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I love the garden

Apparently, I’m in his house, known as the alpha house with strict instructions not to leave. And I quote from the bugger’s mouth,” Leave this house or try any shit and I’ll gag, bound and throw you in the fucking dungeon.” Who has a dungeon anyway? What era does he live in?

I took a long bubble bath in the room I woke up in after I found his stash in a clock in his study. He got some really good weed. And no, I was not snooping. Just bored. After he left me this morning, I had nothing to do all day long. Some girl brought me lunch, order of the big bad wolf. That was the highlight of my day, until now. I took another hit and relaxed in the warm bubbly goodness. The life.

“Found his stash?” I choked on the smoke and quickly put it out in the ashtray beside the tub.

“H-hey-heyyyy...” I cough, fanning the air with my hands; trying to look all innocent; like she didn’t catch me smoking his joint in a bubble bath.

“In the alpha’s bathtub smoking his pot huh?”

My eyes widen, “Wait this is his room?”

She laughs, “You didn’t know?” the expression on my face said it all. She laughs some more, shaking her head.

“He didn’t say anything. I thought it was the guest room.”

“That explains your scent all over his den,” she smirks with her arms folded across her chest, leaning on the doorframe. Den? “I’m surprised he didn’t nail you.”

“Zuri!” I squeal and fling a towel at her.

She giggles and catches it,” What? The alpha never JUST, slept in a bed with a female without her riding his ass. Or slept all NIGHT with one period.”

“How did you know he didn’t sleep somewhere else?” I argued.

She rolls her eyes, “Please. First,” she held up her index finger,” He only sleeps in his den.” That word again. “Second,” she held up another finger.” His scent is still fresh, which means you slept together.” she squeals at the end, “The alpha doesn’t allow ANYONE to sleep in his den, not even his whores. I’m shocked he let you.”

I frown and cringe at the word whores. What did I expect? The man is a Greek god, of course, he’s not single. Wait does he have a girlfriend. But he would tell me? Right? After all we did. The kiss. Breakfast. He wouldn’t do that if he had a girlfriend. Bloody hell! What if he’s married? And have children? That’s why he didn’t want me to leave! He’s hiding me!

“Hellooooo. Luna?” Zuri was waving her hand in front of my face. “Where did you go?”

“Is he married? Or-”

“Married,” she laughs, “The alpha?” she guffaws. I pout. She shakes her head at me and rolled her eyes,” The alpha doesn’t do relationships.” Ouch. “He takes what he wants and moves on. The man can snap his fingers and be mounted in seconds.” my chest felt tight and I looked away wanting to drown myself. “Wolves mate for life. “I glance at her sitting at the edge of the tub, with a puzzled look on my face, ” When a wolf chooses a mate its forever.”

“Mate? Like a soul mate?”

“Yes. But its a little more complicated. When you choose a mate, they’ll mark each other announcing to the world they’re taken. And love and protect that person until the day they die.” her eyes soften. She wants that. She wants a mate. I smile at her. “They won’t be able to be a part. It’d actually hurts them and cause great pain. Mates are also a wolf’s biggest weakness. That’s why male wolves are extremely protective and possessive of their mates. The stronger the wolf the more territorial and dominant they are.”

“Do you have a mate?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Not my thing. Mates make you weak. I don’t need some airhead going all caveman and shit on me.” Why do I have a feeling she’s lying. She hops to her feet. “Come on, get dressed. The alpha won’t be too happy if he catches my scent in his den.”

That word again, “Den?”

“Yes,” she grins at me.” A wolf’s den is our own personal private sacred space. We choose very carefully who we let in our den. It’s a wolf thing.”

“How many wolves... he let in his den?”

" Hardly anyone.”

Zuri knew what I was asking but she played it off coyly, “How many women? ”

She frowns. That much huh. Talk about a horn dog. ” Let me put it this way. He rarely lets a female in his den but when he does, she knows she can’t spend the night. Now! Enough of this. Get dress and meet me downstairs. Oh, I bought you some clothes it’s on the bed.” she shouts back walking out the room. “Don’t make me come back and drag your ass out of the tub!”

When she said she bought me some clothes she meant a whole wardrobe. Several bags with all the latest brand. Expensive lace lingerie that cost more than my whole bloody wardrobe. Jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, tanks and the list goes on. Not to mention the nine pairs of shoes. Even makeup, all my shade. I chose a rose-pink legging and shell white sweater shirt, with black knickers and white vans.

I skip down the stairs to find Zuri on the sofa in the living room surfing channels. I plop down beside her.“You know I can’t stay? Right? All those clothes-”

“Forget about the clothes. Aren’t you bored in here all day?” she cuts me off and turns the telly off. “Come.” she grabs my hand and pulls me out the door.

“Wyatt said I can’t leave.”

“Calling him by his name now, huh?”

“He’s not here.” I shrug. And he didn’t mine me screaming it earlier not that I’ll tell her that.

She giggles, “You just did.” My cheeks burn brighter than a branding iron sitting in the fire. “Don’t worry the alpha house is soundproof.” she teased.

I stuck my tongue out at her and yank my hand away with a pout. Her laughs got louder all the way to the garden. A small white picket fence surrounds by a mixture of hydrangea. Zuri opens the little gate and we entered. It was breath taken. Carnations, rose bushes, gardenia, freesia, shrubs, ferns and more; all situated perfectly and accordingly. In front of the garden was a pond surrounded by rocks and flowers with blooming lily pads flooding within. A wooden bridge in the middle that led to a dirt path into the woods. Even a swing under a white wooden gazebo, covered in blooming flower vines.

“Woww,” I suck in a mouthful of air. “It’s so beautiful.” I wanted to cry. And don’t get me started with all the sweet scents, birds and bees.

“You like gardens huh?”

“I love gardens.” I suck at it, but I loved it.

“It’s the luna’s.”

Luna as in Wyatt’s mate? She didn’t deny he was married. It was hard to breathe and my eyes sting.

“Hello dears,” a woman greeted us with garden gloves and shears.

She was beautiful with a dazzling smile and a familiarity I couldn’t put my finger on. She had long sunflower blond hair, tumbling over her shoulders adorning her rosy beige complexion, that shimmered under the afternoon sun. A celestial nose, thin pink lips and thick lashes surrounding soft brown eyes infused with specks of forest green. The only thing that gave her age away, was the few crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes when she smiled.

“Luna,” Zuri bows her head; and smile at her with so much adoration and love in her eyes. The woman felt the same as she smiles at Zuri and embraced her.

“I heard about the incident. How are you darling? Did your mother take look at it?” Her tone was filled with genuine concern.

" Did she ever. Dad had to pry her away with a crowbar.” they laughed.

“That’s your mother alright.”

“I feel a lot better. Thanks to Luna.” Zuri nods to me. The woman arches a brow at Zuri, and I knew what she’s asking.

“Its Avaluna but people call me Luna. You can call me either one.” I told her shyly.

She chuckles at me, “What a beautiful accent. Which part of England are you from Luna?” she began walking towards me, handing Zuri her shears while taking her gloves off.

“Shirton Oxford. But my family moved here eight years ago.” a few feet from me she sniffs the air.

“Your human?” Her friendly tone gone.

" Luna she-“She held her hand up and Zuri stopped. She shot me an apologetic smile.

“Why are you here?” she demands in an authoritative tone. That sweet warm smile she had was replaced by a cold intimidating glare.

“W-Wy -I-I mean Alpha Onyx-”

“She’s with me mother,” I never been happier to hear that sexy baritone voice than I am now. He walks past me and kissed her cheek. “Mother, what are you doing here?” his tone softened a little. You can tell he adored her.

“Can’t a mother visit her son and garden? It’s been forever.”

“I saw you a week ago.”

“Don’t sass me boy.” She smacks his arm playfully. “Why do you have a human? After your last pet, I didn’t think you would choose another?” Pet? He had a pet.

“I haven’t decided yet.” he shrugs. My jaw drops. Zuri looks away from me. She knew he was thinking of making me a pet.

“Then you shouldn’t have her running about without a collar. You know what will happen.” Running about? Collar? This bitch. Literally. She’s the one that’s part dog.

His jaw twitched, he clenched and unclenched his fist,” That’s why she was not allowed to leave the house. Yet here she is.” he said calmly but, in his eyes, a deadly storm was brooding.

“Alpha it was my fault. She-”

I wasn’t going to let Zuri get in trouble for doing something nice for me, “No, it was mine. I was bored locked up in that house all day. But I’ll be leaving soon. So, it doesn’t matter.” I snap glaring at him. For a fleeting second, I thought I saw him cringed. He didn’t want me to leave? Or I’m still high on that weed. Really good stuff. A doggie dealer. I slay myself. Giggling in my head.

“Watch your mouth human. This is the alpha your speaking too. Show some respect.” His mother stated in a sharp firm tone. I cringed. The woman was intimidating and scary.

I like her better when she was all smiles and friendly. She glances at him and their eyes turn that black colour. My eyes swell at the two, no one blinked or said anything. If I didn’t know about werewolf; I’d properly be calling the priest and dunking them in holy water.

They just stared at each other. Wyatt seems to be getting irritated because his knuckles were turning colourless. His mum, on the other hand, had it written all over her face. I glance to Zuri and she shrugs with a deep frown.

His eyes return to that gorgeous azure, he turns to me”Let’s go,” and kissed his mother cheek,” I’ll see you tomorrow.” He didn’t even spare Zuri a glance. Poor Zuri.

He grabs my arm, sniffs the air and raises a brow at me. I smile coyly at him. I knew what he smelled. He ignored me and drags me back to the house.

" This dragging thing is getting old!” I struggled against his vice grip. ” Did you hear me?” I huff. “Bad Toto!” I fight and tried my utter best to yank my arm, but he wasn’t having it. The knob growls and throws me over his broad shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

I squeal and pound his back “Put me down, you fiend! so I can kick your pretty face in!”

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