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Avaluna was a small-town girl who moved to the USA with her family from England. She was kind, loving, funny and stubborn. She had a perfect life. A perfect guy. Alpha Onyx was a brute, a sadistic, impatient, cold heartless man. What happens when the big bad alpha kidnaps her on impulse?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 Detour


‼️‼️❌ WARNING 18+❌‼️‼️
Graphic scenes, abusive language, smut.
Unedited and may contains grammatical errors.
This book is a three-part series.


{Avaluna Chesmore}

My name is Avaluna Chesmore but everyone calls me Luna. Born and raised in a small town called Shirton Oxford England. Small is an understatement, more like a hole in a wall. Population-107.

I spend most of my life with my head buried in books. What can I say, books make me happy? I can go anywhere and be anything I fancied. It was my form of escape from my boring dull existence. The world is my oyster in books and I do like seafood.

Anyways, back to my point, I was content spending the rest of my life in Shirton. Adopting a few dogs and living the rest of my life as a spinster. Why a spinster you may ask? No, I’m not ugly. I don’t think so anyway.

I have thick curly platinum blond hair that stops halfway down my back. I’m a natural brunette but I like platinum better. My mum freaked when I strolled into the house that day. Ahh, good old days. What can I say? It matches my metallic grey eyes and warm ivory skin beautifully. Pink cupids bow lips with a cute button nose on my heart-shaped face. High crest cheekbones and a nice fat bum.Thank you, mum! See what I did there, huh, huh? ‘Bum and mum.’ I slay myself sometimes (Grin). I looked just like my mum thick and feminine. I wasn’t skinny, god no. My Spanish genes on my mum side forbade it. However sometimes I wish I was taller, but... I love myself. I was beautiful all 5ft 5inches of me. My parents told me so. They won’t lie. Right?... Don’t answer that.

Anyway, back to base, the truth is I never found any of the boys here attractive. I guess, they never measured up to the ‘Prince Charming’ in my books, and not forgetting the fact, they’re a bunch of honry wankers with no clue how to treat a real woman.

I’m not delusional or anything I know the characters in my books are fictional and all, but I just can’t shake this inkling of the perfect man in my head is somewhere out there waiting for me. I know you think it’s weird or far fetch, can’t blame ya mate. Hell, my own family does. So that’s why I’ll be a spinster. Oh God, I’ll die a virgin!! I should save my parents the worry and join a nunnery. Mum no doubt will have a heart attack, but papa I know would love it.

Yep, I had it all planned. But life’s funny sometimes. Papa job transferred him to Seattle, WA in the USA. At first, I hated the moved but eventually, it grew on me. It’s been eight years since we move and no regrets. Let’s just say I didn’t join a nunnery and will NOT die a virgin. (Wink). My older brother Avin moved back to Shirton. My sister Avery got married last summer to some hotshot lawyer. The guy is a complete knobhead. I’d never use such profanity unnecessarily, but it fits like a glove. You know what they say if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it can’t be a flamingo.

That leaves yours truly, the baby of the family. I have a wonderful, caring and loving boyfriend. We met at college and been together for almost a year now. He may not be ‘the’ Prince Charming, but he’s pretty bloody close and hot. Silky honey blonde hair, sky blue eyes, masculine features with a killer body. He works out a lot and plays America football. The QB and a dreamboat. He’s what you call an all American boy. My life’s just one huge bowl of cherries.

“Babe? Babe? Still with me? ” he snaps his fingers in front of my face. I’ve got a bad habit of spacing out.

“Uh... Yea. sorry.” I smile, chewing on my bottom lip. Another thing I do a lot when I’m caught.

He chuckles, “Your adorable. You know that?” A warmth falls on my cheeks.

He leans in, places a chaste kiss on my forehead and continues his endless jabbered on how Ryan his mate is a twit and lethargic. I relax in my seat on the bus back to Seattle; after two weeks in the sun on a beach in the Bahamas. Listening to him as he rambles on about the internship this summer and Ryan. A nod here and there with a few ′ he didn’t’ and ′ No ways’ thrown in the mix.

" Attention ladies and gentlemen! Due to an accident on the highway, we’ll be taking a detour. But don’t worry, we’re ahead of schedule and this will not impact our arrival time.” The bus driver announced.

Ten minutes later in the middle of his sentence ” Welcome to Brandonvill Mall. Feel free to stretch your legs and use the restroom. The bus leaves in twenty minutes.” The driver announced pulling over into the parking lot. We got out the bus and beeline to the food court in groups.

“Grab me a slice of meat lover pizza. I’ve to use the toilet,” I smack a kiss on his cheek and followed the signs to the women restroom.

I hate using the toilet on the bus it feels so gross. The mall had your usual stores; Vs with Pink next door, Aldo, Hollister, American eagle, Forever 21, Express, footlocker you get the picture. I might pop into Vs on my way back. After relieving myself, I flushed and proceed to wash my hands.

“Ahhh!!” I shriek when someone grabs me from behind and muffled my girly screams.

A peculiar tingling emitted everywhere he touched me. Anxiety? Fear? Or he’s related to black lightning. I struggled and wiggled to no avail. His grip on me was unbreakable. Bloody hell, he’s strong.

" Stop fussing. I won’t hurt you.” His baritone voice, I swear could swoon any girl. I included.

His velvety voice had a hard-dangerous edge just like everything else on him. He felt like a brick wall against my back, a warm tingly wall. Almost comforting if he wasn’t possibly trying to assault me in the WOMEN’S BATHROOM. This screams rapist.

I tried screaming again into his palm. Futile. I kick my legs, flailed my arms. Nothing, nada, zilch. The brick wall didn’t even budge. His grip tightens to a point I felt like he’ll squish me like a bug. Idea! If I can’t scream maybe I can bite him. It’s worth a shot. I won’t go down without a fight.

" You bit me!” He growls, like an animal.

I’m not kidding. A real growl or maybe it was my imagination? He cups my face and squeezes. A perfect fish face. I whimper and he slackens his grip a little.

" Don’t make me hurt you.” He threatens with his jaw tight.

His hot minty breath fanning the side of my neck sends chills rolling down my spine. I don’t know if I hated it or liked it. NO! I hated it. Yeah! His deadly no-nonsense commanding tone halts all my antics. There is no doubt in my mind that he won’t follow through. He doesn’t seem like a person that makes idle threats. Oh yeah, he scared the little rebellion I had in me through the door. Coward!

" Good girl. I’m gonna let go. If you scream, I’ll cut your tongue out. Understand?” I nod my head.

He lets go slowly. Like the twit I am, I screamed. I must have caught him off guard because it provided me with just enough time to knee him where the sun don’t shine and split. He fell on one knee clutching his family jewels whilst groaning growling.

Somebody’s mad. Not sticking around for this. No sir-ree. I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I sprinted to the food court. Why is the bathroom all the way at the other end of the bloody mall anyway? I spotted Ethan in the crowd sitting with a few other people from the bus eating and laughing. Thank God. I exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I spin around a little too fast, crashing right into a wall. Wait! Not a wall! Certainly Not a wall! Or this wall has some real toned arms. Before I could fall backwards and break my neck, his rough hands grab my hips. He spun me around faster than I can grasp what just happen. My back smashed into his rigid hard chest, but this time I felt an object pressed into my lower back very discretely.

I knew what it was and exactly who’s the owner of these giant stupid sexy arms, judging by the tingling sensation scattering across my back. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he had this predatorial vibe that makes me feel like a baby gazelle and he was the king of the jungle.

" P-please don’t h-hurt m-me.” I whimper out.

" Too late for that. Don’t you think?” He gritted. Yep, still mad with superman speed. I gulp.

" I-I-I am s-sorry. Please?” The food court packed with people, yet no one noticed us. Come on!!! I’m being held at gunpoint here people!!! On a frigging escalator for crying out loud.

" Oh, you’re not sorry yet. But you’ll be.” My heart thundered in my chest from how calm and dangerous his tone was.

“P-please let me go. I-”

He cuts me off, ” We’re gonna try this a different way. I assume someone over there is special to you.” I knew where he was looking even without looking at the prick. My body tense giving him the answer. I can’t see his face, but I can sense his smug smirk.

" You don’t wanna be responsible for a bullet in their head. Would you?”

“N-no” I shake my head, a single tear down my cheek. At the bottom of the escalator, he turns us the opposite direction. Part of me was glad that Ethan and the others are safe from this lunatic and other parts, terrified.

I beseech him but it got me nowhere. One hand on my hip firmly with the other in his leather jacket as we walk through the mall. I dare not look at the wanker and still surprised how no one noticed us. Everyone on their phones, laptops, iPods, laughing with friends and taking selfies. This is the world we live in when a good citizen is being kidnapped in broad daylight unnoticed!!! He took us to the underground garage neither of us said one word. Maybe he’ll let me go and drive off. Or this is where he’ll rape me.

My legs felt like cement,” Move.” He grunts at me and pulls the gun out from his jacket.

" W-why are doing this?” He said nothing.

" P-please. Just let me go. I won’t tell anyone. I swear. I don’t have anyone to tell. Or any friends. Hell, I’m not even on Facebook or Instagram... anymore.” Nothing, not even a grunt from the knob.

" I haven’t seen your face. Please.” he shoves the gun in his waistband and grabs my arms in his death grip. Dragging me through the dark creepy underground garage. That’s going to bruise.

“Please I haven’t seen-”

He stopped and for a fleeting second, I thought, YES, he’s letting me go but no. He cupped my face and raise my head, “There.” And smirks like the cactus he is. “Now you saw my face.”

I clenched my eyes shut, “No I didn’t,” and lied like a turd. Technically he had sunglasses on.

" I won’t say a word I promise.” I squeal and began thrashing around.

He points the gun at my head, “Your starting to make me mad. You don’t wanna make me mad sweetheart.“′

“Pl-please don’t kill me,” my eyes snap shut, feeling my cheeks wet.

He grumbles something under his breath, shoved his gun back into his waistband and continued dragging me impatiently. I yelp with my feet padding behind him. He had long legs. I had to practically jog behind him to keep up with his wide strides.

“What took you so long?” another guy came out of nowhere.

“Who’s the human?” a female voice behind me ask him.

Human? Where are all these people coming from and they all know each? Can’t say I’m surprised. Criminals move in gangs. They probably hit a convenience store somewhere for a hundred bucks. I bet the cops out there searching for them as we speak. Which means I’ll be rescued. Come on coper!!! Get em!!!

He released his grip and began talking to them in some foreign language. Why am I still standing here like a twit? I sprint off to the elevator, “Help!!!” I scream. Didn’t make it very far. Next thing I know I’m tossed over his broad shoulder like a bag of rice.

“You’re a quick one but not quick enough.”

“Put me down!!” I scream pounding his muscular back. It hurts me more than it hurts him I can tell you that much. What was in his baby formula?

“Ok,” Ok? He said that way too fast.

He opens the trunk and I began panicking on ten. I knew it! “Please no no no! I’ll behave!” I cried with my heart pounding against my chest, ready to explode.

“Too late,” he dropped me in the trunk.

“You mother fuck-” bam! The sound of the trunk slamming in my face. I screamed and kicked to no avail, cursing and calling him every dirty word I know. It made no difference. I can hear the music blasting and feel the car speeding. Fast too. Like the cops chasing us. I hope not. Getting shot in the trunk isn’t how I see myself dying. My life flashes before my eyes, so to speak and soon everything when dark.

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