a smirk stating:

I know what you did last night, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

The skipping beat of Sa-rang’s heart irritated her as she knew it skipped with excitement.

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