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He drops me on the sofa and pinned my hands above my head with his body pressed into me ” I’m glad you think my face is pretty.” That all he got from that. Unbelievable. ” But I think I’ll like it better, if you sit on my pretty face, and let me eat that tasty little pussy,” he whispers in my ear then nibbled on my lope.

I stifled a moan. Is he bipolar? But I couldn’t deny the fact that I was actually thinking about it. His tingling touch and hard body with his intoxicating scent were making me lightheaded. No No No. He wants to make me a pet. A bloody pet! He’s the animal here not me. How dare this shithead treat me like this! He didn’t even stand up for me with his mother. On top of that, I think he kidnapped me again. Or more correctly is keeping me hostage. And on top, on top of that, all he does is touch me sexually, and he’s not even nice to me. I was more upset that I was angrier at the fact that he wasn’t nice to me. What am I five?

“Get your grubby dirty paws off me! I am not into bestiality.”

He arches a brow at me with an annoying tick in his jaw,” You weren’t screaming that tune this morning,”

“Yeah. Now I need a rabies shot,”

He shoves his head into my neck, one hand clutching my wrists, and the other slowly crawling up my inner thigh. I gasp and attempt to shut my legs, but he manoeuvred himself with his knee, keeping mine open.

My treacherous body needs to know who’s boss here. He can go eat cat litter. “The things I can do to you right now... right here... would make you scream so loud, that you’ll lose your voice by morning. Your body,” his hand reached all the way to the apex of my thigh but didn’t touch me there. Instead, he squeezes gently,” is practically begging to be fucked by me.”

“Shut up!” I hissed, even though it was true.” I will never want to be touch by an abomination as such as you. You disgust me.” So not true. “Your nothing but an oversize fleabag.”

A low growled thundered in his chest, with golden flakes disperse in his captivating azure blue eyes. Like twenty-four karat flakes playing in his gorgeous intense azure eyes. Practically poetic. It shines so brightly with so many emotions, but one stood out the most, longing. I was scared shitless, but I knew; that part of me knew, he wouldn’t hurt me. He’s a werewolf. Part animal. Fiction. Mythical. Yet here he is. His mythical drool-worthy ass on top of me. Point is, that part’s mad. Madder than a bag of ferrets.

He licks my jawline down to the base of my neck and over my collar bone all the way to my weak spot. But he didn’t suck or graze it. His teeth felt like they were suddenly longer and pointier. My heart sped up, breathing heavier than before. My anger was still there. But his touch made me wet, and lewd words made shiver slither their way down my spine. I couldn’t let this go on. This man makes me weak in the knees. I am stronger than this! I won’t be taken advantage of by a mere dog in wolf’s clothing! Bad dog!

His pointy teeth rest on that spot and pressed down. I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my pursed lips. But it wasn’t enough to break my skin. I wanted him to, so desperately. It was almost instinctive, that my body was begging for this man-wolf-beast to bite my neck. To sink his pointy teeth deep into my neck. I hadn’t realized how much I wanted him to bite me, until now. I wanted to feel him inside me, thrusting. I wanted him to hold me, and whisper sweet nothing in my ear. I wanted- I wanted-Bloody hell- I want him.

“Baby.” a voice called, snapping him out of whatever haze he was in.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” he stroke my face gently “you’ll never have to feel my touch against your soft delicate skin,” and kiss my forehead softly. I almost moan from his gentle touch, “ever again.” he got off me and when toward the voice. He didn’t say it in a harsh or cruel way, but it burned. Burned as if someone shoved me into hot lava drenched in gasoline. What just happened? I felt cold and lonely. Rejected and sad. WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?

I got up from the sofa and my heart disintegrated in my chest. A leggy Burnett in hooker heels had her tongue down his throat. What the actual- he like a mang dog with two dicks. His hand groping and kneading her ass. Practically devouring each other’s face like it’s the bloody zombie apocalypse. I hope he chokes on her tonsils. She moans in his mouth, and bile rose in mine. He broke the kiss and their lips were red and swollen.

“Come,” he growls.

“Where are we going?” she purrs. I gag.

He glances over his shoulders to me with a smirk. He wouldn’t “My den,” Right then and there my entire world came crashing down. Bad, bad mutt!

I wanted to stop him. I wanted her in the blood pound. Where is dog catcher when you need one. I didn’t want her in my den-his den. This hurt like a bitch with acid claws, as I watched him led her to his den. I wanted to scratch my own eyes out. It absolutely wrecked me physically, like he jammed a dull knife in my chest and twisted it. What am I doing here? Again. Standing like a twit. I took two-steps towards the door when he appeared out of nowhere, with his shirt unbuttoned. Showing off his defined chest and washboard abs.

My chest heaving and I didn’t realize my tears were tumbling down my cheeks in waves. Until he raised his hand to my face, but remembered his promise, and stopped himself. His jaw tightens and he clenched his fists; walking to the front door and locked it. This confused me.

“You’re not leaving. There are four guest rooms that way.” He points in the opposite direction of his den. “Pick one. Or I’ll pick. Don’t try to run either. The boarders are all heavily guarded. You won’t make it very far. And if someone finds you wandering alone, and unclaimed they won’t think twice before fucking you, and passing you around like some cheap whore.” I cried more like a big baby. In my head, I was screaming and telling him exactly where I’d like to shove her hooker heels.

“My pack is made up of a lot of unmated males with so much pent up aggression,” he pauses and cocks his head to the side. An emotion I couldn’t describe flickered in his eyes.” that they’d love to take out on a warm cunt. If you don’t want to find yourself being fuck by multiple-abominations- ” still mad at that I see. ” at once, pick a fucking room and stay in it.” he said coolly with his fists still clenched and knuckles pale.

He turns and began walking to his den; when he stops and glances over his shoulder, “Get some sleep. You’ll need it tomorrow.” he took a step and paused, “Oh... And don’t try any stupid shit. I’d really hate to have to put a bullet between those pretty eyes of yours. If I’m feeling generous of course.”

“What no claws? Or are they neuter like you?” I was jealous. There I said it. Bugger off. He growls, halts in his track and slowly turned around. His white knuckles were ghostly pale. To a point, I think I hear bones cracking. His face darkens with fury. I hit a nerve. Good! I’ll save him sometime before he goes and catches an STD or several.

“Nothing more would please me than to shove my cock down that dirty mouth of yours. Then bend you over and pound your pussy till you pass the fuck out. But. I’ve something better waiting for me.” he smirks and walks away. That hurt. That really hurt. I felt as if a wrecking ball smacked into me scattering every piece of me. I hate him!

I felt broken, hurt, jealous but most of all betrayed. Feelings I had no business feeling. He’s not my boyfriend. I don’t even fancy him like that. Right? But here I am standing in the middle of the foyer with tears pouring out my face, and images of the slut bag riding him. I hope they got their flea collars. I am burning that bed and the curtains and rug and- screw it the whole room needs to be incinerated. I curled up on the sofa and cried myself to sleep. I need to get the hell out of this place. He can go shag a hydrant for all I care.

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