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The old lady smiled at Sonmi, “I hope my questions didn’t bother you.”


While the men went to have a conversation in the study, the two women walked into the residence garden.

“Dogs don’t make cats.”

“I beg your pardon,” Sonmi asked, surprised at the old lady’s reflection.

“Jae, he resembles his father in so many ways,” said the old lady looking at Sonmi, remembering the night her son and Hwang Hyeon Ju knelt in front of the old man asking for his benediction.

Jae’s grandmother cleared her throat before pursuing in a more serious tone, “you see, Jae Kyung is all we have, he is precious to us, and so we are very precautious about his relationships. Can I speak freely with you?”


“If all Jae Kyung represents to you is a sugar boy, therefore an adventure for you, please leave him, but if he is essential for you, then please be faithful and true. This household has lived too many tragedies, and age has made me reflect. My husband probably doesn’t share my opinion, and he is undoubtedly scolding Jae right now.

“I don’t want to be a problem, madame,” Sonmi said solemnly.

The old woman sighed, “but you’re a problem whether you like it or not, and you probably will always be one if you remain next to Jae Kyung.”

While the women talked in Ho Geun’s office, voices roared.

“What are you playing at? This girl, she is unworthy of you, Jae Kyung.”

“Why? Sonmi is smart and has a promising future.”

“She has no connections, no money, no influence, nothing useful for you.”

“I love her.”

The older man chuckled as he felt the sensation of déjà vu.

“Jae Kyung, love is leisure which people of our status do not need.


“Don’t make the same mistake as your father. Don’t intertwine with this girl; her family is a mess you can’t seriously think of investing yourself with her.”

“I won’t leave her.”


“I won’t abandon her like my father abandoned Hwang Hyeon Ju.”

The older man’s eyes throbbed; the two men glared at each other. Unlike his father, Jae held his gaze up, showing his determination.

The encounter ended with a knock on the door and a maid asking them to join the two ladies in the garden.

In the car, there was a long silence.

Jae didn’t know what to say, frustrated by his grandad’s words. All the man knew is that he didn’t want to lose Sonmi.

“Stop the car,” Sonmi said.


“Please, Jae.”

The man pulled over.

“Uri helja [let’s break up],” Sonmi whispered.


“Why Jae, your family doesn’t want me.”

“I don’t care about what they want.”


“Sonmi saㅡ.”

“Sarangae, Jae.”


The statement was unexpected; Jae always thought he would be the first one to declare his love.

“Sarangaeyo, Jae Kyung,” Sonmi repeated.

The brunch was frightening, but somehow in the tumult, Sonmi realized that Jae meant much more to her than she thought. If they were to separate in a week, a month, or even a year, she desired the man to know how she felt at that moment.

Everything was odd about their relationship, awkward beginnings, strange relationship, and weird love declarations on a highway still; as Jae stared into Sonmi eyes, he felt as though he found an authentic Koi diamond.

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