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My Messenger

Every year we celebrate the day our school was founded as Foundation day. It feels like a festival and everyone at school looks forward to this day.

We have so many clubs at school and each member of the club chosen as a leader takes responsibility for an event conducted by that club on that day.

I was in Eco Club, and I was chosen as a leader this time. We planned to plant trees all over the town on that day. Jay and Vian volunteered to help me.

Other clubs also organized a food festival in the afternoon and a party by the music club in the evening. Jay and Haze were in charge of that party.

"So you are not going to talk to him ever?" Jay asked me lying down on my bed lazily watching me rummaging through my wardrobe for a nice dress for the party tomorrow.

Jay came back earlier than expected from London. I don't know what Vian said but once he found out that we are in a fight he started pestering to talk it out with Vian.

"You guys are miserable without each other. Trust me I know how it feels." He added when I didn't say anything back.

I know. We have been together so long not to know that we miss each other. But that's what scares me. I miss him so much that my heart aches at the thought of him. It's not just about the feelings I have for him... it's more than that. I miss my best friend, and I am scared that I might ruin everything mixing all my emotions together. I don't know how to sort out my emotions anymore after that almost kiss moment. I am just scared of my own emotions.

"So what do you think?" I finally found an appropriate dress for the party tomorrow. It was a blue and grey floral knee-length dress. I also wanted to distract him from Vian's topic.

He gagged scrunching his nose as usual whenever he thinks I look beautiful. He always says and does the opposite of what he thinks about me. I guess that's what best friends do.

"Then this is it." I finalized the dress saying it to myself and carefully hanged the dress inside the wardrobe once again.

"I will get going then. You should stop torturing me making me choose your dress for you every time." He whined getting up from the bed.

I chuckled ignoring him because it's not funny once you hear it about a thousand times.

"So what time you want us there?" he asked me before leaving.

"Maybe eight?"

"Ok. Bye, Aves." He waved his hand and left my room.

I sighed once he left and went to that one place where I can think and be alone for a while. I went up again to the roof climbing through my window.

The sun was almost set in the west shading orange all over the sky. I saw birds going back to their nest calling out to their partner after a long day. I am sure they couldn't wait to get back to their family. They reminded me of my dad. I remember his brightened face once he saw me after coming back from work.

Slowly the sun withdrew its rays coloring the world Grey, but the sky remained blue for a while before getting dark. With all the clouds floating around the blue sky, I felt like I was in some kind of 3D graphics world.

A few moments later I smelled a familiar cologne and heard a footstep crushing the dry leaves on the roof.

Vian joined me on the cloud gazing, lying down supine beside me with his hands behind his head for support.

"I was searching for you." He said after a few moments of silence.

"Hmhm..." I hummed.

"I missed you." He spoke again after a moment of hesitation.

I didn't say anything back for a while. I was watching a cloud slowly drifting away in the wind.

"I was going to send that cloud to you with a message," I said slowly raising my hand and pointing at the cloud.

I know it's weird, but I was always fascinated by the clouds. They are everything that I want for myself. They are adventurous traveling around the world, watching all kinds of people from above. They see various moments of happiness and sadness in our lives. I am sure they feel disappointed about passing by not being able to console us or congratulate us. We just don't know that because we are just mere humans.

"What's the message?" he questioned.

"I missed you too," I said tracing my finger along with the floating cloud.

"I am going to use the clouds as my messenger from now on. Sending a cloud each day with a message to you when we are not together. Crazy, right?" I turned my head to his side and looked at him with a smile. He smiled back warmly like he was touched by what I said.

We didn't say anything to each other after that. We didn't have to. Even the words are few we said everything we wanted to say to each other.

The next day as expected, the event started at the right time. I divided the students into small groups and allotted them a small area around the town to plant the trees.

Unexpectedly Ryan and Hazel joined us because of Vian and me. So we formed a group with all of us in it and some more students. We all wore our school club t-shirt and marched towards our destination.

I was busy the whole day planting trees and arranging things for other groups if they need anything so I didn't have a fun time with my friends as others did.

Everyone was having fun playing with their friends planting a tree or sitting in the shade chatting with friends. I was happy that everything was going well.

I took a plant and went to a place that was the least covered and started to dug a hole wearing gloves. While digging, a strand of my hair fell and kept bothering me. I tried to blow it away, but it won't sit in one place. I couldn't do anything since my hand was covered in mud.

Out of the blue, a hand combed my hair from the front starting to braid my hair, and I let him with a thankful smile.

"It's done," Vian said securing the braid with a hairband.

He offered me a towel and a water bottle and asked me to join him under the tree shade nearby saying that I should take some rest.

We sat on the ground under the tree beside each other hugging our knees. Jay joined when he noticed that we were together.

"Aves, do you know how many trees I planted today?" Jay asked me in excitement.

"Someone's bragging about it the whole day." Vian teased him.

"You shut it. I am going to come here every year to see if all of my trees are doing good." He said proudly looking at the trees he planted. We laughed together teasing Jay a bit more.

Suddenly they both got up without a word and left the place. I looked around in confusion only to see Ryan coming this way. I haven't spent a second with him that day.

"Having fun?" I asked him smiling once he got close. He made himself comfortable sitting beside me where Vian was before.

"Not so much without you." He said smiling back. We talked for a while, and I saw Vian with Haze planting a tree together and naming it. Suddenly my heart became gloomy.

We arrived at the school after the campaign for the food festival. We decided to have our lunch there before we go get ready for the party. Jackson, Nina, and their friends joined us because of Ryan. Although it wasn't to Jay and Vian's liking, they didn't complain.

"I thought you didn't like chocolate flavor," Haze asked Vian looking at the chocolate ice cream on his tray when he came and sat with us with the food.

He just shrugged and casually exchanged the ice cream with the strawberry ice cream I had in my tray.

"We usually exchange our ice cream," I said smiling awkwardly when everyone was looking at us.

The tension between people faded away gradually and we all enjoyed our lunch chatting with each other. Most of the time, we three talked with each other when the others were talking among themselves. It was like we three were in a different world even though we are sitting among others.

But it didn't bother us because that is what is normal to us... we three... only us.

"So do you want me to pick you up for the party?" Ryan asked me when Jay fed me his vanilla ice cream.

"No... No. I will meet you here." I mumbled catching my head since I was having the brain freeze which made Ryan laugh.

We three came to the party in Vian's truck. I was wearing the one I chose before and the boys looked dashing in their all-black suits. I didn't enjoy it much, but I am sure Ryan had fun making me dance with him saying that he will teach me.

The final event was a special performance by Jay. I was excited and looking forward to this for the entire day. When Jay went up on the stage, the crowd cheered loudly. The music played and he started dancing and the cheer got louder and louder for his every move.

I stood up on a chair comfortable enough to record him on my phone without the crowd's interruption. I was cheering him loudly shouting from below while recording. Vian was laughing, looking at me while standing next to me holding the chair that I was standing with one hand and the other hand on my hip to prevent me from falling.

"Wow, Jay. I got goosebumps watching you dance." I beamed in excitement showing him my hand once he came to us getting off of the stage.

"See how loud I was. I am your best fan." I showed him the video I took, brimming with joy.

"That was awesome, man." Ryan held out his hands to Jay to shake. Jay hesitated for a moment looking at me but accepted his hand saying thanks with a smile.

After the party, Vian left to drop Haze home. Jay left saying that he will wait for us at home since Ryan offered to drop me.

"Did you enjoy today?" I asked Ryan smiling during the drive. He just nodded pursing his lips.

"What's wrong?" I wondered what made him upset.

"Nothing." He said without looking at me.

By then we reached our destination. He said goodbye without getting out of the car and tried to leave which was weird.

"Ryan, tell me what's wrong," I asked peeping through the window stopping from moving. I was worried about him.

He turned off the ignition sighing. He got out of the car and walked across it reaching to my side. My eyes followed his move expecting him to say something.

Even then he didn't say anything. He just stood there looking anywhere but me.

"Ryan, you can talk to me." I encouraged him, understanding his hesitation.

"It's actually nothing but..." he hesitated for a moment.

"I think I am jealous of... of your friends." He said surprising me.

"I don't like the way you act with them. I don't like the way Vian looks at you. I don't like how you look free and relaxed with Jay. I don't like when you ignore me when you are with them. I just want you to be comfortable when you are with me and laugh the way you do when you are with them." He stopped after a little rant.

He moved closer bringing his hand to my cheek. "I just want you to look at me like I am one of those special persons in your life," he said looking at me while stroking his thumb over my cheek.

I stood silent. I didn't know what to say because everything he said he didn't like was normal to me. We are best friends. What did he expect? What's so wrong with it? But I also felt guilty when he said that he wants me to look at him as one of the special persons. It struck a chord.

"I know it's so silly. I just need time to process the fact that you guys are best friends. So just ignore what I said, ok?" he said looking at the troubled expression on my face.

He kissed me on the forehead and left without saying another word.

Vian came back home after some time, while Jay and I were watching a movie. He slumped on the couch I was sitting lying his head on my lap and took my hands signaling me to massage his head.

"What's wrong?" Jay asked him.

"Hazel. She is just too much to handle sometimes." He said in exasperation.

"What happened?" I asked him gently massaging his scalp.

"She doesn't want me to talk to you." He said opening his eyes looking at me. I didn't have anything to say back for that.

"Do you know how it feels when your girlfriend fights with you over something so trivial like she is jealous of your best friend?" he asked looking at both of us.

Jay shrugged like obviously, he doesn't know but his eyes were glinting mischievously looking at me like he was going to tease Vian.

But, 'Yeah tell me about it.' At least That's what I thought.


Oh my, white and fluffy clouds in the sky!

Gracefully floating by,

Deliver my message to the one I love,

Slowly grooving from up above.

For he is waiting for my message.

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