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The truth

Vian’s POV

I was so angry at Ava that night that I didn’t want to see her face anymore. How could she forget Grandma’s birthday? The fact that she forgot about it because of Ryan made me furious. Since she started dating, she’s been spending less time with me and Jay and I just missed her so much.

I knew that she avoided me mostly because I was going out with Hazel but we weren’t really dating. It was just a ruse, and I couldn’t tell her that because Hazel made me promise not to tell her. It wasn’t my secret to tell anyone.

When I was in a fight with Jay and was avoiding everyone including Ava, one day Hazel approached me. At first, she was just being nice to and invited to have coffee with her. I wasn’t interested, but I didn’t want to hurt her by rejecting her straight away.

I tried to avoid it by giving her some excuse but she insisted on meeting her there saying that she has something to tell me and that she needed my help. Well, I couldn’t say no after that and went to the coffee shop where we were supposed to meet.

As soon as I asked her what it was that she needed my help with, she started crying. She said that she was in trouble, and she wanted me to help her get out of it.

At the beginning of the year, Jackson supposedly flirted with her sending texts and presents to her. Although she knew that it wasn’t anything serious because he was with Nina, she fell for it and slept with him one day. But that son of a b**ch taped it and has been blackmailing her since then asking her to sleep with him again and again and to do some errands even if she refused to do so.

I understood her situation clearly, but I didn’t get what she was expecting me to do. After confessing the whole story, she asked me to act as her boyfriend until she erases that video from Jackson’s phone. She thought maybe me acting as her boyfriend would keep Jackson at bay but I wasn’t so sure about that.

But I felt so sorry for her and decided to do whatever she asks of me. I also offered to help her erase the video since Jackson’s on the team with me and he would always leave his phone in his locker before practice. I thought maybe I could do it then.

As expected, when people started talking about us being together, Jackson stopped bothering her but we know he didn’t delete the video and waiting for the right moment to use it again.

When things got better between me, Jay and Ava, Hazel suggested asking Jay’s help as well saying that more the hands-on-deck we could get rid of the video quicker and get on with our lives. So we told him and he agreed to help but I don’t know why she strictly told me not to tell Ava and made me promise. It just made things worse between us when she found out herself and I couldn’t tell her anything because of the promise I made. I also believed that Ava would understand me when I tell her after everything is ok.

But then she shocked me when she started dating Ryan. I mean Ryan is Jackson’s best friend and I strongly believed that there is a part played by Ryan in hazel’s situation. I was afraid that he might hurt Ava, and I warned her subtly about him but she was just stubborn to the point where I wanna just lock her up in her room stopping her from seeing him.

But Jay convinced me that we didn’t know for sure that if Ryan was involved. He said that according to Ava he is a good person and he trusts her judgment. So he wanted to give him the benefit of doubt for the sake of Ava. Benefit of doubt, my ass.

Anyway, he made me agree, and we have been keeping an eye on them. Days passed by, I realized that Ava was genuinely happy with him that made me jealous and I expressed it as anger towards her.

I just wanted to tell her everything and if I did I thought that she would come back to me but if anything goes wrong for Hazel just because too many people know about it then her future will be in question and I didn’t want that. At that point, I couldn’t trust her that she wouldn’t go to Ryan with this for help. I could see it in her eyes that she trusted him so much and I felt searing pain watching them together like I was standing on fire but unable to scream.

What happened on the game night, we know that it wasn’t her fault but I couldn’t control my anger watching her trusting him more and more day by day.

Jay was heartbroken that day since he couldn’t play. What coach did, was unfair, but that’s what happens when you have rich parents. We both decided to quit the team after that game. I know the coach would be devastated since I was the man of the match of this year’s game and all. But it serves him right.

I didn’t want to leave Jay’s side that night, but Hazel begged me to go with her to this party with teary eyes. We know Jackson will get drunk that night for sure, and she planned to delete the video from his phone when Jackson let his guard down. I couldn’t say no to that because it was a good plan and this could all get over that night and I can go back to my life… to my Ava.

I informed Jay about our plan and he gave us the green signal to go without him. I was watching Jackson at the party all through the night looking for an opportunity but Ava distracted me the most. The way she had fun, laughing and dancing that night. She hauled all my senses to her making my heart stir. I literally wanted to blunge myself with her making us as one.

After a couple of boring hours, hazel found me saying that she couldn’t find Jackson’s phone and she wanted to go home. I offered to search for her but she refused to my confusion and asked me to drop her at home. So I did. Even though she refused, I was planning on going back to get his phone one way or other after I dropped her.

Right when I was about to leave Hazel’s home, I got a call from Ava. I already let it go to voicemail once before she called but if she is calling again then it must be urgent so I picked the call.

She asked me if I could give her a ride home when I leave since her boyfriend abandoned her. I was going back there anyway so I agreed to be there in ten minutes.

“Did you ever think about the possibility of making this real?” Hazel asked me just before I turned around to leave the place.

I didn’t understand what she meant, so I just looked at her frowned in confusion.

“I mean this fake relationship… between us.” she gestured pointing the both of us. “Did you ever think about doing this in real?” she continued looking at me with hope-filled eyes.

“No,” I said curtly. I didn’t feel bad at all saying that. There is no place in my heart for anyone else.

“I expected that answer from you.” She said laughing a little. “I guess you only have eyes for her.” She continued with a sad smile.

I was surprised yet confused. I could guess about whom she was talking about, but I just don’t know how she found out.

“Oh, please don’t pretend like you don’t know who I am talking about.” She misunderstood. I was well aware of whom she was talking about, but I just don’t know how she knows about it.

“I have seen the way you look at Ava every day… like she is the only person in this world.” She said, and I could feel the hint of jealousy in it. But it’s the truth… she is the only one for me.

“I think that’s why part of me didn’t feel guilty for doing this,” she said.

“I am so sorry… but he made me do It.” her voice started to croak when she continued.

“Hazel, what did you do?”

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