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Sa-rang got dressed. She wanted to free her mind. For that, there was nothing better than going out clubbing; it had been a while. The woman yearned to dance, and this time it was different. She would not go alone.

“Are you ready?”

“I can’t believe you want to come with me.”

“I can’t believe you wished to go alone.”

“People will thinkㅡ.”

Ji-Seong smiled, “let them think; there won’t be anyone we know where we’re going.”

“Are you sure?” Sa-rang said while she raised a curious eyebrow that Ji-Seong saw in the mirror’s reflection; she sat in front.


As she stood up, Ji-Seong admired her in her Hervé léger bandage pencil dress in pale metallic pink with its scoop neckline.

The skin-tight dress which stopped at her knees was nonetheless sexy. Its zipper, which ran from the nip of the neck down Sa-Rang’s spine till its hem, perfectly marrying her S line, made the dress exceptional. To finish her look, Sa rang put on white YSL stilettos with its matching purse.

As he watched her, Ji-Seong gave himself virtual slaps for all the sinful images which flowed to his mind.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” The woman said, turning to stare at the man who blushed like a thief caught redhanded.

“You don’t want to know, trust me.”

Sa-rang’s lips twitched as she tried to control her reaction; the man’s word’s impact on her seemed to grow every day, giving her heart some exercise. Ji Seong hung around as he promised. No matter how hard Sa rang tried to shake him off, the man’s ambitions remained persistent, and so the woman bared with him.

Ji-Seong drove to the Namsan Tower. As the car rose on the mountain, Sa-rang was both anxious and excited.

“Ji-Seong, don’t tell me there’s a nightclub somewhere under Namsan Tower.”

“Wait and see,” he replied with a devilish corner smile as he steered the wheel.

Ji-Seong stopped at the level where people usually took the elevator, which took them to the tower.

They took one of the walking paths instead since the elevator was closed, Ji-Seong led the way of stopping at what looked like the entrance of a bunker, and he knocked.

Like in mobster movies, a small window slid open, Ji-Seong showed what appeared to be a little card, and the door opened.

Sa rang thought she was living a reboot of the past when she saw the narrow stairs, which led down into darkness.

The club Ji-Seong brought her to was no like the Turbulence or L’hexagone. Vast and full of people, It seemed highly select.

There weren’t any neon lights or mirror lights, but lights swept the dance floor like a regular interval as if it scanned everyone.

Sa-rang did not see one VIP square, but various spots with curtains surrounding them like dessert tents. She recognized a few famous faces not known for Kpop songs or dramas but their recurrent appearance in court. Ji-Seong was right. No one they knew could be in such a place. The INSOMNIAC was a club for those who wished to party in total discretion.

Like for their first rendezvous, Sa rang discovered another facette of the city she grew.

Seoul did not have two faces, but three. The 3rd was the one Ji-Seong lived in, one where there were knights for lonely damsels, restaurants in the wilderness, and nightclubs for the reckless.

Sa-rang did not care much, she was there to dance, and dancing is what she did, while Ji-Seong observed her from afar like a bodyguard.

This was her moment, Ji-Seong knew it was something she held to and respected Sa rang’s escape while rinsing his eyes with the vision of her.

They had made a deal. Ji-Seong would keep her company. It was her terms, not his; the words did not matter. Sa rang could call their relationship whatever she desired; all he cared about was being this close to her.

It was strange, now Ji-Seong truly felt like her assistant. The man went to her house and helped Sa rang type her reports. He ran errands, the professor did not let him sleep there, she tried to keep a relationship with the most honorable intentions, and none of it bothered Ji-Seong.

The woman still had a hard time living with their first moment of intimacy, which she qualified of momentary insanity. And there was her health Sa-rang changed physically. If the other students did not notice, he did.

Sa-rang suffered, and it was probably the reason why she refused the man to stay. Stubborn Ji-Seong imagined she tried to keep her face and did not desire to lose an ounce of dignity.

All this weighed on the balance and made Ji-Seong resign a little from the conquest of Sa-Rang’s heart. At this moment, though, her health was the most significant issue between them. He just wished to see her smile the way she did when on the dance floor.

The time to sit down and talk would come, though the woman refused treatment, Ji-Seong had the firm attention of convincing her EVERY minute counted. He could not accept Sa-Rang’s will to die, it was selfish, and the request made no sense to the man when he thought of Sonmi.

Didn’t Sa-rang think of her daughter, who still needed her presence and guidance?

Ji-Seong chased the thought away as at that instant, the man observed the woman sink into the beat.

Other eyes paused themselves upon Sa rang, whose dress made her movements seem like a snake dance.

Like an Alpha fending for his, Ji-Seong approached to stand behind Sa rang, where he slid one hand in front of her stomach to grip her waist.

They danced slowly to the music. Yes, Sa-rang could give their relationship whatever name under the sun, but the truth was she was his queen, and he was her knight.

With her, Ji-Seong transgressed all the rules he lived by till now. He would be her exclusive; the thought reminded him he had to contact SK inc. The knight had many pending requests, which he had no intention of accepting now that he grasped what he longed for.

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