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For the first time since Sa rang found out, she was dying; she wished to live a little longer. To feel the man’s touch and see him staring at her as he did right then.

How could one not melt when supplied with so many delicate moments?

If she could call it that, this unique treatment was pure luxury, thought the woman who wanted to sleep.

“Call in sick.”

“I can’t,” Sa-rang, said snapping out of her daze and getting up to take a shower.

While she got prepared, Ji-Seong sent his demand to SK. His request did not take long to arrive at Hyeon Ju’s desk.

“What is it?”

“It’s a break demand from knight Apollo, madam.”

“A break demand?”

Ji-Seong never took breaks even during a period of exams; he accomplished his services.

“When was his last Rendez-Vous?”

“A month ago, madam.”

“Send me the client’s profile.”

“Yes, madam.”

Hyeon Ju did not believe in the duration and existence of love; she acknowledged the existence of passion.

Raging passion drove most beasts, and it was part of Korean culture like malignant DNA.

The emotion was greedy; it sort love, and it sort revenge. Passion was deadly and more significant than all the feelings scorching and burning.

For some reason, her lips twitched, telling her that Ji-Seong’s sudden dissertation was linked to this particular emotion. His monster was voracious and ran to where it could satisfy its hunger.

“Professor Lee Sa Rang,” Hyeon Ju read on her pad as she swirled from side to side on her chair.

The businesswoman made sure to come to her office twice a week. Silent knight headquarters were well hidden minus five floors under Dongdaemun’s clothes markets, which never slept.

From there, a multitude of well-trained secretaries and a few computer wiz kids worked transmitting messages, coordinates, orders, payments. Hyeon Ju governed with one golden rule total discretion. Soundless Tim, who monitored their actions and whose split tongue reminded them of what happened to those who spook even drop-dead drunk.

Hyeon Ju was merciless; no one talked of her businesses, no matter the reason.

The pay for this absolute tombstone silence was worth it, and so the woman had very faithful soldiers.

Now Hyeon Ju had a deserter in her ranks; it bothered her.

Ji-Seong no longer owed her, but Hyeon Ju counted on her SK ambassador; he was the cherry of her services, the one everyone heard of and wanted.

The break demand was infinite, and it was the Knight’s right as a freelancer.

Was it the smell of spring that made both Hyeon Ju’s son and treasured employee change so suddenly?

Hyeon Ju was set to find out. Ironically, two women of the same genes captured both men.

Hyeon Ju dialed, she hated asking the collectors service, but the situation left her no choice. The collector’s character annoyed her though she essential element of her organization.

Acknowledging this particular collector as a crucial piece of her empire was precisely what irritated the businesswoman.

As the name implied, these employees collected information on the knights.

Like the rest of the employees, they were in debt, which they paid back with their service.

The young woman who was about to reply was the smartest and weirdest among them with a QI so high Hyeon Ju wondered why she was not working for NASA already.

Implanted where she was, this collector was in the best position to fill Hyeon Ju in on Ji-Seong’s behavior. People always turn a blind eye to the devil beside them, and this situation proved once more that the saying was true.


Even her small sweet voice made Hyeon Ju cringe.

“Let’s meet.”

“나는 바빠요다음에 [na neun ba ppa yo, dachuemae= I’m busy next time.] I have too many assignments to turn in at the moment.”

“Mwo?” Hyeon Ju asked, shocked by the audacity of the tone employed.

“I said next time, okay,” repeated the cheeky collector before letting the phone release its off tone.

Hyeon Ju’s blood level skyrocket as she bolted out of her chair.

She paced around her desk, stopped crossed her arms before biting the nail of her thumb as she pondered.

“How dare that little pest, kids these days wait and see, I’ll teach you how you respect your elders, you little wrench,” Hyeon Ju muttered.


“Yes, madam.”

“Get the car ready.”

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