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-Was Angel In Person- . . “She's not her she would never replace her" that's what I kept telling myself . I asked her that day if she was alone.She said Yes and that was the most beautiful yes I've ever heard in my entire life . I shouldn't be feeling that way but I don't care . I remembered in that magical moment how she raised her head, and how she looked at me with those sharp hazel eyes they were like a shell of flame ... Just like her just like my Violet . Her Eyes were beautiful despite their sharpness and despite everything. I don't know how she stole my heart . I don't understand how she stole my heart from the first time my eyes fell on her . I couldn't look away. I actually didn't want to . I provoked her a lot that day, I won't lie, I loved it, I loved everything about it . And after every word , her nervousness was all I wanted, the redness of her ears was exciting the beast inside of me . And When I left the cafe that day , I decided that she will be mine, I would never allow her to be someone else's . She will be mine even if by force . Because after all she was her . -🔻Mature Content-🔻

Romance / Drama
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Author’s Note

For whoever is reading this thank you for giving this book a chance !!


Ok ..

I've always been interested in dark romance especially Mafia Romance where the Male lead is possessive as Fuck ! LMAO So I decided why not to write one ?!

So ...

This story will have mature themes such as Violence, Strong language and so on if that bothers you then bye bye 👋🏻.

If not then welcome 🙏🏻 lol .

Please keep in mind that I'm not professional but I'll try my best to make a good content for you guys to enjoy as much as possible.



Ok enough talking... let's head on to the first chapter...


Lots of love 💕

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