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In-Sung banged, “Sa-rang, open the door. Before I break it down.”

Sa-rang, who slept, woke up and wiggled out of Ji-Seong’s arms. The action woke the man, who got up instantly.

“There’s someone at the door,” Sa-rang whispered.

Ji-Seong grabbed his phone on the nightstand; it was 3 PM.

Sa-rang went to fetch her robe while Ji-Seong grabbed a tee-shirt.

They both approached the door, recognizing the voice Sa-rang gave Ji-Seong a signal to go back to the room as she opened it.

In-Sung burst into her apartment, “otoké, otoké Sa-rang, how dare you. How could you do this to me? What have I ever done to you? Tell me, what evil deed did I do for you to do this to me?”

“In-sung, calm down.”

“Calm down, calm down; you say I just found out that the woman I live with, the future mother of my child, was paid to seduce me, and you want me to calm down.

The news came as a shock even to Ji-Seong. From what he had heard, the man had left Sa-rang for a younger woman. It was nothing, something rare; though people gossiped about it, there was nothing extraordinary, but this was something else.

“You paid In-Soo, YOU PAID INSOO, WHAT KIND OF IGNOBLE BEING ARE YOU? In-Sung yelled the words, but they sounded like denial.

The man refused to accept the fact that Sa-rang went as far as hiring In-Soo because if he did, the man was sure to let rage devour him until the point he could kill her before her time expired.

Sa-rang did not flinch. Instead, she approached to stand in front of In-Sung, “kuré, I did that I wanted to get on with my life.”

The tone and the voice, In-Sung knew it well; this is how Sa-rang spoke when she looked down on him as though he were an underdog.

“Why wasn’t I enough for you? Wasn’t we enough for you? Did I ever block your ambitions? What did I do for you to sell me off like a dog? You gave me on a leash to In-Soo; is that how much you valued Sonmi and me? Malhaé, MALHAE.” [answer]

“You are right, In-Sung, I didn’t want you anymore, but I pitied you, and so I gave you a gift. I married a man who boiled with ambition, a top-notch lawyer, and you decided to become a housewife. Do you think you made me happy or proud?”

“I did that because someone had to raise our daughter since you resigned from your motherly duties.”

Sa rang put her hands on her hips, “I didn’t want that. I didn’t marry lukewarm water.”

“Oh God help me,” the man said, looking at the ceiling, “everything I did all these years was for you.” The man pointed at Sa rang, “to support you. I was dedicated to our family. Sa-rang, have you ever loved me? What was I for you?”

From the corridor, Ji-Seong understood Kyeong In-Sung was not a man for Sa rang. Not that the lover saw himself as a perfect match, Ji-Seong knew that loving Sa rang was a jump at his own risk.

In-Sung was too pure, too honest, and it was apparent he had not totally got over his ex-wife. His breaking voice and constant questions about what he represented to her betrayed him. In-Sung wanted to be reassured and hear she loved him even a little.

Even that answer was visible for Ji-Seong, who listened and saw the situation in its integrity. Sa-rang loved In-Sung pushing away those she loved was her way of protecting them. Ji-Seong understood it and was aware that he, too, could be a victim of the method.

Ji-Seong already suffered from the woman’s attempts to get rid of him. Offended, a part of him felt empathy for In- Sung. Ji-Seong suspected Sa rang of having excluded the man, thinking he would not be able to cope with the loss and that In-Sung’s shoulders weren’t broad enough to carry the burden.

In-Sung gestured his hands in all directions as he tried to emphasize his anger, “you are crazy, you have a screw loose, a gift? A gift you say, you sold me, Sa-rang. Tell me what I am worth so that I can get you a refund.”

Sa rang smirked, “aren’t you happy? Aren’t you dangerously drowning in love? I did you a favor, In-Sung.” He swept his hands on his face before placing his hands on his hips and unleashing a chuckle.


In-Sung advanced and lifted his hand; Sa-rang closed her eyes, ready to receive her punishment, which did not arrive.

One after another, Sa-rang, opened her eyes and found Ji-Seong holding In-Sung’s arm.

The knight was handy in these situations, which seemed to become a routine. Ji-Seong accepted his role; he promised to love and protect her until the end, and so he did exactly that. Even now, when he heard the horrible things Sa rang did, it was by her that the man stood.

“Igeat mwoya, mwoya igeat Sa-Rang? Is this the reason? You divorced to get with a child?” In-Sung said.” He’s barely older than Sonmi. What’s wrong with you, Sa rang, michesso?” In-Sung struggled to free his hand from the younger man’s firm grip, “you, let go of me, who are you, what are you doing here?”

The woman stepped back and crossed her arms, “It’s none of your business, In-Sung.”

“None of my business, you meddle with my life playing a satanic cupid, and you have got a gigolo, and it’s none of my business. Do you think of your daughter sometimes? Isn’t it enough for her to have divorced parents? You want to add to the humiliation of having a cougar as a mother. Don’t you have an ounce of shame or even a molecule of humanity?”

“Kyeong Ssi.”

“Shut up, milk boy,” In-Sung said before returning his focus on Sa rang, “I’ve been blaming myself these last few days thinking you were dying as Sonmi said, but you seem to be fine.”

“I’m fine, In-Sung, I don’t know what Sonmi told you, but whatever she said, it’s a lie.”

“So you are saying that my daughter, who I’ve never seen crying as I did, lie to me? Sonmi never lies because she resembles me, but you, you are poison.”

Sa rang, laughed, and in a cynical tone, she said, “well, look at me, aren’t I fine? Do I look like a dying person when I can afford to have a young stallion like Ji-Seong?”

In-Sung’s face grew red with anger; he took the bait.

Ji-Seong could tell that the man refused to believe the situation he was living in even though reality slapped him in the face.

In-Sung was definitely not a man meant to cross Sa rang. The man was like a teenage girl who thought she would change into a bad boy with time.

Sa rang, and he was colliding elements whose relationship should have stopped after a few months leaving each party a little more grown and matured by the experience. Letting them move on to the next to avoid past mistakes found their matching shoes.

Like many life’s mysterious they wedded, one gave his all where the other’s monster unconsciously searched for something more consistent to chew.

In-Sung probably thought the woman he ran after and married would finish by feeling the authentic love that lasts a lifetime, that his human qualities would win Sa rang over.

Sa-rang wasn’t that type of woman, she was a passionate one, and her marriage was anything except intense. Right now, she led the dance, directing In-Sung and making him follow her script with every word she pronounced. She made the man despise her a little bit more.

Ji-Seong, who was a spectator, saw the diversion. Sa-rang led In-Sung away from the essential, and the man blinded by his sad situation did not notice.

“Sa-rang, I loved you more than myself, and you destroyed everything for him,” In-Sung said, pointing at Ji-Seong, who at that moment wanted to laugh at the ridicule of the man’s conclusion. At the same time, something told him In-Sung managed to pull off a bluff of his own. One where he preferred believing Ji-Seong the root of evil, which ruined his life.

It was easier for In-Sung to think Sa rang too had a side dish, but it was clear as spring water the man was hurting. In-Sung’s bloodshot eyes scared Sa rang, who imagined them shedding tears of blood.

“In-Sung, I think you should leave now.”

“Lee Sa rang, you are the most shameless, heartless, and despicable woman who ever lived. I regret the day I ever laid eyes on you and falling in love with you. If I could erase it all, I would. I wish I could erase you.”

“Kyeong Ssineun,” Ji-Seong yelled as he stepped up to In-sung, ready to fight.

Furious, In-Sung was almost overjoyed to see he could take out his anger on Sa rang’s lover boy as he grabbed Ji-Seong by the t-shirt.

The festivities and testosterone surge were stopped by an abrupt thump, which made both men turn.

Motionless, the woman laid on the floor.

“Sa rang,” both men yelled in unison.

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