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Gordo and Olive share a house together and many issues. They never have any money and they cannot communicate well. Gordo finds ten bucks one day and so begins a new chapter in Gordo and Olive's odyssey called life.

Romance / Drama
Joseph G Phillips
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Chapter 1


Gordo slothed his walking stick legs disassociating from his own puttering across brittle sidewalk surfaces. His thin scandals had hurt Gordo almost nine dollars. Flip and flop so dragged Gordo. Those scandals had better cushion Gordo’s soles so exhausted from the striving he lends his bruised feet to. His own frequency of wistful walking to and from home.
Like always, Gordo’s eyes fell cast down but his mind flew high aloft. The silly old man could fancy himself sitting among the clouds. Or, Gordo can live in those moments that were never his or anyone else’s. Ideal episodes of imagined consolation used by Gordo to cope with having nothing.
“ Find a job!”
“ Buy us some food!”
“ Go mow someone’s lawn and get us ten or twenty bucks.”
There was a day and time when Olive, Gordo’s roomie, spoke as his close friend. He knew her from years before, and yes, Gordo did move in with her hoping..” You want to have sex, Gordo? Do you need some loving?” He liked to indulge in his never-ever-possible questions leading to a true euphoria. Hesitating even to answer Olive in the privacy of his own fantasies.
Gordo’s low bent gaze catches a caprice in the fine grass blades by the sidewalk; a crisp, clean ten dollar bill. But before harsh winds could carry the blessed money away, Gordo took to himself in a rapid sweep of his hand. Snatches the ten dollars crumpling the bill into the tight hollow of his front pants pocket
“ I found ten dollars, Olive.” She might smile back saying: “ There ya go.” Less she still be pissy. If she be demanding the money be given to her, Gordo is nowhere near the real world. He resume his one step at a time but with his small steps springing off in a newfound galloping. In time, Gordo would return home the eager people pleaser, the downcast roamer happy for now to help.

“ Oh!” Gordo coughed in relief. Upon reaching the open front door, home always seemed nice to him.
“ HELLOOOOOO???” passing melodically through the front door holding the doorknob so to close gently. “ HELLOOOOO????” He feared shouting out her name.
The house, a three-story rental, had not the slightest vibe of another presence at foot. In all its scrapped furnishings, the living room showed no life or its stamp. Gord, as Olive nicks him minusing the ‘o’, and Olive with another friend Rudy delivered the soiled satin couch to the far back wall. The love seat to the right also a curb steal. The badge foot stool Olive must have kicked to the corner by the dead television.
“But why?” Disappointment was in Gord’s scruffy face shaking its finger yet again at him. This image agitating Gord could almost be hung in a frame over the dust of the couch.
Entering the kitchen, having finished his survey of the in-house tone, Gord saw again the overflow of day old dirty cups and plates in the sink. Left over from the last good meal he and Olive had enjoyed, their dinner had been lasagna purchased at a liguor store all courtesy of Olive. The memory edged him on to pulling the ten out of his pocket.
The ‘Ah!’ shared by the two upon Gord turning back around and facing Olive now just walking in. Her heart nearly stopping. He freaks, freezes. Gord, so sick of his ‘o’ stands for ‘don’t know’ stands in the kitchen which could have been Olive’s kitchen for a moment.
“ Mon-ay!” displays the bestowed ten dollars. Her brown eyes are not the big, bold chasms, they are lowered to his hand.
“ It’s Monday...” Olive smiles having swiped Gord yet again of a chance to appease her. Oh, Gord was growing feathers he was instantly shedding. Olive takes the bank note like it was hers already. He has both eyes to the floor with no clue as to what happened just then.
She turned around with her hand holding the money scratching at the top of her hair. Going to back to bed, she drops it. Gord has his ‘o’ back. This same money freeing his mind. Funny how the ten looked so fresh and new against the earth tones of the kitchen floor tiles.
‘No sun rays.’ Gordo hardens his eyes over bending down and taking it back. Sure. She played his mind like it was smaller than hers.
" Where’s that money?”
" --spend the ten on what I want then..”
Her loud call, a hellion’s hissing in sweatpants and no make up. She marches back in ready to hit Gord for having the gord to take his money back from her. Gordo, not Gord, looked straight at Olive in her seconds-to-go charge at him. Wasn’t about to strike. No, no. If there be a fist thrown, let it be hers.
.......Almost reaching home,
′ Would she want to get lunch?′ ′ Maybe? ′ ′ yes?′ Keep thinking yes and it will happen. Rest of Gordo’s path to the house preambling:
" We can have lunch.“...
...lunch!” Gordo laughed at how she might have emphasized that.
A hand is raised by Olive.
Her eyes beam at no flinch from Gord.
Drops to pick up what she had dropped.
" ....lunch!”
" Let’s do something.”
Who said that? Gord, minus the ‘o’, was not even sure if he squeaked that out just then.
" Gord?”
Stands back up gently holding the ten. Her long fingers, two of them, firmly attached.
‘Is she waiting’...‘on me?’
...‘to say that again?’
And yup, here the silly old man smiles ready to wait on him.
Gordo and his walks filled with wishings. Now he ponders repeating that.
" You want to buy some groceries?”
Olive’s eyes so dark drew away, back from Gordo’s focusing. He could see how she lost too. Gordo’s stupid smile and streak for choosing to decline at easiest. The hopelessness he brought to them, Still champ.
She shook her light hair also brown, yawns.
" Just woke up.”
" So....”
" Gord get some far did you walk this time?”
The stupid smile left as she could read how much time he had spent avoiding her these past hours. Gord’s eyes absented and there was that cringing he does. Not again.
" Talk to me later.”
She left the ten on the kitchen counter. Exited out to the horrid hall to her back bedroom.
Rays from the sun veil the money. Leave alone, good man.
Gordo looked down. The bronze in the kitchen tiles, they had cool patterns on them.

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