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Each other's mystery.

I came home alone by bus after a long day. God, the first day in school is the worst one but I wouldn't say it was all bad. My mind flew to those two boys in school who helped me. Regardless of their looks, actions, and what other people say, I think those boys were kind and brave. I don't know why they stood up for me today but that was the kindest thing someone did to me.

I sat down to finish my homework, and it started to rain outside. Grandma went to the supermarket, so I was alone at home. I ran outside to get the dry clothes before it all get wet.

Outside the compound, in the street, I heard two people laughing out loudly. Voices were oddly familiar so I went out picking up my umbrella after throwing all the clothes on the couch in my room.

To my surprise, it was Vian and Jay, adorably in their raincoat. I watched them walking in my direction while laughing and bickering. They haven't seen me yet, and they were concentrating on the snacks in their hand. Both were trying to snatch each other's snacks from each other's hands all the while laughing.

It felt good to watch them, and I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to have a friend like them. I don't want to be seen as a stalker to them, so I turned around to go inside.

"Hey Jay, look it's spider girl," I could hear Vian yelling so I stopped to look at them.

'By the way, what the hell is spider girl? Is he talking about me?'

Jay tried to shut him up but Vian started to run towards me. Jimmy looked like he has no other way but to follow him and he did.

"Hey," I said smiling awkwardly at both of them.

"Do you want some?" Vian offered me his snack after taking a bite. It was so sudden, and I didn't expect him to ask me this, so I stood there uneasily not knowing what to do.

Jay looked very uncomfortable too to be here unlike Vian who was acting like he owned the place and that he had known me for a long time.

"Umm... It's ok, no thank you." I tried to be civil. But Vian is not the one to give up I guess.

"It's tasty. Come on, have it." He took a piece and fed me, more like pushed it inside my mouth.

I was surprised and looked at him with wide eyes. I had no word to say. But he stood there with a bright, innocent smile that reached his eyes. It was alluring and bewitching.

"You like it?" He asked me innocently with a wide smile and curious eyes.

I nodded my head yes with an excited smile. It was hard not to fall for his charm.

"I knew it. It was Jay's favorite." He said excitedly looking at Jay.

While Vian looked at me like a new candy handed to him, Jay stood there frowning like I was broccoli that he was forced to eat by his mom.

"Excuse his behavior. I am so sorry." Jay apologized. I could see that he was embarrassed about Vian's behavior.

But why? I mean I can understand this is who Vian is but if Jay is embarrassed about his behavior then why is he with him or is it about me? Is he thinking that I would take Vian's actions wrongly?

Before I could explain, Jay grabbed Vian's hand and pulled him to leave. Vian's face fell. It looked like he didn't want to leave nonetheless he didn't protest. Even I didn't want them to leave.

It was nice to have someone act nice and friendly towards me and also I felt bad looking at Vian's sad face.

Few steps ahead, suddenly Jay stopped in his tracks. He slowly turned toward me. I didn't know why, but I ran to them. I felt so happy at that moment that he looked back for me.

"Do you want to come with us to the nearby convenience store?" Jay asked me hesitantly.

I guess Vian felt happier than me. His face lighted up immediately, looking at him I nodded my head yes excitedly.

"Come on, let's go." Vian grabbed my hand and we three went there hand in hand.

We bought some cup noodles along with some drinks. I watched the rain through the glass wall sipping my drink. I have never felt so excited and happy in my life, as today.

Vian was stealing food from Jay and he was keeping himself from cursing at Vian because of me. It was so funny to watch them bicker like kids.

"So we forgot to introduce ourselves. My name is Vian, you can call me V."

"I know it's a weird name. My mom used to love traveling and came across this name while she was traveling around Asia. She died after my birth due to postpartum complications. Since it was her wish, my dad named me Vian, it means knowledge or full of life."

I guess this name suits him. he is obviously full of life.

"I am so sorry. I didn't think it was weird it's... It's so unique and different and it suits you." I said with a friendly smile.

"You know you are the first person who said my name is unique." He said smiling back.

And then we both looked at Jay who is eating like no one is with him.

Vian nudged him and signaled him to talk.

"My name is Jay." He said firmly and went back to eating.

"Nice to meet you, Jay," I said excitedly to diffuse this awkwardness between us. He looked surprised but then a smile slowly formed on his lips.

'This is good enough for today.'

"So what's your name spidey girl?" Vian asked me.

I frowned at his nickname for me but I also love how we became close to the level to call each other with nicknames.

"My name's Ava," Vian replied to me with 'nice name' but Jay acted like he didn't listen but I know he heard me.

While devouring our food in front of us, I remembered that I forgot to thank them.

"Thank you for helping me today in school."

A small, shy smile was all Jay's answer to that.

"Why did you do it?" I was curious from then. Why bother for a new, unknown girl.

"Because he likes you." Vian blurted it out which made Jay choke on his water. Vian patted on Jay's back like he didn't say anything out of ordinary.

As for me, I regret opening my mouth at all.

"It's not like that...It's...its..." Jay tried to say something nervously while glaring at Vian. It was cute in a way.

"You are different," Vian said smiling.

"How so?" I asked him confused but also I was curious to hear his theory.

It was really intriguing to hear someone calling me different.

"Well for starters, you were fascinated and looked at me curiously when I handed you the spider. Most of the time I get weird looks when I do something like that. Only Jay could handle my weirdness." He said shrugging like it's doesn't matter.

"I saw you with him and the way you treated him. And then you smiled at us whenever you saw us, which we were not used to. Mostly we get weird looks and hatred. That is why I like you and that is what he implied." Jay explained.

By his words, I understood his love and respect for Vian even though he could be a handful sometimes for him. It just doubled my admiration for Jay.

"What did you mean when you said you were not used to?" I wondered what was the big deal about a friendly smile.

"You will see," Jay said smiling and stood up. It was our cue to leave.

While walking back, I learned that they were living nearby my house and also they take the same bus as mine to school.

They walked me home and left with a goodbye. The next day when I went to the bus stop, they both were there.

"Hey, spidey girl." Vian welcomed me with a radiant smile. I frowned at the nickname which made him laugh which made me laugh in return. Jay just smiled warmly when he saw me. It just felt so good to be with them and seeing them smile.

We arrived at school together. When we were inside the campus, they left me and went on their way.

I was a little disappointed because I was expecting to hang out with them since I had no friends other than them.

Even at lunch, I sat alone. The whole day they didn't talk to me even though we were in the same class. I was looking at them as a puppy and I was embarrassed.

At the end of the day, I concluded that I was expecting too much from them. I mean I know them for like a day and the same goes for them, then how could I expect them to accept me as their friend this soon. I understand but it still hurts.

When school was over, I walked alone to take the bus. To my surprise, they both ran towards me and joined me.

They started laughing and talking to me like they didn't avoid me the whole day which made me confused.

'What's the deal with them?'


I am from the moon,

you are from the stars,

our conversation was like a homework

One day best friends, one day enemies,

I just wanna understand,

We are each other's mystery,

Is that why it's even more special

One day when this cheer dies down, stay by my side,

Longer than seven summers and cold winters,

Longer than many promises and memories.


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