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First day

My name is Ava. I am living in a small town called old town with my grandmother. I moved here to the mid-semester from London when I was in middle school due to some personal reasons. My mother couldn't take care of me with all her work so she sent me to her mother to take good care of me. She is working hard to save money for my college.

When I moved here I didn't expect anything. I just want to be a normal girl who goes to school and comes back home and sleeps after doing all my homework. I don't want to enjoy my life partying and dating. I can't do that when my mom is working hard for me, but you can never be sure.

My grandfather died recently so my grandmother took over his souvenir shop. She is a kind woman who puts other's happiness over hers. I admire her a lot for her hard work and her never-changing smiling face. She always has that warm smile on her face.

On my first day at school, I took the bus alone playing my favorite songs on my earphones. I wasn't nervous nor that I was excited. I stopped for a moment before entering the school. I read the big bold letters on the entrance arch... WH high school.

The school was filled with trees and plants. The scenery and the scent filled in the air make you refreshed. While I was enjoying it, I saw a weird thing.

Under one of the trees, I saw a boy looking at his palm and talking. He seems to be carrying something in his hand but to me, it looks empty. I was curious and tried to move a bit closer to him to get a good look. That makes him look at me.

I don't want to look like a weirdo stalking on my first day so I gave him a friendly smile. But I didn't expect his response. He gave that one of those pure, innocent, gummy bear smiles and held out his hand to me with something on his hand like he was giving me something.

Without knowing how to react I just extended my hand to him. I was also curious about to whom he was talking or should I say to what?

He opened his palm and I think I saw an insect and I immediately retreated my hand in fear.

"It's ok. He won't harm you." He assured me with the same innocent smile. His voice was a bit husky and deep. I don't know why but he makes me feel warm and welcoming.

I held out my hand again near his palm. He let that insect move to my hand. It started wandering around my hand moving in between my fingers. I adjusted my hands so that it won't fall.

I took a closer look at it. It was a spider. It was so small and yellow. It looked so cute and I moved my hand closer to my eyes to take a good look. Suddenly it stopped moving and I could see its eyes. Three pairs of black eyes staring straight at me. It was so fascinating that I didn't know how long I was looking at it and I forgot that I was in school with some boy standing near me. A sudden voice made me come out of the trance.

"V, come on let's go." I saw another boy calling the boy near me to join him. And just like that, he runs to his friend leaving me there alone.

For a moment I didn't know what to do with the spider then slowly I let it down on a tree trunk. Hopefully, he climbed up so fast to join his friends.

As this was my first day, I went to meet the principal. His secretary told me to wait outside since someone was inside with him. I heard a male adult shouting at someone, I presumed him to be the principal. Whoever was inside, they were getting it so bad. To be honest, it was so funny, I mean the day didn't even start.

And then the door opened. To my shock, I saw the boys who I met outside. They came out of the office trying so hard not to laugh. I was surprised and couldn't help but smile at their naughtiness.

When the spider guy saw me he smiled but the other guy pulled him away glaring at me like I was a sinner. I shrugged it away and went inside. I was really surprised at the change in the principal's demeanor. He welcomed me with a warm smile and gave me a brief talk about the school. After that, I got my schedule from the office and went to my first class.

As soon as I entered the class, I saw both of the boys. They sat in the corner of the class beside each other apart from the rest of the class. I guess that was their punishment for whatever they did. I gave them both a smile but as soon as they saw me they lowered their head like they didn't see me. Then the teacher introduced me to everyone and I took the front-most seat in the class.

During class, I made a friend. Her name is Hazel. She was sweet and so helpful. She talks a lot and gave out more information than I could handle on my first day.

But I just want to know only about certain two boys. I asked her what's their deal but she just brushed it off saying that they were just two weirdos. She jumped to a different topic like she didn't want to talk about them. Well, I didn't let her, I insisted her to tell me more.

The one with the black hair and grey eyes who can't sit in one place even for a second is Vian and everyone calls him 'V' and the other boy with the brown hair who sat there like he ate wasabi is Jay.

They both were best friends since kindergarten and they don't get along with other people. They play basketball and an average student when it comes to academics. Every teacher who taught them didn't like them very much because they always did something weird and naughty during class which always annoyed the teachers.

They visited the principal office every day like their own house. There is a teacher called Mr. Harrison who teaches history and Mr. Donan, our principal's name, those two have a soft spot for those boys but for what reason nobody knows.

They have been a mystery to everyone, but those two teacher loves them even though you find them yelling at both of them most of the days. Without those teachers, they might have got expelled by now. Hazel warned me not to have any sort of connection with them. But it only piqued my interest in them.

It was our lunch break and I am sitting at a corner table munching my sandwich. Seemingly Hazel has a different friend group and she forgot to invite me and I don't want to be a pushover. I was looking at my phone when I felt the people surrounding me.

I raised my head to look, it was a couple of boys from my class. They took the empty seats and the whole cafeteria is looking at us.

One of the boys with blonde hair sat beside me and pulled me closer grabbing my hip. I moved away uncomfortably escaping from his hold. His actions made me angry, touching me without my concern but I don't want trouble on my first day.

"Hey, new girl, what's your name?" He asked me rudely like I was beneath him. I hated that.

"Was your ear stuck up in your ass when the teacher introduced me to the whole class or are you an retard who can't cognize?" I spat back, which made the other boys laugh hysterically while he was glaring at me.

"We just want to hear your sweet voice darling. By the way, my name is Ryan and this is Jackson." Another boy with honey blonde hair flirted and introduced the blonde one. I decided to ignore them and stood up to clear the area.

Jackson grabbed my arm fiercely and made me sit in my seat. I almost fell making myself embarrassed. Well someone is angry.

"Jackson, I think you should go back to your seat." A voice came from behind. Everyone looked in that direction except Jackson. I guess he already knows who that is.

Those two boys walked towards us with their lunch.

"Stay out of this Jay. She insulted me in front of my friends." He said angrily.

For that Jimmy just stared at him with one eyebrow lifter like asking, 'Don't you deserve it?'

Jackson seemed like a bad boy and bully but I don't know why it feels like they are scared of Vian and Jay. Jackson and his friends got back to their seats without another word while glaring at Vian and Jay.

They both went on their ways like they didn't do anything prodigious. At that time, for an innocent and naive middle school girl, what they did was impressive and touching.

When I was walking back home, all I can think was about those two mysterious boys.
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