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Ji-Seong tried to live making abstraction of Sa rang’s words, but every time he opened a patient’s bedroom door, he wondered if he would meet, Sa rang through someone’s eyes.

Here the man didn’t see Sa rang but a beautiful and refreshing young woman who loved life. For this reason alone, Eun Seol deserved to live.

Whether it was her or not, Ji-Seong did his best. He operated with all the knowledge he had, praying God would lend his strength once more.

Eun Seol was alive and well. There was no rejection of her new heart.

One could hear the woman’s music everywhere. The whole hospital talked about her talent and beauty.

Though Ji Seong only saw her once, he still remembered the features and details of her face.

Eun Seol asked to see him after her operation, and she searched the hospital high and low to find Ji Seong, but the doctor made sure not to meet Hu Eun Seol again.

The young woman was dangerous since Ji Seong had met her strange thoughts invaded his mind, but what bothered the man more was feeling Sa Rang shadow’s presence weaken.

Eun Seol had planted a strange seed that ravaged him on the inside, piercing tiny holes which shone like a spectrum all this in one encounter. The doctor was unable to cope with the flood of contrary emotions.

And so, Eun Seol was discharged from the hospital without seeing her savior.

“Dr. Chae.”


“Hu Eun Seol left this for you,” said a nurse as she handed the surgeon an envelope that contained a letter and concert tickets.

Dear Chae Seseongsaengnim,

My mother said not to do this, so I won’t listen to her to not change a good habit.

I wanted to thank you, but I think you don’t want to see me again.

Are you avoiding me, doctor Chae?

I want to see you again though, I don’t know how these things are supposed to happen, but life is too short for me to be patient.

So I’m forcing destiny.

I’ve always wondered what my purpose was in life; my mother says I was born to free people with the notes I play.

I wonder if my purpose and why God let me live until now isn’t a person.

Do you believe we come to life to meet one person?

I like to think so.

Anyway, here are concert tickets for my next performance at Seoul Center.

I sincerely hope you will come and let me free you with my music.

Hu Eun Seol

“Mwoya igeat? [what’s the meaning of this?], free me?”

“Is something the matter, Doctor?” said the nurse who still stood there waiting with curiosity.

Ji-Seong’s lips twitched upwards, but he quickly regained his stern composure,” it’s nothing, just a thank you note.”

The nurse noticed the two tickets and headed out to gossip with other staff members who dreamt of being the doctor’s date for the concerto.

Hu Eun Seol was a lethal woman who reminded him more Sa rang than Soo Hae. For like his beloved, Eun Seol showed her claws and cards before the game began, instead of tactfully hiding them. This attitude scared Ji-Seong to see a bit of Sa Rang in another woman.

He was thirty-one and free to live the way he wished since his father had washed his hands of him. However, Ji Seong had no love life; women fled the man who could not say he loved them. Up till now, no one managed to melt the block of ice in his frozen heart.

And in came this 23-year-old impetuous woman, who, despite her apparent bravery, was as innocent and as white as a snowflake.

The surgeon occupied his thoughts with his work. He tried to make abstraction of the young woman, but now and then, he heard her music. Every time he operated, he listened to the echo of her voice.

What should have made his heart flutter burned; and inflicted Ji-Seong with pain as the man slapped himself with guilt.

For Ji-Seong, the worst thing was to know the remedy to his suffering was probably what was eating him up.

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