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The man’s expression was different from earlier; he seemed lost. He did not have his suit’s jacket anymore; his hair was no longer slicked back like a Mafioso but ruffled as if stressed pushed him to mistreat his hair.

“So, what is it?” Sa rang, said, crossing her arms using her usual tone of authority as armor.

“I was wondering if you had coffee.”

“Mwo, you called me four times and came to my apartment for coffee,” Sa rang exclaimed while cocking an eyebrow.

“I would like to talk to you.”

“Then talk,” Sa rang said. She walked to her kitchen, where she took out two cups of coffee, which she slid on her Gemini Nespresso machine.

“Which coffee do you prefer?”

“Volluto if you have,” Ji-Seong replied with a voice that drew nearer.

Sa-rang did not turn as she slipped in his Volluto and Rosabaya for herself in the coffee machine. She watched the coffee drip, heart racing as she felt Ji-Seong’s stare upon her and his presence growing closer.

The moment the machine stopped, Ji-Seong stood just behind her. Sa-rang tried to be natural; she rose her hands to extract the cups when he slid his hands next to hers, gently pushed back the sleeves of her robe to caress her bare hands.

Sa-rang’s heart shattered against her rib cage. The man’s touch paralyzed her.

“What are you doing?” She said without turning to face him.

Silent, he continued to stroke and intertwining her hands with his. Sa-rang’s breath hitched as Ji-Seong pushed her hair to one side and lowered her robe.

There it was, the delicate neck which called the man from the very first rendezvous making him yearn for it and inspiring him vampiric desires. Ji-Seong’s let his nose slide along Sa-rang’s neckline, which now tilted. The naked skin was open to receive the kisses Ji-Seong deposited; he inhaled every peak of her natural fragrance as he went. Sa-rang’s skin shimmered, betraying her growing excitement.

Despite this, she managed to muster what one could interpret as a plea, “Why are you doing this?”

“I’ve lost my reasoning to you, Sa-rang.”

Sa-rang slowly turned to face him; the man’s eyes shone with desire. Sa-rang opened her mouth to speak, only to find her lips trapped in the passionate kiss Ji-Seong gave her. He wrapped his arms around her, simply to let go to release the woman from her robe.

“Ji-Seong,” Sa-rang’s voice held no strength.

“Tell me to stop, and I will.”

The young man controlled everything; he knew what would follow.

Sa-rang remained silent as he lifted her tank top and posed his hands on her bareback. A heatwave ran all over Sa-rang’s body with the contact of his hands. They were warm, and they soothed her. His kisses filled her with oxygen, Ji-Seong was air, and he made the dying woman feel alive.

The rays of light sounded the end of a long night and the beginning of the journey of remorse.

Sa-rang woke up first with burning pain in her stomach. She grabbed her gown and staggered to her living room, where she left the bag and emptied it to seize her painkillers.

She abused her body, and now it punished her, making the woman grip the furniture leading her to her dining table where she sat.

The weight loss on the bed alerted Ji-Seong, who woke up with a blissful smile; it had been so long since the last time he shared a bed with someone he desired. Since he became a knight, sex was a consumer product which he sold at a high price. Ji-Seong used it to quench the sentiment of emptiness, and with it, he consoled the lonely.

With Sa-rang, it was different; the act became a gift. Ji-Seong gave himself to her, and this filled him with joy. The man sat on the bed, hugging his knees towards him, and smiled. Ji-Seong was willing to give the whole of himself to Sa-rang if she desired.

And it was with this inner gleeful emotion that he got out of bed and confidently walked to the living room.

The man’s grin found itself diminished by what he saw; Sa-rang sat pale as a sheet and eyes like a void.

“Sa-rang, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” said the woman staring somewhere around Ji-Seong but not at him, “if you are well awake, you can leave.”

Ji-Seong glared at her. The tone of voice employed was severe and full of loath. Ji-Seong didn’t mind it in hospital and university where Sa-rang had him accustomed to the mistreatment, but here in her home, the offense tripled in impact.

“Sa rang, what are youー.”

“You did a good job. If I could talk about Silent Knight, I would recommend you. I got the message and a survey from your services. I rated you 10/10. You accomplished your mission; you can leave and be on your merry way.”

Ji-Seong’s eyes darted as he tried to put two and two together. He was sure they had a good night, the unforgettable type which was supposed to remain and make you skip with joy.

Was he the only one who felt it?

The stone-faced woman in front of him made him doubt.

“Why are you doing this?” Ji-Seong said in a soft yet stern manner.

Sa-rang looked at the region around his waist. Ji-Seong’s gaze followed without realizing his hands clutched. Rage filled the man’s eyes, Ji Seong fell in Sa rang’s ploy.

“Let me remind you, Ji-Seong; you are an escort boy who did an incall. Your deeds were satisfactory; I acknowledge that you are a man of many talents, and I thank you for it. Now all is said and done; you may take your leave.”


His voice made Sa-rang grip her seat; she knew this state. This was where she always finished by taking them all, In-Sung, Sonmi, and now Ji-Seong. They were all victims of her snake bite, which poisoned your system, investing you with hate.

Sa-rang got up; she had to strike now while the wound opened, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to take a shower.”

She hesitated between taking the detour or striding past him, only to decide for the total humiliation. She walked past him, and Ji-Seong gripped her wrist, making Sa-rang turn to face him.

“Why are you doing this, Sa-rang?”

“Please, call me Lee Seongsaeng.”

Ji-Seong smirked before letting out a nervous and worrying chuckle. He let go of her hand.

“As you wish, Lee Seongsaeng,” he said between gritted teeth behind which he swallowed his pride.

Sa-rang went to take a shower. She took her time and hoped to find her apartment empty. What happened was a mistake of two empty souls yearning to be filled. Now reality rang the alarm of a new day, signing the end of last night’s passionate interlude.

The thought of it made her shudder under the water, youth, or natural talent; the night spent with Ji-Seong was worth more than Yoona’s 10millon won.

Ji-Seong got dressed and left, slamming the door hard enough for the woman to hear. He was angry at himself, he had led the dance all this time, and at the last minute, Sa rang took over. She restored the teacher-student relationship, for the first time since he became a knight, Ji-Seong felt cheap, but above all, he felt like a child to whom Sa rang taught a cruel and torturous lesson.

For Sa-rang, it was a necessary pain. She overstepped the threshold, and she had to put an end to something destined to crash at her dead end.

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