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Sa-rang did not ask Ji-Seong how or when the 2nd date would be; she still ignored and excluded him from assisting her.


“What do you want, Ji-Seong?”

“Why are you ignoring me,” Ji-Seong said as he took steps towards Sa-rang, forcing her to back up against the wall of the staircase.

“Professor, you can’t keep on pretending there’s no chemistry between us.”

Sa-rang looked up the stairs; anyone could use the exit door to take the stairs. Her heart pounded as Ji-Seong’s face was an inch away from hers. She turned her head to the side to avoid the kiss he wanted to plant on her lips.

“Don’t turn away from me, professor,” Ji-Seong said, pulling her face back to face him and placing her hand on his chest.

“Can you feel it, professor? This is what you are doing to me.”

Sa-rang could feel his heart bursting under his shirt.

He approached his lips, which grazed hers back and forth in the slowest of motions.




“ㅡAhem, professor Lee.”

“What-what-what?” Sa-rang yelled as she jumped out of her trance.

“You can’t stop me from fulling my duties.”

Sa-rang glared at Ji-Seong as everything which came out of his mouth had a shadow of a hidden sense.

“I don’t need you.”

“Are you serious?” Ji-Seong said, looking at the pile of files on her desk.

Get a grip on yourself, Sa-rang; all this is Yoona’s s fault if she hadn’t brought up those cliché situations.

Such moments reminded Sa-rang she was no different from the next woman.

Upon the reflection, Sa-rang’s phone vibrated, since her evening with Ji-Seong, she dreaded what the screen would display, and now the professor’s angst tripled. Still, she took out her phone to discover her worst fear; there it was the message from Silent Knight:


R2: 8 PM in front of your residence.

Dresscode: Casual.


S.K wishes you a pleasant night.

The note wasn’t more explicit, and it made Sa-rang panic. She lifted her eyes. Everyone worked, and Ji-Seong didn’t even raise his head from the files he was sorting out. Sa-rang wondered if he got a message too.

She had to admit Ji-Seong’s attitude was very professional; somehow, she felt he missed his vocation, for he had an exceptional talent for acting. Her gaze followed her student’s movements; not once did Ji-Seong check his phone.

It was only as the students packed up to leave that Sa-rang got her confirmation to her inquiries.

“Ji-Seong, will you be at L’hexagone tonight?” Gong-Won asked.

“No, I have a rendezvous I can’t miss,” Ji-Seong said with a slight smirk, which didn’t escape Sa-Rang’s hawk eyes.

Since the night he met Sonmi at the nightclub, Ji-Seong avoided going there, especially since Myeong seemed to have gotten close to the freshman’s friends. Even though he had made it clear in the car when he drove Sonmi back, Ji-Seong was aware that frequent meetings would only entice the professor’s daughter’s desires giving her hopes.

The knight hated playing with little lambs; he preferred slaying big dire wolves with claws like Sonmi’s mother, who was quite a challenge.

“Seeing the expression on your face, I figure your date must be quite a catch,” Gong-Won pursued as they left the office, going Sa-rang to imagine the multitude of answers Ji-Seong could give.

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