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Sa-rang left the door and went to sleep, leaving Ji-Seong in front of her interphone.

An hour later, it was the door’s direct bell that rang. The woman refused to let him in, but he gave her no choice as he began to bang his fit on the door. Sa-rang imagined how her neighbors would react if they saw the situation. The woman foresaw how the gossip would trail to the other residences.

Professor Sa-rang receives male students at her home; the thought made the woman shudder as she opened the door.

Ji-Seong stepped in, shocked at the sight of her. Craved eyes and pale skin, Sa rang shivered though she wore a thick sweater.

“What do you want?”

“What are you playing at?” The man asked, almost yelling at her.

“Mwo, who are you? You come to my house, toー.”

“You’re sick. You need to be in a hospital.”

“I have stomach flu.”

Ji-Seong looked around; her living room was a war zone; the man could tell the disorder was the typhoon she caused while tossing in suffering. He walked to her coffee table, where he picked up a tablet; “I don’t take Tramadol for stomach, flu.”

“Good for you, Sherlock, now daga.”

“Why Sa-rang?”

Sa-rang her eyes as wide as she could, “why what?”

“You treated meー.”

“You always bring it back to you, poor little Ji-Seong; what do you want a sorry? Sorry, now daga,” the woman said, pointing to her door with a hand that trembled like a leaf.

“Stop it, Sa-rang. Don’t you see I’m here to help you?”

“With what? You want to hold my hair while I puke; I’m not a patient Ji-Seong.”

“This is the reason, isn’t it? The reason why you pushed me away?”

“Omo, so you think if I weren’t in this state, I would have had a romance with a 25-year-old. Listen, I made a mistake I shouldn’t have, we shouldn’t have. It’s a burden that I will have to carry, but Ji Seong, it was one night. Just one night amongst the others I’ve had,” she said with a smirk before adding, “and one night amongst the 1001 Arabian nights you’ve had.”

“Sa-rang; how can you?”

“Mwo, mwo, MWO?” She yelled, “leave me alone, Ji-Seong, let meー,” she stopped.

“Let you what?” asked the man approaching.

The woman backed away, “don’t, don’t even dare come next to me.”

Despite her threat, the young man continued to approach.

“Listen, it might have been a one-nighter for you, but it won’t for me. I might be one amongst for you, but you are not one amongst for me. You’re the one and onlㅡ.

“Omo, Ji-Seong, please wake up, look at me, I mean look at me,” Sa-rang said as she beat her hand on her chest, “I’m not only part of the teaching body; I’m a woman who won’t see the first dawn of the upcoming year.”

Sa-rang chuckled and slicked her hair back, which was greasy from the sweat. The man did not back away with little excuses; she had to hit hard.

“I’m dying, Ji-Seong. I’m already dead. I’m walking dead, so don’t come here with your declarations because there will not be any happy ending. I don’t even know if I’ll make the school year.”

“Shut up,” Ji-Seong interjected.


“I said, shut up; do you think to tell me this will make me leave?”

“It should if your brain is in check.”

“Well, we’ve got a problem because my brain isn’t in check since I met you,” Ji-Seong said, advancing towards her.

“You’re crazy,” Sa-rang said and backed away. “Aren’t you listening? I’m dead, this body, this flesh is growling with metastatic cells, I’m a zombie.”

“I said, shut up.”

“I’M DYING ARE YOU DEAF?” Sa-rang yelled at Ji-Seong’s face.


Outraged, the woman slapped him, seeing no flinching from Ji-Seong’s behalf Sa-rang hit again and again. The man stood stoically as a rock with his ruffled hair holding his grudge. She lifted her hand for a fourth; he grasped her wrist.

“Why? Why are you here? Why are you doing this?”

“Because I care, “Ji-Seong replied.

Sa-rang saw this thing that she fled for the last year and did not desire to see.

The tears in Ji-Seong’s eyes, the ones filled with remorse, pity, but not only she saw something else which frightened her more than the rest making her wish to die on the spot.

“Jebal, Ji-Seong, don’t do this,” her voice quivered, revealing the weakness of the flesh.

“It’s too late, Sa-rang. I think I love you.”

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