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As expected, Sa-rang ignored Ji-Seong during the days, which followed their second rendezvous, and it affected the Knight more than he thought.

The med student was not in the humor for partying, and he refused all the invitations. Ji-Seong preferred to study, even declining the profiles sent by Silent Knight for which he no longer had an interest. Ji-Seong was bored of trying to fill the wormhole in his heart with passers-by.

While the man dug into his anatomy book, Myeong and Jae gazed at their nightly kingdom from Turbulence’s VIP balcony.

“Look, who’s here?“Myeong said, nudging Jae’s arm to capture his attention.

Jae turned his head; Sonmi was about to sit down with her friends after an endless wait to find seats. Ji-Seong was not there; maybe they could have a conversation this time. Jae’s body was already in motion as he reflected.

“Good evening, ladies.”

The three girls lifted their heads, “you’reㅡ.”

“Jae, my name is Jae.”

The last time they met, Sonmi had drunk too much to remember him undoubtedly.

“Ah, you’re Chae seonbae’s friend, good evening,” Sonmi said with a hoarse voice. Sonmi seemed to have a steady stream of alchol running in her veins, and it was apparent she was not in a better state than the last time.

Everything in Sonmi’s attitude screamed novice. Jae wondered why her friends let her drink like this when she was unable to hold.

The two other girls looked at their roommate with insisting eyes, which urged Sonmi to continue; she was their passport to the VIP balcony.

“Oh, eh, this is Eun-Young and Ha-Na,” Sonmi said, forgetting it was the second time.

“We met the last time; nice to see you again, I know we’re one man short, but maybe you girls can join us on the VIP balcony,” Jae said and looked up to where Myeong was and who waved.

“I don’t knowㅡ,” began Sonmi before Hana interrupted her with a “sure, we’d love to.”

“Great,” Jae said with a smile.

The girls picked up their bags and glasses and followed Jae.

Like most girls unacquainted with the VIP area, Sonmi’s friend’s eyes glowed with excitement, imagining the fun they would have.

“Annyeong,” Myeong said.

The girls were mesmerized, but there was a problem. The guys were only two. Ha-Na and Eun-Young were marking their territory like Alphas.

Jae saw how Sonmi put herself in retreat as her friends marketed their features. She drank glass after glass, and suddenly she got up and started to dance. The music banged fast, but her motions were slow, Sonmi reminded Jae, the mysterious woman he kept seeing in nightclubs the year before.

Unlike the mysterious dancer who freed sensuality, all Jae saw was innocence.

A guy approached to try to dance with her, and Jae intervened.

“She’s with me.”

The guy lifted his hands as if to say my bad and moved along.

“I’m I with you?” Sonmi asked while she placed her arms around Jae’s neck, making his heart skip a beat simultaneously.

Jae stared at her drowsy eyes; her cuteness made something bubble in him. It overwhelmed the man with a desire to protect her. Jae knew it was Ji-Seong the girl desired. Yet, he

slid his hands around her waist to dance to her rhythm. He did all this under the grazing eyes of Hana, who left shortly after.

Myeong seemed to be satisfied by Eun-Young’s company; all was well.

“Girls, I’m a little hungry. Who is in for some ramyeon and pizzas at my place?” Myeong asked. Once again, Eun-Young beat Sonmi to the answer.

And off they went to the apartment close to Seoul university Myeong shared with Jae.

“Wow,” exclaimed Eun Young once inside the 200m2 apartment. Like everyone else, she knew whose sons they were and estimated herself lucky to be there. The sleepy type, Sonmi fell on the couch tired; alcohol had that effect on her.

“If you’re tired, you can sleep in Jae’s room; it will be more comfortable. It’s just there,” Myeong said and pointed to a door at the end of the living room.

“I’m sorry Sonmi doesn’t handle alcohol or anything else. Would you believe me if I told you it was her second time to drink?” Eun-Young said.

Jae believed Eun-Young and also found distaste in her words. She was the type of friend who didn’t mind making you look bad as long as she shone.

Sonmi suddenly got up and walked into the room to everyone’s surprise.

Myeong prepared the pizzas and ramyeon and decided to eat in his room with Eun-Young leaving Jae, who went to check on Sonmi.

Jae found Sonmi sleeping with her coat on, and so he helped her take it off. The man tried to move her slowly; even asleep, Sonmi was pretty, he thought she suddenly opened her eyes.

Startled, she asked, “where I’m I?”

“You’re in my room.”

“I guess I’m yours,” Sonmi said, looking straight into his eyes.

Jae knew she was still drunk, but there in his room, on his bed, the desire he refrained all evening was stronger than ever.

He kissed her, and she did not push him back. On the contrary, Sonmi returned Jae’s kisses. The man unfastened her dress. A part of him told him to stop, but the other rooted for the other option.

In the morning, Sonmi woke up with a pounding headache alone in a king-size and unidentified bed. The student clung the sheets around her as she realized she was naked; all she wanted to run. Sonmi hopped out of bed, picked up her dress and knickers, which were at the bed’s feet. She was zipping up her gown when Jae walked in.

“Ah, you’re awake. Do you want some breakfast,” Jae said with a smile as he saw the tears in her eyes. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Jae took a few steps towards her, but Sonmi stepped back, halting him with her arm, which she stretched in front of her, “don’t come closer.”

“Hey, please don’t do this; you’re making me feel like I did something wrong.”

Sonmi glanced at the bed and the ruffled sheets stained with a few blotches of blood.

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