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As Sa-rang said, In-Sung posted the job offer, and as she predicted, Kim In-Soo applied. When or how the affair started, Sa-rang did not know, but she caused enough havoc to push In-Sung to find comfort in the other woman as promised.

A few months later, Sa-rang and In-Sung started sleeping in separate rooms. It happened the day he came to pick up a very drunken Sa-rang Insa-dong’s police station. The police caught speeding driving at 110km under the influence of alcohol.

Sa-rang provoked every reason for her husband to push her away.

The same went for Sonmi, who broke down when she saw her mother lost her mother’s day gift she bought from her Paris school trip. The young woman did not care much about jewelry, but her mother always wore pretty and delicate accessories. When her eyes fell upon the sterling silver Thomas Sabo Asian ornament bracelet and its black and white Zirconia stones, Sonmi knew she found the perfect mother’s day gift. Sa-rang wore it every day, rarely taking it off, and now she shrugged at its absence as if the bracelet meant nothing.

“Eomma, otoké that bracelet, I choose it for you.”

“Sonmi, I’m sorry I’ll get another one, don’t make such a fuss.”

“Mom, no, that one was yours. You can’t just replace it,” Sonmi said, devasted by her mother’s passivity.

Sa-rang complimented herself the anger she caused then would help them later; when the time to grief would arrive, they could curse the evil person she was and quickly forget her existence?

A bad mom and wife, you don’t cry over that, do you?

At least, this was what Sa-rang liked to imagine. The months passed, she didn’t meet In-Soo except at her husband’s coffee shop. The young woman would avoid being in the same space as her, and it wasn’t long before her husband, too, felt the same discomfort.

In-Sung business flourished, he opened a vegan lifestyle shop where you could buy the teas and coffees you found at the coffee shop and a bathroom, kitchen, and other accessories with some simple casual wear. In-Soo did her best thriving on In-Sung’s smile alone.

In-Sung held as long as he could in his breaking marriage, and he would have supported Sa-rang all the way if he didn’t have the way out with the option Sa-Rang prepared.

Here he was with In-Soo in her bedroom. In-soo sighed as the man got ready to leave.

“I hate it when you leave,” In-Soo said, wrapping her arms around In-Sung’s neck.

“I know, and that’s why I’m divorcing.”

The woman got off the bed to stand in front of the man, “In-Sung, you can’t.”

“But we can’t carry on this way; it’s not fair for Sa-rang and us,” replied the man who got up to button his shirt, “I love you, and I want to be with you 24/7. I choose you In-Soo.”

At this point, In-Soo only thought about her idle, no longer worrying about the obscure reason she wished pushed Sa-Rang to gift wrap her husband to leave him on her doorstep.

Even the guilt about the money Sa-rang gave her has swept away.

The man loved her, and she loved him; it was all that mattered now.

To keep her newfound bliss, all In-Soo needed to do was to leave In-Sung in the dark about their arrangement.

A year later, as In-Soo stared at the 20 000 dollars, Sa-rang left; she felt burdened by a weight of a lie that would give life. The child In-Soo carried was conceived in love, yet the woman could not eradicate the fog of guilt surrounding her.

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