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The girls discussed the plan for the evening all day and finally came the moment.

As Eun Young said, the bouncer was cool, and he let them in.

Sonmi had only been to The Turbulence, another popular nightclub, to fetch Sa-rang, who did not plan to go home. Like many young women of her generation, Sonmi preferred to curl up reading a book or watching a romance movie on Netflix.

The professor’s daughter, like her father, thrived on the simple things, for her nightclubs were extravagances for the wild ones. Still, the young woman’s eyes widened with amazement at the sight of the large dance floor.

“Let’s get some drinks,” Eun Young, who was the group’s self-designated leader, said.

They went to the bar and handed in their free drink coupon. The girls knew the rest of their thirst would be quenched with their pocket now the free drink gone. In the authentic Korean style, they took other rounds of drinks before going to slay the dancefloor.

Even if they planned to find the 4th years, they also came to have fun.

The group wore either skirts or dresses, and Sonmi, who wanted to wear slim pants, was stopped by Eun-Young, who insisted she wears a dress.

Sonmi only had one dress her mother bought her when she began her middle-age crisis. Sa-rang purchased the white sequins, one for herself and a pale pink one for Sonmi, who never thought she would wear it.

Now Sonmi stood in the middle of the dancefloor precisely like her mother had almost a year before. Like the year early, a young man on the balcony could not keep his eyes off the lady.

“What are you looking at?” Myeong asked, following Jae’s gaze.

“Wa, ajhumma is back.”

“Who?” Ji-Seong, whose ears twitched at the info as he came to join them, “It’s not her.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she’s a first-year at Yonsei and my teacher’s daughter.”

“Are you serious? She’s the daughter of the woman humiliating you. Let me take care of her.”

“No, leave her. She’s a good girl.”

“Oh, you hear that Jae, Ji-Seong says she’s a good girl. She seems to have friends with her. Maybe we should invite them, what do you say?”

“Yeah, -yeah,” Jae said, stammering gaze still locked on Sonmi.

“Guys, wait,” Ji-Seong protested, “she’s professor Lee’s daughter. I don’t want no trouble.”

“In that case, it’s better to invite them. That way, you can keep an eye on her, and your teacher will say komawyo [thank you informal], Chae Ji-Seong ssi for looking after uri, what her name is?”


“Sonmi,” Myeong and Jae muttered.

“Okay, I’m coming back,” Ji-Seong said, surrendering.

Once Ji-Seong was gone, Myeong approached Jae, “what’s with the echo, Jae? Go on, tell me which one of them tickles your fancy? I bet it’s the professor girl you always like them nice and proper,” Myeong said, putting his arm around Jae’s shoulder.

Myeong was quick to flare Jae’s intention, which was not that surprising since they shared a condo.

None of the girls expected Ji-Seong to invite them himself. Ha-Na hyperventilated as they climbed the stairs to the VIP area, but her heart stopped when she saw Jae. Her preferences changed, especially when she saw how cold Ji-Seong was towards her and how all his attention was on Sonmi.

Myeong animated the table and the drinks kept coming,

Sonmi resembled her mother so much thought Ji-Seong as he watched her drink and dance in her corner while the other girls flogged themselves at Myeong’s and Jae’s feet. But unlike her mother, she was unconscious of her appeal, which scared Ji-Seong, who saw her as a sacrificed lamb.

“Ji-Seong, where are you going?” Myeong asked, seeing his friend leave the square.


Myeong nodded and went back to dancing with Eun-Young.

Tired, Sonmi went and sat on the couch next to Jae; the drinks made her tipsy, and Sonmi posed her head on Jae’s shoulders without warning.

“Ah, Kyeong Ssi, are you okay?”

“Can I just stay like this a little? My head is spinning.”

“You can ㅡah, rest your head, eh.”

Before Jae could finish, Somni’s head was on his knee, looking up at him.

“Neo [you informal], almost as handsome as Chae seonbae,” Sonmi said before closing her eyes.

Ha-Na wanted to intervene, but Eun-Young stopped her.

“Look, she threw herself on him.”

“Sonmi is drunk, Ha-Na, tomorrow she’ll be embarrassed, and Ho Jae-Kyeong will think she’s a loser, it’s all benefits for you girl, trust me.”

Ji-Seong came back to find a scene that didn’t please him, forcing an immediate reaction, “I’m taking Sonmi back to her place. She can’t stay in this state.”

Without waiting for an answer, Ji-Seong lifted Sonmi from Jae’s knee, putting one arm on his shoulder and supporting her.

“Seon-bae, waegulaé, what-you-doin,” the drunk girl muttered.

“I’m taking you home.”

“To youㅡhouse?”

“Girls, do you want a ride home?” Ji-Seong asked Eun-Young and Ha-Na. Sae-Ha had gone to another table where Gong-Won was distributing champagne glasses like a vending machine.

“Eh, no, we’re fine.”

“I’ll be leaving too,” Jae said, plummeting the expression on Hana’s face.

“Oh, Oppa, why? The night is still young.”

“Yes, but I have things to do tomorrow morning. I can’t stay out long.”

“What so you are all bailing out on me?” Myeong asked with his glass in hand; he twirled around to look at everyone’s face.

Jae remained silent as he watched Ji-Seong take Sonmi away. Myeong dropped down next to him,” Sonmi is definitely your type; it’s a shame she only has eyes for Ji-Seong.”

Jae got up; “I’ll be going.”

Eun-Young and Hana exchanged looks of confusion.

In the car, Sonmi seemed to regain some consciousness.

“Oh, Chae Seonbae.”

“Are you okay?” Ji-Seong asked.

How could she not be okay when the most popular man on campus was driving her home.

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