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First fight

The way they both acted when we were in school and when we were outside, confused me. In school, they went on their way like I was a stranger. At lunch, Jay didn't even look my way when Jackson and his friends teased me while crossing their table with my food in hand. I sat alone even though they were just sitting at the next table.

I should have joined them but the way they were acting the whole day felt unwelcoming. Well, I shouldn't have bothered by it since I have been alone even in my old school. I guess I was just a little too excited and imagined being friends with them when they were just being nice.

On the contrary, they started acting friendly when we are outside, which confused me. 'Were they embarrassed to be seen with me?' That thought ruined the great of my day and here I am pondering, unable to concentrate on my homework. Whatever it is, I decided to keep my distance from them.

The next day they both were waiting for me in front of my home to my surprise.

"Hey, spidey girl." Vian waved his hand smiling excitedly. Jay smiled at me warmly like he usually does. But I couldn't smile back so I just lowered my head and walked past them.

They strode towards me and joined me on either side. We walked towards our bus stop side by side while they were talking about random things and I kept mum all the way.

Once we reached the school, I walked fast to go on my way. A hand grabbed me stopping me in my tracks. I turned around wondering.

"What's wrong?" Jay asked me holding my hand.

"What?" I released my hand from his grip while pretending to be clueless.

"You are acting weird." Vian proclaimed.

"Oh, now I am the one acting weird huh?" It was unbelievable what he asked which angered me.

Unlike me, they didn't act cluelessly. They looked guilty like they knew exactly what I was talking about.

"I told you she wouldn't take it well." Vian accused Jay.

"Well, it was your idea." Jay retorted.

"I told you, we could have at least discussed it with her." Vian snapped back.

"I am standing right here," I yelled angrily. They both were quarreling like I wasn't there which made me tell in frustration. They both became quiet after my sudden outburst.

"Well, we didn't want anyone to see you with us, especially in school," Jay said hesitantly.

"Why is that?" I got confused because what he said was exactly the opposite of what I thought.

"By now probably you would have known that we are the weirdos in school. No one wanted to be friends with us anymore. It's been like this since forever. But you...You are new here, and you still have a chance to make new friends. So if kids from school see you with us then they might avoid you too like us. So we don't want you to feel alone and neglected. That is why we tried to stay away from you in school." Vian explained looking all guilty and concerned.

I was ashamed of myself thinking that they were embarrassed to be with me.

"I am so sorry." I apologized, feeling guilty as equally as them.

"It doesn't matter to me. I want to be with you guys. If other kids don't want to be with me just because of that then that's fine. I don't really care as long as you guys are with me. I know it's too soon, but I already feel a connection with you guys, like it was meant to be." I said smiling and I meant every single word.

"Fine then, let's go." Vian winded his hand around my shoulder looking excited. I took Jay's hand in mine, and we went inside together.

I sat with them in the class together. We passed notes among us teasing every single person in the class and snickered without the teacher noticing. I have never done anything like this before. I was such a studious girl and this was so fun.

We sat together at lunch. Vian stole my fries and it oddly made me happy. It was like we are three best friends although Jay still has to warm up to me.

"So Ava, why did you transfer here in the middle of the semester?" Vian asked me while munching the fries he took from my tray.

I have never felt like talking about this to anyone, not even with my Grandma until now but I didn't think twice about sharing it with them.

"My dad left my mom a few months back. They were happy or at least that is what she and I thought and one day suddenly he was gone. At first, we thought he was missing or something. We filed a complaint but when the police found out about him after a week, he was living with another woman and didn't want to come back."

"It devastated my mom. She was a housewife until then and suddenly every responsibility was thrown in her way which overwhelmed her. She didn't let herself cry not did she break. Immediately she started working as many part-time jobs as she could. Working and taking care of me drained her."

"So she sent me here to be with my grandma so that I will eat properly and study in the proper environment and also because it will be a change for me after everything happened." I tried not to cry, but the fact that my dad left us betraying, left me shattered. I still couldn't wrap my mind about it. I wept every single time I think about it.

Jay gently made me lean my head on his shoulder and patted my back. It just made me cry more. I was touched by his care.

"I won't steal your fries anymore, here you can eat mine too." Vian returned my fries and his to my tray looking innocent. It just made me and Jay laugh which lessened the tension in the air.

After school, I waited for them to join me. Vian ran to me wearing his purple jersey and shorts along with his athletic shoes.

"Hey Ava, we have practice today. So you don't have to wait for us, you can go home." He announced while breathing heavily.

"You guys are in the team?" I never expected them to be on the school basketball team.

"Uh...yeah?" He answered more like a question wondering what's there to doubt.

"Wow... That great. I love basketball." I exclaimed.

By now Jay joined us.

"You know what I can wait. I can watch you guys play, and we can leave together. Good idea right? Anyway, I have nothing to do at home." I was eager to watch them play.

"No... No..." Both of them denied abruptly at the same time which made it suspicious.

"We... We have somewhere to be after practice. So..." Jay paused. They looked at each other like they were withholding something from me. If that was the case, I wouldn't want to push them. They will tell me if they want to when the time is right.

"Okay then, bye. See you tomorrow." I waved my hand smiling. Jay smiled at me and ran back.

"Bye Ava," Vian said suddenly kissing my forehead.

I didn't expect that. While I was standing there with wide eyes, he flashed his perfect innocent smile like he did nothing out of ordinary and ran back to join Jay.

I can feel the tingles on my skin where he kissed, and I have no idea what it meant to me...to us.


We are the ferry, that falters in a beautiful river,

This is a sea of secret affection, that will never dry,

You cried for me,

Like the rain, never selfish,

You stayed with me

Like the heart, that goes on strong until the end.

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