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Jae sighed; a nervous smile appeared on his face, “isn’t it cool? I mean, to sit down somewhere like ordinary people?”

Sonmi crossed her arms and turned her head to gaze out of the window, “Jae, what do you want?”

The boy shook his head in disapproval; she was too stubborn to handle it. Still, he carried on, “eh, Sonmi, these three weeks for me have been hell.”

Sonmi prepared to speak, but Jae stopped lifting his hand in front of him in stop motion.

“I know it’s been hell for you too; I won’t lie; I felt guilty, and I feel like dog poop, because like I said, I’m just crushed over you, and I know I hurt your feelings. It’s driving me up the wall because I fancy you so bad. So I’ve come to this conclusion. It’s more of a proposal.”


The beeper on the table rang.

“Wait a minute, don’t move, please wait,” Jae said and got up to pick up his order. With no response, Jae took Sonmi’s silence as a yes and hurried off to the counter.

The girl sat and wondered what she was still doing there as she stared a the belongings Jae left. A designer jacket, barely worn if not to say new. His car keys and phone and case, she did not know back then, but Eun Young filled her in, Jae was rich.

After the death of his mother, who people said was a hostess, and his father, who was the heir of a big cosmetic group, he was taken in by his paternal grandfather, who made him the sole heir of their empire.

Jae studied business and economics with Myeong at Seoul University, and like Ji-Seong, he was a top-ranking student in his department.

Sonmi, who was now from a divorced family with a father who lived with a younger woman and a mother going through a middle-age crisis, suddenly felt unworthy of Jae’s attention.

“Here,” Jae said, posing the caramel macchiato with its Himalayan style whip cream, which is called Sonmi, who tried to resist tasting it.

“I didn’t poison your drink, please take it,” Jae said, sitting down, “so where was I? Ah yes, go out with me.”

“Mwo?” the girl yelled in shock.

“Date me, Kyeong Sonmi, use and abuse of me, and my wallet. Do as you please with me till you are satisfied, and then throw me away.”

“You’re crazy,” Sonmi had heard enough; she got up and grabbed her belongings.

“I am, and I’m serious about you; that day, if you didn’t leave, I wasn’t planning to chuck you out like some vulgar object. I came back to the room to check if you were awake. I wanted to know what you took for breakfast. I wished you stayed,” Jae released with a shaky voice while looking at his clutched hands, lifting his head only to show a nervous and timid lip twitch of a smile.

“Ho Jae Kyung, why, why me?” Sonmi said in despair.

“Ask God; he has stamped you all over my brain. I know you don’t have any feelings for me, but all I want is a chance, give me a week, no make it two. If in two weeks you still hate me, then I promise you to never appear in front of you till my dying day,” severe and solid the words were pronounced with a strong-willed stare, “what have you got to lose?”

Everything, mind, body, and soul Sonmi thought as she stared at him, knowing that an affirmative answer from her could cause her doom.

Sonmi was naive, but she knew the wearing-out game where time helped you win could play in the guy’s favor; Jae’s eyes gave away his strategy. The boy had one goal to make Sonmi fall in love with him.

“What if I say no?”

Jae sighed and fell back in his chair, “I’ll try again.”

“So basically, I have no choice; you will continue to harass me.”

“One chance, Sonmi, one.”

“Araseso,” the word came out on its own, and it was too late to fetch it back.

Jae sat up, eyes shining, “thank you; I’ll make sure you never regret it.”

The thump in the girl’s chest was already making her regret as Sonmi understood she made a pact that condemned her soul.

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