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Royally Screwed

I woke up in a huge comfy bed made of clouds in a humongous room. A dark wooden ceiling with intricate lights fixtures and a custom-made chandelier. Navy blue walls and a glass wall to my right looking over the woods. The room had its own living room leading out to a veranda, overlooking a beautiful garden and a pond. I sit up and wonder where the hell am I? Then remember Wyatt carrying me. His guest rooms are huge.

I gasp at the shirt I was wearing. I was naked beneath it. That cheeky bastard. I hope he didn’t change me. I got up and head to the first door I saw, hoping it’s the bathroom and not the closet. Ding ding Bathroom. Large bathroom. Bigger than my room at home. Marble tile floor and walls. Double sinks, an antique-looking bathtub, and glass shower that fits four people comfortably. I did my business and brush my teeth with a new toothbrush I found under the sink. My hair looks like a rat nest and is that a ZIP. I gasp, Gross. I took a quick shower and slipped on my old clothes, I found neatly folded on a sofa in the room.

This place is like a mansion, and I had no clue where I was going. Wyatt was nowhere in sight. I came down some stairs, and there he was at the bottom waiting for me. Dressed like he just came from the gym. In black sweats that hung a little too low and a wife-beater vest exposing his sexy killer arms and ink. His body was glistening, and hair looks dishevelled and sexy. A hot delicious mess. My breath got caught in my throat and heart beating a little too fast. I was practically drooling as my eyes roamed his god-like muscular physique. Images of his hard body against mine surface in my head. That kiss. Get a hold of yourself! I snap at myself.

He snaps his finger in front of my face. Brilliant, I spaced out gawking at him. Buggar. My face felt heated. His lips curled at the corner in a half-smirk, trying to contain his amusement. “As much as I love you staring at me like that, I’m starving. Come on.” and walks away. He likes walking away from me. Now I see why a leash is necessary.

Hold up, he loves me staring at him? “I wasn’t staring,” I mumbled like a child. Lied more like it.

“Sure, you weren’t,” he shouted back at me without turning around.

I followed him to the dining room. It was a dark wooden table set for two. He pulls out a chair like a gentleman. I grumble thank you and sat. He sat down beside me and poured himself a cup of steaming coffee.

“Coffee?” he offered.

“No thank you. Do you have any tea?”

“What would you like?”

“Black tea?” he nods softly at me and his eyes flash an obsidian black colour for a moment. What in-the-kennel. Is he some kind of demon? No stupid he’s a werewolf. My subconscious snaps at me.

“Eat,” he commands and served himself a tall stack of pancakes, four long sausage links and bacon.

I took some fried potatoes and a mushroom omelette. A few minutes later a maid came in with a teapot with black tea. She pours me a cup. We ate in silence comfortably. The wall of French windows was opened with a soft breeze blowing in and birds singing. It was pleasant and peaceful. Then I recalled waking up half-naked and I have no clue where I am.

“Did you change me?” I sipped my tea.

“Yes,” he sipped his coffee nonchalantly.

I choked on my tea, “How-how- Dare you-”

“I didn’t touch you anywhere inappropriately. Not that you’ll mind,” he took a bite of his sausage with a smirk playing on his lips.

“That is not your place to say. You don’t know what I’d mind or not!”

“I know...” he trails off with his hand slowly gliding up my leg, to the waistband of my jeans. I breathe in deeply from his sudden touch. “You’re not wearing any panties under here,” he smirks at me with his finger playing with my button. Oh no, you don’t. I smack his hand and he removed it chuckling.

“You had no right,” I argued.

“Says who?” he pours himself more coffee.

“Says me.”

“I didn’t think you’d want to sleep in those tight jeans. Not that I didn’t love seeing you in it.”

“Here is an idea, you could’ve woken me,”

“Nah,” he picks up his bacon and took a bite. “Where is the fun in that.”



“You heard me.”

“I did,” he smiles with a wicked glint in his eyes that made me uncomfortable. “Do you know what I do to people who mouth off to me,” he strokes my thigh with the back of his finger.

“You realized they were right, and how much of a prick you are, so you let them go?” I smiled.

His hand travel up to my button, “I removed piece by piece of them,” My eyes widen, “Until they beg me to kill them. And you know what I do then?” I gulp and shake my head no watching his fingers play with my button. He leans in, bites my earlobe and tugs a little. I felt like I was hit by a volt of electricity down my spine. My body shudders, breathing hitched and chest began rising and falling slowly. I felt my button open. My eyes snap to his. He wouldn’t. But that grin on his face suggests otherwise.

“Don’t you think-” As I was about to shove his hand away, I gasp, feeling his hand down my jeans.

“Wy-Wyatt.” I stutter out as his fingers rub over my folds gently. Anger flashed in his eyes for a second or maybe I imagine that.

He smirks, “What’s wrong sweetheart? Wolf got your tongue?” He teased and began circling my entrance.

I can feel my body responding to him, wetting his fingers. A wave of pleasure rush down my spine and exploded in my core from his touch. He slides one finger in me, moving in and out slowly. Unconsciously, I open my legs a little allowing his finger to slide deeper. Wiggling its way in me deliciously as his thumb rub my clit in small teasing circles. My breathing heavy and the tingles from his touch was driving me wild. I give up.

“Wy-Wyatt,” I moan, and my legs open a little wider biting my lips. My brain was mush and all I could focus on was his fingers doing unholy things to me down there. But it felt amazing. It now dawned on me how much I enjoyed his touch. A little too much.

“Yes, baby?” He picks up his pace as one hand yank my tank top down, and his mouth encountered my hardened nipples. He sucks and chews on them with a tug that made my body jerk forward. I moan with my fingers digging into his arm. He bites, sucks and kisses my breast all the way to my collar bone, and up my neck. I tilt my head back giving him better access. oh, sweet Jesus. His pace increased inside me.

I felt that familiar pleasure rising. He presses harder onto my clit and slides a second finger in me finding my sweet spot. His teeth graze down the side of my neck, to that small spot between my collar bone and shoulder. Sucking hard and nibbling on it. I moan louder and grind down on his hand. My body was begging him to bite down harder on that spot. Don’t ask me why? He fingers me faster, sucking that spot and marking it. With each thrust, the pressure inside me rose higher and higher.

“Cum for me,” he growls against his mark.

That did it. I screamed out his name unable to contain the pleasure exploding over me. I came hard all over his fingers with my toes curled. His mouth landed on mine, muffling my shrilling screams. He forces his tongue in my mouth kissing me vehemently, caressing and sucking my tongue. I moan out in his mouth as my core clenched around his expert fingers. He thrust his fingers faster inside me automatically sending me into a second orgasm.

“That’s it baby, cum for me again,” And like before I did, screaming his name. My chest heaving and my head felt dizzy from cuming so much. Zuri was right.

He pulls his fingers out and sucks on it,” Never thought breakfast can be so tasty.” he licks them clean holding my gaze with a wicked smirk, “I owe you that one from the other night.” and then back to his pancake.

I was still panting for breath, shock and strangely sate. Officially lost whatever little pride I had left. I let this wanker finger me and made me cum while having breakfast. My heart was beating wildly, and I can still feel myself throbbing from my climaxes. I sit up with my face redder than a tree of apples on a bright sunny day.

I button my jeans and drank my tea with my fingers trembling. We continued eating without another word. I don’t think I can manage a conversation with the man that fingered bang me at the breakfast table like it was nothing.

Am I mad? Yes. Do I regret it? Yes. Maybe. A little. Kinda. Who am I kidding? He made me cum like Niagra fall. Bugger. And that ladies and gentleman frustrated the crap out of me. I don’t even know the knob or fancied him. I think I don’t. Does he fancy me? Why would he? The man is an Adonis. Why would he want a boring average girl like me? He probably has women lined up waiting to have a go at his boner.

Why am I even here in the first place? I’m starting to miss feeding Mr&Mrs Fish my goldfishes and binge-watching my series. Life was so simple back then without him and his doggie eat doggie world.

You know what irks me the most? Not the fact that he’s a phenomenal kisser. Or knows how to use his fingers VERY well. It’s that tiny part of me that feels safe and calm when he’s with me. And knows deep down he’d protect me no matter what. That faults sense of security. Maybe because he’s part dog? Guard dogs do make you feel pretty safe. Like Mr Goldie my golden retriever. God rest his soul. RIP Mr Goldie. Even though he was scared of people... He was just shy.

Maybe he drugged my tea? You’d thought I learn my lesson the first time, but here I am eating with the furface. Gullible daft Luna. I won’t be too surprised if I woke up with my organs pucked in some back alley. Talk about barking up the wrong tress. See what I did there? Huh, huh? You know you wanna laugh.

The fact is, I’m royally screwed.

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