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Sun and the Earth

I could only see his silhouette walking towards us looking like a hero with the backlight flashing from the car. I squinted my eyes adjusting my vision to the flashing light, and I knew Vian was mad by the way he walked and how fast he came to me... almost running.

He stopped in front of me blocking the light from my eyes. I was able to see him clearly after that. Like the earth revolving around the sun, light shined on half of his body making him look magnificent. I saw his eyes catching mine for a second and then traveled downwards to my shoulder.

Only then I realized that Ryan was standing on the other side grabbing my shoulders. I slowly freed myself from him who was glaring at Vian. Vian grabbed my hand making the situation worse saying 'Let's go.'

I felt Ryan's hand on my shoulder again stopping me from moving and seeing that Vian's grip on my hand tightened. They both were having a staring contest, glaring at each other while I was struggling between them without knowing what to do. I really didn't want to get in the middle of them. I hope that they wouldn't start a fight here.

"It's okay, Ryan. See you tomorrow." I said smiling after slowly removing his hand from my shoulder.

He looked hurt when I removed his hand but immediately hid it with a smile saying, "Okay then, Ava. See you tomorrow."

Vian and I hopped in his truck and drove away. There was this unseen tension between us during the drive. Vian was unusually rigid, and his whole body was tensed. I didn't know how to ease the situation. It wasn't like I did anything wrong but somehow I felt guilty looking at him like that.

The truck stopped abruptly in the middle of the road making me jerk forward. I looked at him surprised thinking what made him stop like that. But he just got out of the truck closing the door with a loud bang which made me startled.

He walked around and opened my door and told me to get out.

"Are you crazy? We are in the middle of the road." I yelled. Even though there will be fewer vehicles crossing this road at this time, that was illegal.

"Just get out." He ordered. I could feel a hint of anger in his voice.

"At least move the truck to the side of the road. What if..." That's what I could get out of my mouth before he hauled me forcefully out of the truck snatching my hand.

"What's wrong with you?" I yelped due to the pain in my wrist. He was grabbing my arm so tightly, and I didn't understand why he was behaving like that.

"We are not going anywhere unless you tell me what you were talking about with Ryan when I arrived."

"What?" it would be an understatement if I said I was surprised.

"I saw the way he was holding you and the look on your face. So, what is it?" he asked me in an accusing tone.

"Whatever it is, what is it to you?" I retorted. I was puzzled by the tone he was using like I did something wrong and I was angry because he dares to accuse me when he was the one who was hiding about the relationship with Hazel. I regret feeling guilty a few moments ago.

He brushed his hair with his hand and sighed in annoyance. "He is not a good person, Ava. Stay away from him." He said sighing defeatedly.

"Well, that's for me to decide," I said glaring which made him glare at me back.

"You are not gonna stay away, are you? Then watch me destroy him." he snarled.

"Fine. Then tell me what's with you and hazel and then maybe I will tell you what we talked about." I said crossing my hands across my chest. As much as I was angry, I didn't want him to go after Ryan just because I made him angry. So I just used this situation to get the answer I want from him.

He looked like I caught him of something and was clearly not expecting this to come from me. He was about to say something but we heard a honk from another truck behind ours and we had to move, cutting our conversation there.

The trip to my house was more tensed than before. I was disappointed that I didn't get the answer and part of me didn't want him to answer after I saw how he reacted to my question. He looked like... no...no I don't want to go there yet. But one thing I was sure of, I was bothered by what Ryan said about Vian and Hazel than the fact he asked me out. I just hope it wasn't true.

I ran upstairs to my room as soon as we arrive without responding to Jay who was yelling my name. I took a shower to calm myself down and went directly to bed.

Even though I knew I can't sleep, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone either especially I didn't want to see Vian. I just can't erase the look on his face from my mind that he gave me when I asked him about him and Hazel. I didn't want to believe what Ryan said, but I was scared that it might be true.

I heard the door to my room open and saw Jay walking inside.

"Let's watch a movie, Aves." He invited me noticing that I was still awake.

"No, you guys have fun." I refused. I was too lazy to get up and also not in the mood.

"You want me to stay with you?" he offered. He wanted to know what happened between us. I think watching a movie is better than talking.

"Fine, let's watch a movie." I started walking out of my room and down the stairs passing him.

I slumped on the couch in front of the TV uninterested. Vian was picking a movie and jay sat beside me with popcorn and ice cream.

I quickly snatched the ice cream from his hand and started shoving it in my mouth. I groaned when I was attacked with a sudden brain freeze. Vian came back to the couch after playing the movie. He looked at me once before sitting down, but I didn't care.

Thankfully they chose my favorite movie 'Star Trek' and I knew it was intentional. I just love that movie and I would watch it over and over without getting bored no matter how many times I watch. I know... it's weird, at least according to Jay and Vian.

Halfway through the movie, I was distracted from the thoughts going on in my mind, and I was almost calmed down. I don't know if it was because of the movie or the ice cream. Jay and I started playing ignoring the movie.

After eating a spoon of ice cream, I blew at Jay's neck. My cold breath gave him goosebumps and on top of all that he was highly annoyed. He never liked anyone touching his neck, and it was his sensitive area. I knew that but I did it anyway to irk him. It was so fun annoying him.

We were giggling hysterically and lost in our world once he started tickling me taking his ultimate revenge on me. But we stopped when we heard the movie stop. We both turned to see Vian looking at us in annoyance.

"I need to tell you something." He said looking at me in hesitation.

I looked at him ready to listen to what he has to say but deep down I knew what it was about. I just couldn't shake that dreadful feeling in my stomach while waiting for him to talk.

"Me and Hazel... We are going out... We are dating." Vian completed the sentence after a lot of pauses and hesitations.

What I felt at that moment... I guess that's how heartbreak feels like.


You were the light,

That was guiding me through the darkness.

You were the Sun, I was the Earth,

Revolving around you in an orbit.

Without you, I am lost in the galaxy,

For eternity.

Enjoy reading - T.

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