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Men are pigs

I woke up in a bed, not as soft as my last one but a bed. And tucked in. I’m surprised he didn’t strip me. The closet had all the clothes Zuri bought, packed away neatly. When did this happen? I laid out my outfit on the bed, matching undergarments, blue ripped jeans and blood-red off-shoulder crop top. I did my morning routine and got dressed. The bonehead was sitting having breakfast, sipping on his coffee. I bet he has fleas and heavens know what else.

“Stop staring at me and eat.” he did a double-take when he saw me, with his eyes travelling down my body. Who’s staring now shoe muncher? And looked away before I could read whatever emotions were stirring in them. I watched as his jaw tighten, apparently annoyed at something. Me?

I ignored him, “I’m not hungry.” and snap. And like my life, a living breathing cliché my stomach growls. He arched a brow at me amused. I ignored him. I grab a slice a toast, scrambled eggs, and sat at the other end of the table away from him.

" Come closer.” I can hear the tease in his voice.

“No,” I bite into my toast with a vengeance.

“Why? Don’t trust yourself?” The nerve of this pooch.

“Sorry, but I prefer my breakfast flea-less.”

He slams his fist down on the table making a cracking sound. I continued eating my toast, ignoring his murderous glare. If looks could kill. He storms out the room like his hair was on fire.

I notice there was a pot of tea on the table. No way. He remembered? I checked and it was black. Just how I liked it. A smile stretched across my face; he remembered. Wait no! He shagged that slutbag. I hate him! Unfaithful mutt. Unfaithful? We’re not dating! I scold myself.

“You are to report to the alpha.” a dark hair dude informed me.

I finished my tea and place my cup on the table gently.” Tell him, no.” I smile politely.

He was taken back for a moment before his eyes flash that black colour,” Alpha says and I quote, ’tell her this, exactly like this.” He clears his throat awkwardly. “Get your stubborn ass out that fucking chair and follow the guard. Don’t make me come there, because I’ll do more than spank that beautiful ass of yours.” by the end of his quote a pink hue graces his cheeks. He was embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“Tell him this and exactly like this.” The guard grimaces. “Nobody died and made you the boss of me! And FYI, you’ll never lay your fungus infested paws on my stubborn beautiful ass. Keep dreaming pup.”

“Do I really have to say-”

“No need,” Wyatt strides in the room. The guy bows his head and literally ran out.

“You are the most infuriating insolent female I’ve ever met. And I’ve met a lot.”

“I’m not surprised. What else can I expect from a treacherous unfaithful hound! Calling you a dog is, believe it or not, an actual insult to dogs everywhere.”

“Unfaithful?” He arches a questioning brow.

That’s all he picked up from that. Wait- did I say that? “I mean. Uh, Your- um-Girlfriend. You-You’re unfaithful to her. With Miss America Venereal disease.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” He crosses his arms smugly. Again. Why are my insults just flying over his head?

“That’s why!!” I exasperate animatedly with my arms.” Because you can’t bloody well keep it in your knickers. Can you!? I’m shocked it’s still attached and haven’t snapped off from mistreatment. I actually feel bad for the poor thing. All the vile disgusting abyss you stuck him in.” I was screaming at him, green in the face with jealousy, and the fire of hells fury blazing in my eyes. He remained unfazed and all that did was provoke me further.

“Am I interrupting?” Lake asks awkwardly.

“No,” I snap.

“Yes,” Wyatt said calmly, simultaneously.

“You’re an idiot,” Zuri said to Kristoff with another guy laughing at them. He had the same hair, complexion and eyes as Zuri. The resemblance was uncanny how much they look alike. He was taller and more built than her, but you can certainly tell their related. They all paused their squabbling and glance from Wyatt to Lake to me and back to Wyatt.

“What did we miss?” Kristoff furrowed his brows with a mischievous grin seared across his face. There was so much tension between us, you could cut it with a knife.

“You’re jealous,” Wyatt said bluntly, ignoring everyone as if they weren’t all standing there staring at us.

“Jealous? Me?” I laugh darkly. The urge to kick his man nuts in made my knee itch. How dare he calls me jealous. I know I am, but I don’t need him knowing it! Bloody smelly mutt! ” Listen here mate,” I didn’t miss the way his lust spiked in his eyes at the word mate. Bloody Werewolf meaning. ” you must still be high on little miss-”

“Venereal disease,” he adds fighting back a smirk.

I growl at the cocky dipshit; he arched a brow amuse. Loving my reaction. He was having way too much fun with this. This is all a mind game to him. He wants me like this. Fine if that’s how he wants to play. “Exactly. Clearly your sick as a dog,” I emphasize the word dog and smirk; as his self-righteous smirk was replaced by his murderous glare. “to think I’m jealous over your Botox plastic barbie.”

“She didn’t taste like plastic,” he licks his lips and smirks cocking his head to the side.

You. Ahhhhh!!!. I wanted to rip him a new one. This cheating piece of- cheating? Screw you buttface! “You know what? I am jealous.” He arched a brow at me in a, ‘you ok’ kind of way. Guess he wasn’t expecting that. “I’m jealous of all the people who never had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting you.”

“So, you admit, your jealous.”

COME ON!!! “Were you born this daft or did you take lessons!”

“Aww did I offend you? You know, if you had taken her place last night, you wouldn’t be so bitter and jealous right now,” he stresses jealous. My jaw dropped. He thinks I’m bitter and Jealous! The nerve of this prat! “Probably still be sleeping in my bed.” His eyes shone with lust as it travels down my body, “We both know how much you love cuddling,” and winks cheekily. My rage flared to a new high with a hint of embarrassment mix in.

“The only thing that offends me is your crossbreed face!”

“Then sit on it. So, you won’t be so offended or... Jealous.” The pink tip of his tongue flicker over his top lip. Buggar. “It’s natural to be. She’s perfection at it’s finest. There is no shame if you can’t compete with her.” He strokes his imaginary beard teasing me, “Then again, maybe you can. Maybe you can’t. There is only one way to prove it.” he raises an eyebrow suggestively. My eyes glance over to the others. I forgot about them. They all seem amused and astonished at his behaviour. Evidently this isn’t their alpha’s normal behaviour. “Can you compete? Can you ride my cock like she did and make me spill myself in-”

I couldn’t listen to another lecherous word from his filthy snout, without choking him on holy water! He’s indeed the devil incarnated. He got what he wanted. I’m jealous plain old bloody jealous. But there was no way in hell I was admitting that to him. Congrat-bloody-ulations, he got a reaction from me, but I rather stick pins in my eyes than say it out loud!

I groan frustratingly, “You know what-” No Luna, this is what he wants, he’s baiting you. I should’ve brought a bloody muzzle. “I don’t care. let’s just go.” I stormed out the front door, letting loose a string of profanity under my breath.

“Luna,” Zuri chased after me. I sigh loudly with my arms wrapped around me. Breathe, don’t let him get to you. He’s not worth it. You’re better than this. I chant in my head.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“No,” I grumble and began walking.


“Who does he think he is? He thinks I’ll care about his tall sexy slag in her tight dress, hooker heels and ugly extensions.” I boiled.


“Absolutely not! He’s dafter than a bush in the hinterlands. If he thinks I CARE about his walking talking hole on a stick! Probably infested with termites. And HOW dare he accuse me of being jealous!”

“LUNA!” she grabs my shoulder and shakes me.


Her eye softens and I frown. My eyes filled to the brim with tears ready to pour like a busted dam. “You’re going the wrong way.”

“I’m sorry I snapped at you.” I sigh and slouch my shoulders.

“Don’t worry about it,” she swings her arm around my shoulder and spins me the opposite way.” Men are pigs” I shake my head agreeing.

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