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The son of a bitch, literally, had us scrub the communal shower and bathroom in the gym. YUCK! This was Zuri and I shared punishment for disobeying his majesty’s orders.

“This is bonkers!” I groan and fling the hard brush into the bucket of soap water, splashing everywhere.

“This is a lot lenient compare to most of his punishment. I’ll take scrubbing soap scum any day.” Zuri said while scrubbing the water stain on the tile.

“Lenient?” I scoff.” He wouldn’t know lenient if it throws a bone at his head.”

Zuri shot me a ‘did you really just say that,’ glare.

“Sorry,” I frown. Sometimes I forget she’s one too.

“Most people that disobeyed him end up in the hole-”

“He kills them?” I cut her off with my eyes swelling in shock.

She giggles, “Don’t be ridiculous,” she rolls her eyes” Not all the time.” My mouth gap open. ” The hole is a cold dark dreadful place, everyone’s scared shitless of. But I highly doubt you will ever see it.”

“Me? You think he won’t throw me in ‘the hole’?” I air quote the hole.” I won’t be surprised if I end up there before the weeks out. At least it’d be better than watching him prance his slags around.” I grumble the last part and picked up my brush.

“Trust me. After all the things I saw and heard you should be dead by now. But- you’re not. The alpha isn’t known for his forgiving nature. He is a by-the-book guy and a cruel one at that. But you,” she pauses and wipes the sweat off her forehead with her arm.” brings out another side to him. Or it could be because he hadn’t destroyed that English muffin of yours yet.”

“You’re so bad,” I couldn’t help but laugh at her lewd comment.

“Or has he?” she arched a brow at me with a wicked glint in her eyes.

“My English muffin is off the shelve. And no. He hasn’t.” But boy do I wish he did. No, I don’t! Get a grip of yourself woman! I began scrubbing the water scum from the tile wall,” He probably has some new incurable wolfman disease after last night,” and mumbled under my breath. She giggled and continue scrubbing.

We spend the entire day scrubbing, bleaching and gagging. I notice Zuri eyes flash that obsidian black colour a few times, especially if any guys try to approach me. They would turn right around and leave. No one said anything to me, but I could feel their lustful stares lingering on my ass, chest, stomach and clad legs.

Eventually, I ask Zuri why her eyes turn black. She said it’s called mind link. It’s a telepathic way to communicate with other pack members. Which I found rather extraordinary. By nightfall, we were all scrubbed out. My sneakers ruin by the bleach and water. Pruny hands, wet jeans and a lot chillier than I expected. Fall is near. We walk past the garden and I smiled at how beautiful it is. Then I remember the she-devil and frown.


“Sup chica?”

“Why is his mother called the Luna? I thought you said the luna is the alpha’s mate?”

" She is the Luna until the alpha mates.”

“What happened to his last pet? Why didn’t you tell me he wanted to make me his pet?”

“It wasn’t my place to say. And you need to talk to alpha about her.”

“Did she leave? Or something happened to her? Where is she?”

“Luna It’s not my place. You-”

“need to talk to the alpha.” I sigh.

We came to a stop in front of his house. There was a full view of the dining room thanks to the French windows. The table was impeccably set, everyone dressed in suits and frocks laughing and eating. Wyatt at the head of the table with his mother and a mature version of him beside her. I can see where he gets his looks from.

“What’s going on.” I gesture to the house with my head.

“Some dinner party. Luna’s idea.” I knew there was more than that, but didn’t push my luck. She was keeping something from me, and I’m going to find out what it is. “You good to walk by yourself?”

“You mean the two feet in front of me? How will I ever survive?” I fake gasp at her. She rolls her eyes and playfully shoves my shoulder. “Try not to trip on your way up the steps. Alpha’s not here to catch your clumsy ass.”

“Ugh!” I rolled my eyes at her and we laugh. Zuri left, and I advance to the front door. From the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw the garden door swing shut and heard a faint click. Who’s in the garden this late? I decided to investigate.

I open the gate and took small wary steps,” H-Hello?” I called out.

Maybe I’m seeing things. That bleach was strong. This is absurd. Nobody is that daft as to sneak into the Luna’s private garden. The big bad wolf would probably eat them or huff and puff and blow them away. I giggled at the thought of him huffing and puffing like in the three little pigs. I spun around and crashed into something or rather someone.

I yelp and fell flat on my bum, “Bloody hell mate.” I glanced up and swallowed audibly.

He was a big man, a really big tall man. Like a mountain with his broad thick shoulders, wide chest, massive arms that can snap me like a twig. His head was shaved smoother than a baby’s bottom. Face was mostly obscured by a red thick unkempt beard that clung to his rich tan skin. Somebody stayed out in the sun too long. Like his beard, his eyebrows were thick and all over the place. His fierce gaze met mine and I nearly peed myself.

My survivor instincts were going haywire and shrieking at me to run. Like my body could sense the predator in him. His dry lips curled into a sinister grin, with a malicious gleam in his devilish copper-coloured beady eyes. His clothes were torn, muddy and stained with dry blood.

He licks his lips as his eyes roamed my body hungrily, “What do we have here?”

His grin grew three times when he saw the fear, he instilled in me. I clawed backwards with my hands and legs. As he continued stalking towards me all predatory like, ready to pounce on its prey. Me.

“Now, why does Wyatt has a little human running around without a collar?” First thing I noticed was that he didn’t address him as alpha. And why doesn’t everyone keep saying that? Secondly, his thick Italian accent and unnaturally long claws. Does this dude own a nail clipper?

“I’m not some wild animal,” I continued crawling backwards and he continued walking towards me.

“I’ll show you wild animal,” he grabs me quicker than I can blink and had me on my feet, with my back against his grimy chest. His claws wrapped around my neck and I squeal. My heart was beating against my chest, ready to burst out any second and head for the hills.

“Shh-shhh,” he stroked my face with his killer caveman claws.

“P-P-Please,” I whimper.

A deep chuckled rumbled in his heavy chest,” Oh baby begging won’t save you.” he licks the side of my face with his long wet slimy tongue.“I haven’t had a human in a while or a good hard fuck.” He growls as his hand travels down my body and gropes my ass. Filthy hairy flea food.

“Get you revolting paws off me dog!”

He growls and ran his hand over my exposed stomach, under my bra and cups me. I squealed and he tightens his grip on my neck.” Fuck, you feel so soft. I’m tempted to take you right here.”

“Bugger off asshole!”

“That accent is so sexy. I’m going to enjoy fucking you.” he purred and moved his hand down my body to the waistband of my jeans.

“No no n no. Please.” I started to cry.

“Shh-shh love. You’ll enjoy this.” he shoves his hand down my jeans and muffled my screams as he fingers me. I thrash and fought in his arms, but he was crazy strong. He pulled his hand out and sucked his fingers. The sick bastard moans and I felt him hardening against me, poking into my back. “You taste exquisite, so good.” He throws me over his shoulders and head to the woods.

“Noooo!” I screamed.

He moved so fast I got nauseous. All I saw was blurs as he ran through the woods with me screaming, fighting and crying on his shoulder. He suddenly stops and drops me in the middle of nowhere. I tried to run but he caught me and pin me down to the ground.

I scream and he growls,” Stop screaming. I haven’t fucked you yet.”

He unbuckled his pants and I screamed louder. Fear and dread consume me. He ripped my jeans off with his claws and spread my legs open wide. I squealed like a little piggy at the slaughter and attempt to get away, but his grip was sturdy. ” I want to taste you from the source.” he rips my panties off and licks me.

I scream louder and cried,” Get off me!! You sick bastard. Wyatt is going to kill you.” I don’t know what possessed me to say that.

It’s not true but he doesn’t know that. He halted instantly like I stunned him and growl. He grabs my throat and stared into my eyes searching for something. Studying me. Trying to read me. After a few minutes that sinister grin appeared on his ugly face. He stared at my neck like he was searching for something and sniff me like the bloody dog he is.

He stared deep into my eyes,” Did he ever let you sleep in his bed?

My heart skips a beat, “Piss off!”

He grins.” Does he make you feel-things when he touches your sexy body? Like sparks emitting from his touches?”

My heart was beating faster, “Go back to whatever hole you crawl out of and die.” I hissed.

His grin grew, “Has he ever try biting your pretty little neck? “My heart sped up and his grin grew wider if that was possible.” Fucking you would be an even sweeter pleasure. No wonder he hasn’t collar you.”

“Bloody rabid king-size mongrel!”

“I’m going to fuck you to death,” he growls menacingly.

“Didn’t think you were into necrophilia. But then again, I’m not surprised. No one living would willingly want to be touch by a scoundrel like you. ”

“You’ll regret that!” He spreads my legs. I can feel him shoving his pants down and stroking himself. I screamed and tried to escape but it was futile.

“You’re going to scream his name for me. And when he finds your dead corpse thoroughly fucked. I’ll be sure to inform him how much you screamed for him. And how good it felt in your tight little pussy.”

“Bugger off!”

He growls and began aligning himself at my entrance, no amount of squirming helped. I cried and screamed but it didn’t faze him. Fear merciless claws wrapped around my throat choking me with its vice grip. This is it. No one to save me. Raped by a four-legged mutated hairball.

Suddenly Blood. In my mouth, my face, covering my chest. Everywhere. His body crashed down on mine suffocating me in his blood and weight. But it didn’t last long. He was thrown off me like a rag doll. An in front of me was something much worse.

His twenty-four karat golden eyes blazing with fury. Hell’s fury has nothing on him. His body was vibrating in rage. Skin thicker than leather and harder than dragon scale. Coated in an obsidian black colour, like tar, with fangs protruding from his lips dripping with his saliva. His hands were lethal claws: longer and deadlier than anything I ever saw before, holding what looks like a heart. That was the last thing I saw before it all when dark.

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