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{Wyatt Onyx}

I felt like the air got knocked out of me with one swift deadly blow, but it didn’t last long. My wolf surged forward with so much power drawing all the oxygen back into me. Expanding my lungs and swelling my chest wider than humanely possible. Popping the buttons of my shirt, causing me to stumble back a little. My skin stretched to the point my wolf can easily burst out of me. In a painful state that would make any fully grown wolf whimper from the pain and die.

I can feel us merging into one symbiotically, with nothing but pure feral dominance fueling us. His eyes shine through mine brighter than the blazing sun with only one thing running through our mine. How dare he touch what is ours! My claws dug into his chest and yank his still-beating heart out, like plucking candy from a baby. We hurled his dead body off our angel; like he weighed nothing. The monsters in me were out for blood.

Her screams and helpless cries ring in our head. Couple with her overpowering fear was enough to make us beyond feral with rage. The sick fuck was so engrossed in penetrating her, he didn’t see or hear me coming.

Then her eyes met ours. The horror in them made my wolf howl out in my head. He didn’t like how she looked at us. Like we were a monster to her. Like we’d hurt her. We would never lay a hand on her in such away.

The stress was too much for her body and she passed out in front of us, covered in his blood and half-naked. Her thighs, hips and neck were already starting to bruise. Fucker! I removed my shirt and wipe the blood off her beautiful face. Covered her with it, before picking her up in my arms, and carrying her back to the house. This is all my fault. Kristoff gawked at me in shock with a hint of fear and admiration in his eyes as I walk past.

Something felt off all day. When they told me, Marco had escaped I knew something was fishy. It made no fucking sense. It was impossible for the bastard to escape. Thanks to Kristoff and Christian the borders were heavily guarded. I knew deep down in my core he was somewhere in my territory. A blind spot. But we searched everywhere, ever since Lake interrupted our fight this morning.

This morning... She was beyond furious and jealous as fuck. Completely unaware how much she was acting like a possessive mate and it excites me. I should’ve told her the fucking truth, but I wanted to see how long she’ll take to snap. Not very long. But god damn, she knew how to piss me off. And pushed all the right fucking buttons. I wanted her to admit she was jealous, but my stubborn little mink refused. Watching her turn red in the face was arousing, especially how hot she looked in that outfit. I knew I should’ve picked her clothes. Every instinct in my body was urging me to spread her on the table like a damn buffet.

I had Zuri and her in the gym where I know she’ll be safe. I told her it was their punishment, not to raise any suspicion. No one would dare cross Zuri and touch her, they value their lives. Plus, if she didn’t kill them I sure as fuck would. I needed her to fear me because if she did, she’d listen. But with her sharp tongue, it made it extremely hard not to take her at will.

My monsters demand we put her in her place. To make her submit to us, even if that meant we had to mark her. Out of all the females we could choose, a human? There a lot more willing than her feisty ass. And what an ass... Fuck. I sound like a whole damn perve. The worse part, I almost lost control and marked her. What made it harder is the fact, knowing how much she aches for me too. She has no clue why she feels that way and I’ve no intention in revealing it. If I do, I’ll have to face a reality I’m not yet ready for. And it wouldn’t be just a bite. What if I lose control? Things could end badly. Me, lose control? Never in my whole existence was this a concern, until now. Until her.

Unfortunately, Heather showed up just in the nick of time. I forgot about her. All her once comforting touch manage to do, was make me feel sick to my stomach and repulsed by her. The only reason I kissed Heather like that was to punish her. But it backfired when I saw her face. Her cute little nose was red as a button matching her rosy wet cheeks.

I wanted to fucking shoot myself in the head. When I saw those gorgeous metallic grey eyes of hers dripping with tears. I’m a fucking asshole. I made her cry just to stroke my ego. I wanted her to beg for my touch, not to see her heartbroken. This isn’t the first crying female I had dealings with. I had countless of them broke down and cry me a river because I rejected them.

Not even my own grandmother’s tears affected me like that. I felt much worse than a piece of shit. My doting wolf didn’t help any. He kept biting at me for hurting her. Deserved it too. Never felt pain as much as I did when I saw her crying. She was jealous and hurt. I knew she wanted me to make her leave. It was in her eyes. But as much as her tears hurt, seeing her under him so weak and scared killed me.

This entire day was a disaster. I groan exasperatedly wanting to murder someone. The luna insisted on this irrelevant dinner now look what happened. My angel nearly got raped, by the very thing I was trying to protect her from. When I mind link Zuri and she told me she dropped her off a while ago. I knew something was off. My wolf was pacing in my head back and forth, and he never paces.

Suddenly I was suffocating, and my body started to sting for no reason. My wolf and I were both getting antsy. I got up and when outside, following her scent to the garden. That’s when I picked up on another scent mix with hers. A male scent. I had border patrol do a sweep while I tracked hers. When they linked me, someone crossed over the northern border. I knew who took her and I prayed I was fucking wrong. I ran faster than I knew possible until I heard her screams and cries.

I mind link the doctor to meet me at my den and had Lake clear the house before we got there. I head straight to my room with her securely in my arms. The doctor was waiting for us in front of my door. She gasps when she saw me, but quickly recovered and open the door.

I place her on the bed gently,” She’s been-” My voice drops a few octaves given my symbiotic state.” I want a thorough examination of her,” The doctor was terrified and confused at my state. I can see the wheels turning in her head, and couldn’t discern what exactly she was gazing at.

“I expect your absolute discretion. Do I need to tell you what happens if you don’t?”

“N-no alpha,” she stammers in fear and bows her heads. She opens her medical bag and began her work.

Leaving her wouldn’t be an option judging from past experience. I sat beside the bed on the floor, feeling my wolf’s body separated from mine. He was content with her being in our den and so was I.

All of this for a human. I ran my fingers through my hair frustratingly. None of this shit makes sense. I may have some feelings for her, but it will fade. The same as hers did. All I need to do is wait it out. Sending her away isn’t an option after I had a taste. Fuck she taste divine. I nearly nutted in my pants like some prepubescent pup. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but the guys were on their way up.

Ever since the gammas got attack, I suspected foul play. Landon and I had a meeting, but then I saw how all those cock sucking fucks kept eyeing her up at the bar. Fuck, I wanted to skin them all alive and castrate any male who hardens at her. By the looks of it, it was the whole fucking room. You’d think they never saw a hot ass human before. I couldn’t leave her there a second longer. So, I arrange the meeting in the penthouse. An once more, my little angel surprised me. Didn’t expect her to let me touch her like that, but her arousal was fucking with my head. Fucking her then wasn’t a safe play. I had to protect her.

But what baffles me the most is how the mutts got in the hotel with those hunters fucks. How they knew Zuri and Christian exact location. They didn’t plan on them surviving that’s for sure. Or how Marco escape. My prison is state of the art. It means one thing; my rat problem is someone I’m overlooking. First the car accident. Then the attack. Now this, releasing Marco and hiding him from me. They better pray to the moon Goddess I don’t find them.

This is one big cluster fuck. From my rat problem. To the luna’s mating scheme. And now her back in my life. I don’t need this shit. I don’t need a-a- Fuck this shit. After I fuck her this will all go back to normal.

Her pussy can’t be that magical. She’s some human. Maybe I’ll keep her as a pet? Food? Who knows? This will all blow over after I have my fill of her. She’ll be like all the rest. I laugh at myself. This little beautiful human is fucking with my head on a whole other scale. Me! I laugh bitterly.

I need her out my head so I can focus on the task at hand. Fuck this. This human has no effect on me. Fuck her, literally. I took another deep breath to calm myself. I can feel that part of me which was locked away stirring awake. Ever since what occurred in the forest earlier. I need to see her, that damn witch better fix this. I’m so fucked.

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