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“Yoona, you’re already here.”

“Remember, I work here,” Yoona said as she left the door to enter the room.

Colleagues, students, and neighbors, everyone knew about Sa rang’s and Ji-Seong’s relationship.

What burnt the doctor’s heart was her family was now aware of the situation. Unlike what In-Sung thought, Sa-rang’s career wasn’t what affected her the most. Sa-rang’s family was her only preoccupation as she cried in her best friend’s arms.

“Yoona, it’s horrible. You should have seen In-Sung and Sonmi theyㅡ.”

“It’s okay, Sa-rang. What’s done is done. You’ve got other things to worry about the school board.”

“I don’t want to know; there’s something profoundly wrong with our society. You spend your life being an exemplary citizen, and that your first mistake. After that, everyone forgets all the good you’ve done,” Sa rang said as she chucked her pajama’s in her bag.

“That’s Korea for you, Sa-rang. I feel so awful if I didn’t give you that gift. Perhaps you wouldn’t be here today. All this is my fault. I shouldn’t have encouraged you to pursue meeting Ji-Seong.”

“No, Yoona, I choose, and I assume my choices. I thought Ji-Seong loved me, but he betrayed my trust. I’ll never forgive him.”


“No, he had no right to tell Sonmi. She’s my daughter,” Sa-rang said as she tapped on her chest, “they’re my family. How could he do this to me?”

“Sa-rang, stop yelling. Let me take you home.”

Sa rang refused to stay in the hospital. She hated being a patient, but above all, she could no longer stand the judgmental stares surrounding her.

Every eye she crossed bared their message of disapproval.

“Kajja [let’s go].”

They left the room where Sa-rang spent a week. Despite her peer’s diagnosis, she decided to go home.

Sa-rang would die no matter how long she stayed in the hospital. So there was no point inflicting herself with the pain of facing people who gossiped about her.

Sa-rang desired peace, and she knew where she would find it.

Yoona drove her home, but the woman was not at the end of her surprises.

In the lift leading to her apartment, Sa rang, and Yoona met Mrs. Cheong, who, after a very crisped greeting, pulled her little six-year-old son close to her as if she was in an elevator with a child molester. At least that’s how Sa-rang felt.

News traveled fast, and in her high-rise apartment filled with people, she either knew as patients or neighbors who mingled in the identical spheres. Golf, country clubs, and charities, the rumor had nowhere to hide or die out.

The world was a cruel and cold place. Sa-rang, who lived a lavish life, forgot its reality. Sickness didn’t make her more aware, but the cold treatment she received was a slap across the face. To crown this day, in which Sa-rang lived like a nightmare, she and Yoona found Ji-Seong sitting in her living room. Soo Hae had informed him when Sa-rang left the hospital.

“How did you get in?”

“I have the codes to your doors, remember. Also, I doubt you prefer me to wait outside where your neighbors will have more rumors to knit.”

“Eh, Sa rang; maybe I should leave and let you two talk.” Yoona looked in the direction of the doorway, which seemed like a mirage wishing Sa rang would spare her.

“No, Yoona, Ji-Seong is the one who is leaving.”

“No, we need to talk,” the man said as he got up to face the frail woman.

Sa-rang didn’t answer his calls. Ji-Seong was worried since he got a summoning to give testimony in front of the university board.

Some of its members had made it clear they wanted Ji-Seong to testify on Sa-rang’s cruel and unjust teaching methods. A few even suggested that Ji-Seong say the teacher who promised good marks forced him into the relationship.

Ji-Seong refused to tell such lies, but he could not say their relationship began after Sa rang used Silent Knights escort service.

The man did not know how to clear Sa rang’s tainted honor. Instead, he hoped she would join forces with him, and they would face adversity together.

“You told Sonmi, how dare you. Ji-Seong. Who do you think you are, what right do you have? Sonmi is my child, my daughter; there’s a reason why I didn’t tell her.”

“I know you wanted to save her from grief, but do you think that casting aside those who love you is a solution?”

“It’s my choice, my decision to make,” Sa rang said, banging her fist on her kitchen counter.

“Sa-rang, I’m sorry I was so angry at her for what she said about you. I wanted Sonmi to see your side of the story. You’re not a villain, Sa-rang. So stop painting this portrait of yourself.”

“I don’t care, Ji-Seong, my daughter can think what she wants as long as she doesn’t blame herself. Now she’s must be thinking of all the things she said to me, and she is probably feeling guilty. I didn’t want that; I don’t desire Sonmi to believe she was a horrible daughter when I’m the one to blame. Look at what you’ve done. Even In-Sung knows.”

Tears started to stream down Sa rang’s eyes as she empathized with In-Sung’s pain, which she knew was tremendous. Within a day, the haven of peace he created was shattered. In-Sung lost In-Soo, the love of his life and his unborn child, as he discovered the mascarade.

To add some firepower to the already boiling pot, In-Sung had to refrain from strangling to death the instigator who happened to be his Ex and dying wife.

Sa rang felt as though she burnt the man alive. In-Sung would never get back on his feet.

If they were someone on earth, Sa-rang did not wish to hurt it was In-Sung. The man had given her so much love and affection. Kyeong In-Sung sacrificed everything to make her happy. Sa rang felt unworthy of the man’s feelings.

She did not show enough love; she had not cared enough.

The moments where Sa-rang said she loved him during their marriage could be counted on her fingers. Whereas, In-Sung distributed the sentence like freebies, in messages, and within his actions.

Even when Sa rang reduced the man to the rank of a housewife. In-Sung remained the same loving husband devoted to his family.

In-Soo was Sa rang’s gift to him. The woman was the type In-Sung should have met first. Sa-rang was like a bracket in a paragraph set to be closed in the man’s life. It was with In-Soo he would write the remaining chapters of his existence.

Now all was lost, and Sa rang despised Ji-Seong, who she believed was the culprit of all the disaster.

“Get out.”

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