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A week before

Jae was surprised to meet Nam Soo Hae when he came to surprise Sonmi.

“Can you give me a ride?”

“Eh, I came to pick upㅡ.”

“Kyeong Sonmi, she is doing a test right now. She won’t be out, let’s say, for an hour.”

Jae’s eyes narrowed, “how do you know that?”

Soo Hae giggled and went to grab the door handle on the passager side of Jae’s car, “so the ride? Eh, don’t worry, I won’t hit on you, and you’ll be back before your Cherie notices. Besides, Sonmi doesn’t even know you are here. So why are you stressed?”

Jae stared at Soo, Hae up and down. Soo Hae was cute, and she had that nerdy aura that appealed to boys. But, unlike nerdy girls in drama series, Soo Hae gave off the blunt don’t-mess-with-me persona wrapped up in the tiniest and most adorable package.

Jae clicked open the doors, and the Soo Hae climbed inside.

“Don’t you have a car?” Jae asked as he started his engine.

“It’s my Achilles heels, I got brains, but for some reason, it just can’t assimilate driving.”

“Your Nam Gong Won’s sister?”

“Yes, I’m that amongst other things, I know we are so different,” Soo Hae said while her lashes beat like beautiful wings.

It was true; the petite woman had nothing to do with her show-off brother.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Just drive to Yongsan. I’ll indicate the directions.”

Jae started to drive down the main street.

“So, Ho Jae Kyeong, how is life going?”

“As it should.”

“Have you seen your mother lately?”

Jae was shocked by the question, which caught him of a guard and forced him to lay his eyes off the steering wheel to stare at Soo Hae, “eh, my mother is well,” Jae replied, referring to his grandmother.

Jae’s grandmother wasn’t the person Soo Hae was asking about, “I’m talking about Hwang Hyeon Ju,” Soo Hae said, lowering her head and looking over her glasses in his direction.

“You know, Soo Hae, I don’t likeㅡ.”

Suddenly Soo Hae flashed her insignia in front of the man’s face as he came to a halt a red light, “okay, Jae Kyeong, I didn’t want to go there butㅡ. My name is Nam So Hae, I am Gong Won’s sister, but I also have an IQ of 190. I can’t drive, but I have many diplomas, and I also work for Korea’s narcotics and prostitution repression department during my med school days. Let’s say I’m the Korean version of 21 Jump Street undercover cop.

Jae pulled over the car, “what the fucㅡ, what do you want from me?”

“Your corporation, lover boy.”

“For what?”

“I was sent to see how much you know a Hwang Hyeon Ju’s business activities.”

Taken aback by the situation, Jae refuted everything, “I don’t see her, okay, I don’t know what she does.”

“You know Hyeon Ju has ties with the Taiwanese mafia, right?”

“She was married to Tawainaise businessman; that’s all I know.”

Soo Hae pushed up her glasses on her nose, “he was a drug lord, and now your mother runs the show since he died.”

“I’m not aware of this.”

“Start the car.”

“I’m not going nowhere.”

“Jae, for the moment, your just a witness. Don’t make things complicated for yourself. Start the car.”

Jae turned the keys in the ignition and drove where Soo Hae indicated.

Soo Hae brought him to what seemed to be an empty building, but once inside what appeared like an abandoned parking lot, there was a whole office set up.

“Oh, Soo Hae, you brought him?”

“I think Mr. Ho here is like Saint Thomas; he needs to see to believe.”

The inspector chuckled and went to grab a seat for Jae, “sorry, we don’t have any popcorn,” the officer said as Soo Hae began to slide the photos.

The pictures were of chaebol children Jae knew. The photos showed some gambling, another stone cold by the intake of drugs. Girls with men old enough to be their great grandfathers, and then there were the clichés of Hyeon Ju’s offices under Dongdaemun, there were the tortures and punishments, and finally Sonmi at school, in shops having dinner with him.

“Wait, why is Sonmi here? What has she got to do with this?”

“She’s there because your mother ordered her men to tail her.”

Soo Hae knew she had grabbed Jae’s intention and that now they could talk. Soo Hae made sure to omit Ji Seong and Sa rang.

Soo Hae was a natural-born cheater; she had no particular feelings. She did things because her brain needed stimulation. Like she told Ji Seong, her monster was a curious one. She thrived on solving rubrics cubes-shaped mysteries, and she loved hiding behind her glasses.

Despite all these lies and facades, there was one fact. Soo Hae admired Doctor Lee, and she liked Ji Seong, who she believed was an angel with broken wings. But, unfortunately, the doctor was dying; the least she could do was protect her last moments.

Jae Kyeong suffocated under pressure the squad put; after a few hours, he agreed to corporate and brought his mother to the police.

And so he went to obtain a result which is classified in the Act’s history.

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