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The first time Jae sent Sonmi a morning message, the girl thought it was a prank.

Sonmi was not used to such attention because she had never experienced a relationship.

All was new, but with their rocky beginnings, Sonmi was skeptical about what would come of Jae’s trial run.

If Sonmi did not know who Oh Jae Kkyeong was, she discovered the fame or the myth of the men who were the three musketeers.

Jae’s family specialty was acquisitions; they started in the beauty industry, bundling up all the brands they could before moving on to other fields.

The Ho heir was a sort-out bachelor, but not many approached him because of the heartbreaker reputation which preceded him.

What did he want from her?

Sonmi was banal, long hair, no gimmick, nothing more than the next girl.

Eun Young said it should honor Sonmi to have caught the man’s eye.

Sonmi’s phone beeped:


Apart from her wanted to say no, but the other half was curious.

Who was Ho Jae Kyung?

Sonmi gave herself 15 days to find the answer without thinking that perhaps, in the end, she might discover something about him she liked.

Sonmi: OKAY


“Why are you smiling like an idiot?” Eun Young asked.

“I’m not smiling.”

“I knew you’d say that that’s why I took the liberty of taking this as proof.” Eun young said, showing her phone to Sonmi.

“When did you take this?”

“When you received the first message, and I took this one just now.”

The 2nd photo showed Sonmi’s wide grin. She blushed, slipped her feet in her slippers, and rushed to the bath.

“You can pretend as much as you want, Sonmi. I know you like Jae’s special treatment.”

“Can you two shut up,” Hana said.

The girl had grown to hate the two, Eun Young annoyed with her sentences, which only started with Myeong, and Sonmi angered her.

Hana found the professor’s daughter’s behavior disgusting, believing Sonmi played a game of hard to get while thriving on Jae’s attention. Also, the newfound complicity between her roommates left her bitter.

Hana didn’t appreciate her friend taking a liking to Sonmi.

How ironic Hana felt like the odd when out when the throne of the sensation initially belonged to Sonmi.

The morning went on smoothly and in accordance with Sonmi’s emotions. The fluttering feeling took Sonmi by surprise, but having felt it for Ji-Seong, she knew what it was. The sensation seemed to intensify as lunchtime approached, and when Jae s red sports car stopped in front of her, the girl was a perfect candidate for electroshock as her heart seemed to stop beating.

Jae hopped out and came to open the spot on the passenger side.


“Don’t overdo it, Jae.”

Many students gathered to observe the scene in dismay.

“Isn’t it Ho Jae Kyung?” A girl from Sonmi’s class said.

“Yep, the one and only,” another replied.

“But that girl, she’sㅡ.”

“A gold digger like many,” Hana said with all the venom she had.

Some girls came to listen to Hana’s tale, where she portrayed an innocent victim whose love interest was stolen by Sonmi.

“Will it be okay here?” Jae asked Sonmi as they entered the restaurant.

“Yeah, it’s okay. It’s not too far from campus; teachers are so strict about tardiness at Yonsei.”

“Seoul U isn’t better.”

They were at Vips restaurant; the place was practical. You paid when you arrived, and then you could lash out on the buffet.

“It will be 43 000won, please.”

Jae put his hand in his back pocket to grab his wallet, but Sonmi swiped her phone.

The man looked at her with a perplexed stare, which followed him to where they sat.

“Are you okay, Jae?”

“I told you, Sonmi, abuse of my wallet.”

“Wah, you are giving goosebumps; do I look poor to you, Jae?”

“No, it’sㅡ.”

“My parents give me 2million won [ 1802 USD] for monthly expenses knowing that my dad pays my rent. I’m not as wealthy as you, but I have money.”

“I’m sorry if I seemed rude.”

“You weren’t, but I feel uncomfortable with you paying everything. I can cover some expenses.”

Seeing such behavior was a first for Jae; women usually loved having him spend on them, and they rarely spent a dime for him.

Sonmi’s gesture was embarrassing, yet now that the feeling was blowing over, the man was flattered. Jae liked Somni’s easygoing personality; she did not treat him as though he were a prince, which comforted him, making him want to open up.

“I’m not rich; my grandparents are,” Jae said as he started to cut his cutlet, “as you know, my father died when I was young, and mother-is minding her own business somewhere.”

“Your mom, I thought she was dead?” Sonmi asked as Eun Young had told her that both Jae’s parents were deceased.

“My grandparents adopted me, and the official statement says that my mother is dead.”

“Oh, you know you don’t have to talk about these things,” Sonmi said, realizing that the topic was probably uncomfortable for Jae.

“But I want to, I mean, I wish to talk about it with you,” Jae said.


“I don’t know, I trust you, or maybe I just want to talk to someone without feeling they’ll judge me even if you are judging, but I’d like you to see who I am. We didn’t have the best of starts, but I was sincere when I told you I’d make it up to you.”

“I don’t know what to say, the morning calls, the chauffeuring, and all the attention they’re not things I’m used to all of that. I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

“You don’t have to say anything, just be you and accept what I give.”

Jae was opening his heart to her; Sonmi sighed. There was no legit reason for her to be cold though she didn’t forget what happened.

“Okay, well, I’m a unique child; my parents divorced last year. My father now lives with a woman almost half his age and my mother well; she’s a top-notch surgeon who likes to hang out in nightclubs and drink the night away.

Sonmi suddenly piqued Jae’s curiosity as he wondered if Sonmi was not referring to the woman who captivated him last summer. If it was, it was the oddest coincidence.

“So, as you can see, I’m not chaebol girlfriend material from a family standpoint.”

“Well, you are not dating my family; you are perfect for me. Without my family, I have no value. So, let’s say we’re even,” Jae said with a smile.

They began to eat. Jae watched Sonmi, amused by her healthy appetite.

“What wrong?” Sonmi asked.

“ㅡEh, was I staring?”

Sonmi nodded.

“Sorry, it’s just you eat well.”

“Meds, school drains you; if you don’t eat, you’ll die, trust me.”

“I do,” Jae replied, making the girl wonder to what extent did he trust her.

Somehow his answer seemed to imply something else, which Sonmi shrugged off, continuing to eat.

A real gentleman Jae drove Sonmi back.

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