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Sa-Rang expected a follow-up to her date with dinner, but instead, she found herself taking a walk on Seoul’s wall.

Ji-Seong was not the way he usually was; he was almost distant.


“Sa-Rang, he interrupted, “did you enjoy it?”

“Yes,” she replied, looking at Seoul. The last time she came to the spot, it was with In-Sung. It was weird to be at the same place but with another man in the middle of the night.

Sa-Rang turned to face Ji-Seong. He appeared to be distracted, and at this point, Sa-Rang was irritated. The woman was accustomed to having his full attention during the rendezvous. At Yongsan or the hospital, the doctor didn’t care. But during these times, meant to be hers, she desired the man to focus on her.

As the thought crossed her mind, her cheeks became red with embarrassment.

Since when did she desire anything from Ji-Seong?

Sa-Rang enjoyed his company, but that was it. At least it should be it. Besides, this night marked the end of the nocturnal outings; why bother herself with futile interrogations.

The rendezvous was the real reason Sa-Rang expected so much from the evening; being their last, she wished for something more.

The thought scared her for what was the more awaited?

“I too enjoyed these nights with you,” Ji-Seong said while staring afar, unable to look at her. Sa-Rang had outshined the other nights with her dress. Ji-Seong could not bear to gaze at her or think he would no longer have the privilege to see Sa-Rang, the woman. A woman who enticed the man’s desires and had his beast pacing in his cage like a hungry predator.

Ji-Seong could read in her stare that she was annoyed by his behavior. His mind had gone blank the moment his head rested on her shoulder.

The man did not play. He was lost; he could pretend or play strategically because the game was over. Ji-Seong advanced towards Sa-Rang, who took a step back. He smiled and took off his jacket to place it on her shoulders.

“I can’t have you catching a cold.”

Sa-Rang did not understand, but his gesture, though small, reassured her. They walked back down where the car waited. The chauffeur held a massive bouquet of red roses.

“What is this?”

“Silent Night congratulates you, madame, for using our services,” the driver said as he handed the bouquet to Sa rang, who turned to look at Ji-Seong.

“Yes, it’s a ritual. When you’ll undo the bouquet to put it in water, be careful there’s a card with a code which allows you to order our services, and you get a 5% discount.”

“Is this a joke?”


“I won’t ever call SK inc.”

“Never say never,” Ji-Seong said with his killer smile, which seemed back from vacation.

They got in the car, and the driver proceeded to drive Sa-Rang back.

The couple was quiet in the car. Only one of Bachs’ symphonies could be heard.

From where the chauffeur was, they looked like a couple who had just quarreled. Ji-Seong appeared to sulk, whereas Sa-Rang seemed to reflect.

Yes, Sa-rang pondered while her heart raced; she was sure the hit the 90bpm as she wondered how the night would end.

Would it end with a glamorous cinema kiss like the first date, which remained the most memorable even if all the nights were in their way?

Convinced it would end that way, Sa-rang prepared herself mentally, pushing away the idea of a bit of forehead kiss like the 2nd rendezvous.

They arrived at her residence; the time had come to see what final Knight Apollo would apply to their brief encounter.

Would he kiss her?

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