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“Oh, Jae, you’re home,” Myeong said. He garnished the two plates of spaghetti bolognese with parmesan. He stopped to beckon Jae by his side with one hand, “sorry about Eun Young, she says the ambiance is rotten in the dorm.”

“No worries, but why is the ambiance rotten?”

Myeong shrugged and walked back to the couch with the two plates of bolognese. Eun Young seemed to have become a new roommate.

“Hi, Eun Young.”

“Gooding evening, Jae, sorry for sticking around here like this.”

“Oh, no worries, ㅡeh Eun Young, do you have Sonmi’s number?”

“Jae, you shouldn’t bother yourself with her. She’s the reason why you are seeing me here so often.”

“I thought it was for me the reason,” Myeong said with a playful smile.

“For you too, Oppa,” Eun Young said and placed a kiss on his lips.

“Eh, I need herㅡ,” Jae said, trying to pursue.

“You know if you are my feeling down, my friend Hana is far more fun then-.”

“Eun Young, I don’t know what you took me for, but I’m not looking for amusement. Do you have Sonmi’s number or not?”

Jae was impatient, and Eun Young tapped on his nervous system. She was worse than what he first distilled.

Under all her sweetness, the girl was spiteful, and ungrateful Jae thought for if it were not for his desire to spend time with Sonmi in the nightclub, Eun Young would not have met Myeong. Sonmi was the sole reason which allowed her to cuddle up next to Daewon Inc's heir.

“Hey, Jae, gentle, I know you are a little cranky these days, but Eun Young hasn’t done anything, so chill.”

“I’ve just sent it in by Ktalk,” Eun Young said with the smallest victimized voice you could find.

“Thank you,” Jae replied as he received it and directly added Sonmi on Ktalk, Line, and all the apps which suggested the girl’s profile.

For the first time in two weeks, Jae smiled and walked to his room.

Sonmi also had Facebook, and flicking through her posts, made the man’s grin broadened. She was a real one, an authentic, nice girl.

Myeong was right when he said the first time they met; it was a shame she was hooked on Ji-Seong, for she corresponded to the kind of woman Jae appreciated.

Jae was not like Myeong, Shin Jung, or Ji Seong. Like them, he was rich, handsome, and smart, but he was far from the playboy image people painted. Of the four, Jae had the lady killer face; girls fled in the arms of the more reassuring Ji-Seong or the manly Myeong.

Maybe it was his humble origins, which made Jae seek comforting and straightforward things in life. His father was wealthy, and the young man couldn’t even sit down for a coffee with his mother as he had to be the perfect heir. All he wished for was a quiet life with one who would see the real him.

Sonmi had no idea how the thought of their first night ate him up even though Myeong insisted he had nothing to reproach himself.

He liked a few of Sonmi’s Facebook posts and sent her a message via Ktalk.




There was no reply, and a few seconds later, he could no longer find her Facebook account.


It was surreal for Jae, who never experienced such rejection; it was a first.

The next day it was in front of her dorm. Jae waited. "Sonmi," the man said.

She didn’t stop and advanced. Jae walked up to her and grabbed her wrist, “Sonmi, please talk to me.”

“Let go, let go, I said.”

Jae did as asked.

“Are you stalking me now?” She asked, adjusting her bag on her shoulder.

“No, but you leave me no choice. All I want is to talk to you.”

“About what, what conversation can we hold?” Sonmi asked, cocking her eyebrow and crossing her arms.

“I like you that night; it haunts me. I can’t sleep. I wish I could rewrite it. I wish we could start over; I want you to forgive.”

“Forgive you? So you can get some sleep, sure I forgive now don’t come back.”

Jae took two steps to grasp her by the right once more, “Sonmi, wait, you don’t get it, do you? I like you; you weren’t a one-night stand. Please tell me what I have to do to prove what I’m saying is true.

“Give me my body back, make me whole again,” Sonmi said with all the coldness she could muster, “see, there’s nothing you can do. Guys like you are all the same. You play with people as if they were chiffon dolls.”

Jae felt his cheeks burn with anger; he grasped Sonmi’s other wrist, locking his hands tightly.

“Mwo, guys like me? What do you know about me? Do you think it’s my thing to play with women? I made an error. I’m sorry, I mean it. All I want is a chance, but you look at me like I’m some trash despite that. Do you think Ji-Seong is better than me and that something like this wouldn’t have occurred if it was him? Well, let me tell you this, Ji-Seong is no angel. He’s the darkest among us.

“Let go; you are hurting me,” Sonmi said, shedding the tears she could no longer hold back.

Jae did as asked; he had just taken a step for the worse. They stood silent. Sonmi stared at the floor, watching her tears pave the floor like raindrops before speaking,” ku nal [that night], it was my first,” she swiped the tears away,” I hear what you say, but I can’t get over the fact that just like that I-I, did it.”

Eun Young and Hana arrived, “oh, Jae, what are you doing here? Remember, my friend Hana?” Eun Young said. She brought Hana closer to Jae and pushing Sonmi on the same occasion. Sonmi rolled eyes, turned away, and began to walk.

“Annyeong Hana,” Jae said with a shy smile before turning, “Sonmi,” he yelled, but she had entered the dorm.

Stuck, Jae tried to deal with the dilemma of getting rid of the girls, but he ended up alone with Hana at a coffee shop.

“Eh, here is your strawberry latté. I’ve got you to go.”

Jae posed the latté on the table and left Hana stranded before she could even utter a thank you.

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