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“Then you are dumb, it might seem like torture, but even this is a good put for their file.”

Ji-Seong glared at the woman who relished the moment. The professor’s attitude was something he couldn’t comprehend; professor Lee appeared to have sadomasochistic behavior. She liked to make people suffer for no apparent reason. Here he could not seize how his comment had blown up in such portions. She was supposed to be above it. Still, every one of Ji-Seong’s remarks created a chain reaction of events.

From the beginning, the student and the teacher didn’t see eye to eye; the professor enjoyed putting oil on the fire. A tedious habit that Ji-Seong associated with people who had no life, they decided to ruin other people’s lives.

Why did she behave in such a childish manner?

It didn’t suit her, and her superb diminished.

“This isn’t fair,” Ji-Seong muttered.

“Omo, I thought we’ve been through the what’s ethical business already. You see, this is my class, you are my students, and I’m entitled to use whatever methods I judge necessary to make you become Taehaminguk’s most valuable asset in the medical field. If you have any complaint, the door is that way,” Sa-rang said before making a gesture towards the door. She then approached Ji-Seong close enough to whisper, “please do so; you’ll be doing me a favor.”

Ji-Seong could read the hate in her eyes; this was one of the world’s biggest mysterious. Some people you meet naturally hate you for unknown and obscure reasons. The young man was sure if he asked the professor about the causes of her loathing him, there would be none, yet the sentiment was there.

No, this woman wasn’t how Ji-Seong expected.

From what he gathered, the professor was a misandrist, obsessed with her work suffering from the God complex due to her success, which found itself amplified by the fact she was a woman. Of course, blessed with beauty despite her age, she stepped on the tiny campus cuties with charisma while laughing at the men who dared approach her.

Ji-Seong went back to his seat and found Dae Jung glaring at him in the manner of a raging bull.

“Wow, she is amazing,” Soo-Hae sighed again.

“I should dissect your brain; there’s definitely a problem,” Gong Won said, shoving his sister’s head.

The top rankers didn’t know it was the first of a long series of unearthly tasks which the professor reserved them. Everyone had their methods, and Sa-rang’s had the sharpest. Dae Jung added a new name to the professor’s already well-garnished tree.

Professor Lee baptized them The Drill Sergeant, having them arrived at the hospital at 6 AM and doing the nurse’s morning rounds, and there was no slacking off. Behind the nurse’s smile, their wicked tongue repeated all their errors to the professor who gave double rations of assignments.

“How are the kids?”

“A royal pain.”

“Oh, Sa-rang,” Yoona said in despair.

“Okay, the girl Nam Soo-Hae is almost perfect. I wonder the board didn’t pick her as an assistant.”

Sa-rang knew full well the board chose the top ranker from Seoul as a reward for having accepted their establishment, allowing the school to gain a weak yet valuable percentage of national stats.

“You said almost?”

“She a fanatic, at moments she makes me think of that American actress Jenifer Jason something in Single White Female I just can’t shake of the image of Soo-Hae becoming my clone.

“Dae-Jung is the only one who acts like an actual student with the right amount of fear and discipline.

“Gong-Won, I don’t like the way he looks at me at times. It’s as ifー.”

Sa-rang paused; it would sound pretentious to say she thought Gong-Won fancied her.

“He likes you; oh, you don’t have to be ashamed. A school year would not be complete without its dose of masochist student crush,” Yoona, the expert in love declarations, said. Since her name became Dr. Moore, her popularity skyrocketed amongst male students.

“It’s weird, but sometimes I feel as though he hates me. Anyway, he vomits all over the place like Regan in The Exorcist.

“And finally, Ji-Seong, the board told me he came for me. It makes no sense.”

“I heard he told them he wanted to be taught by the best.”

“Ji-Seong is real sadomasochist of the group. I mean, his sole purpose seems to be to contradict me in every way. What’s worse is that he doesn’t even pretend to beat around the bush. The boy cuts straight through with his bluntness and his that kind.”

“What kind?”

“You know, the I’m perfect immaculate of sin type, the genuine goodie-too-shoe.”

“Like you were.”

“I wasn’t like that,” Sa-rang protested.

“Excuse me, I remember a girl who contradicted everyone,” Yoona said.

“Anyway, Ji Seong isー.”

“You hate him, don’t you?” Yoona said, knowing how much her friend hated I-know-it-all students.

“Ji-Seong is a student. I can’t say I hate him, but it wouldn’t bother me if he went back to Seoul U. You know I wanted a quiet year, but with them, I’m wondering if I’ll finish the school year. They’re shortening my lifeline.”

“Come here,” Yoona grabbed her friend in a hug, “you’re probably shortening theirs too.”

After three weeks, even the perky Soo-Hae showed the first signs of dementia as the group experienced the Lee Sa-Rang Effect.

At the hospital morgue on a Friday night, the rankers finally understood the meaning of total power as they were assigned there to clean the postmortem tables, trolleys, and other accessories.

“I think I’m losing it, Hae-Soo, become the CEO of Med Tech, I’ll content myself with having shares,” Gong-Won said.

Soo Hae looked up her brother’s words, piqued her attention, “draw up a written attestation.”

“배가고파” [pegeopa=I’m hungry]

“Dae-Jung, are you serious? How can you think of food with Mr. Fang Chui lying dead just in front of you?”

“Mr. Fang Chui smells like chicken; I’m dying for a chimaek right now.”

“You are gross,” Soo-Hae said, scrunching her face, her mouth forming augh of disgust.

Gong-Won’s gaze switched from his sister to Dae-Jung, stopping as he finally made his decision, “I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving.”

“No, no, no, you can’t do that,” Hae-Soo and Dae-Jung, who tried to hold Gong Won back, said.

“I’m an heir? I’m not supposed to go through all this dog poop.”

“Ya, Ji-Seong-ah, do something, stop him. It’s your fault if we’re here,” Dae-Jung yelled.

Ji-Seong didn’t lift his head as he replied to his messages:


“Ji-Seong-a,” Soo-Hae said in a pleading tone.

He finally got up and walked to where they were, “let him go if he wants to leave; it’s his choice he can redouble again.”

Gong-Won freed himself to grasp Ji-Seong by the collar, “I’m tired of you. Who do you think you are?”

“Oppa,” Soo-Hae yelled.

The door sprung open.

“Having fun, kids? I was thinking of freeing you, but since you’ve decided to disrespect the dead with your voices. I’ll alert the morticians that you’ll take their shift till tomorrow morning; I’m sure they’ll be thankful.”

The students threw each other threatening gazes estimating it was the other’s fault.

None of them expected Sa-rang to be there still, but on the other hand, it resembled the professor so much, her mother hen syndrome was just another claim for total control.

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