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Safe (Rated R)




I was running in a dark gloomy forest; the air eerie cold with owls hooting and my blood pounding in my ears. I push myself faster running from the monster and praying to God he doesn’t find me. I held onto the trunk of a tree with my chest heaving and shoulders moving rapidly up and down, gasping like a fish out of water. I lost it. Praying silently as I slide down the trunk of the tree to the forest floor. But it was false hope. All I saw was his twenty-four karat golden eyes blazing with violence and rage. It was like the hell hound from hell was charging towards me. I screamed with my hands shielding my face.


I jolted awake but I couldn’t move. My chest rising and falling rapidly with a heavy weight resting around my waist. Or correctly, a heavy arm. The warmth radiating from his delicious body felt soothing, and those tingles were everywhere his skin touches mine. I exhale a breath I was unaware I was holding, and unconsciously snuggled into him in his bed. His bed!

I squealed and shoved him. Pounding at his arm and very naked chest. “Get off me meathead!”

He groans and raised his arms, rubbing the sleep out his eyes with his fingers. I rolled and hit the floor faster than expected, with a heavy thud. “Ah bollocks,” I groan rubbing my bum.

He chuckled, with his head propped up on his elbow and stared down at me, “Sleep well?”

“I can’t believe you put me in that toxic pit!” I hissed repulsively.

Jumping to my feet and shaking my body off, like I had ants in my pants. The fleas! THE FLEAS! “Now I’ve to bathe in bleach and get a tetanus shot,” I grumble.

His hair was tousled from sleep, and his ripped chest fully exposed to me, with only a sheet covering his manhood. Good God, this man is truly a delicious sight to behold. I hate that he makes me tingly.

“You know, you can touch it if you like, ” he smirks like a smug cabbage face, and gestures to his sculpted perfectly tone chest with his head. Every curve and arch beautifully moulded.

My ravenous eyes roamed his body, and I swear I drooled a little. No no no, Luna! Remember the fleas, STDs and who knows what else wolfie diseases you can catch, from shagging skanky bitches! Where is your dignity!? I’ll never touch him no matter how tempting he is! I rebuke you!! Grow a pair, Luna! I bet his pair’s beautiful. No No no, Luna! Bad! Buggar! I facepalm myself.

He chuckles again and my eyes snap to him. This man will be the death of me. “Glad you’re feeling better.” his tone softened. Is he being nice? What in the fresh hell is this? “But you need to rest. Get in the bed.” And back to his normal asshat self.

“I’m not staying in that litter!”

“Get back in the bed!”


“You prefer the fucking hole?”

“Yes! I do!”

He glares at me, “We both know you won’t last a second in that place, so don’t fucking test me,” and hiss.

“Not getting in that bed. There is no way in hell that’s happening!” I hiss back louder, “Probably has bed bugs too.” and grumble under my breath.

He growls, “Look,” and took a deep breath in, while running his fingers through his hair frustratingly. “You’ve-been through a lot. You need-”

Just then, everything came flooding back in, before he could complete his sentence, “Heyy Heyy,” he dashes out of bed, towards me.

“Don’t touch me!!!” I squeal, backing up so fast I slammed into the wall. A sharp shooting pain shot up my back to my skull from the impact.

I hadn’t realized, I was crying and practically shaking in fear. I wrapped my arms around me protectively. The fear, his touch, everything felt like it was happening all over again. Like I’m still under him. Suddenly, those golden eyes flash in my head. Amplifying my fear.

“Hey, Hey, look at me. Your safe.” He raises his hands up in surrender mode, “Nothing can hurt you here.” taking soft steps towards me like he was trying not to spook some wile stallion.

It was him. He was the golden eye monster. “Stay away from me!!!” I screamed and pushed myself further into the wall.

His jaw twitches in anger. In a blink of an eye, I was slammed into his hard chest, with his arms tightly around my waist. His tingling touch and scent calming. I pushed against his chest, but he didn’t even budge.

" STOP!” he grabs my hair and slants my head, so our eyes meet. “I won’t hurt you. I’ll never fucking hurt you, Ava!”

That’s the first time he ever said my name. Judging by the lust spiked in his eyes, he realizes it too. My name rolls off his tongue so perfectly. So sexually. It made chills slither down my spine to my core. No one ever made my name sound that good. “Your safe.” He said firmly. “No one will hurt you. Ever again,” his tone soft and promising.

My breathing was evening out and his voice, scent and those bloody tingles were heating me up, but in an entirely different way. The fear was still there, but with him next to me and his arms around me. I felt... safe.

Then I remember his little slag and fury explode in me.” What happens to never touching me again? Huh? Don’t you have something better!” I hissed venomously, “Like your two-legged tramp!” Pounding his chest with both hands, and he lets me. I wanted to hurt him, but I also wanted to be in his arms. I’m so messed up.

He grabs my wrist, it was hurting me more than him,” I didn’t fuck her.”

“W-What?” I sniffled.

He held my face in his hands and brush my tears away with his thumbs gently. It melts my heart how gently he is with me.“I didn’t fuck Heather.” Heather? “The walking STD Miss America Venereal disease,” he confirms with a smirk.


“After I left you I when to my study. When you fell asleep, she left.”

I glance over to the bed,” Ava I don’t give a shit about the bed. You can fucking burn it for all I care.”

“And everything she touched,” I mumbled under my breath.

He smiles, a genuine panty-dropping smile, “You can redecorate the room however you like. Burn it all, if it makes you happy. I don’t care. ”

I nod and he chuckles at me. I like that sound. He pulls me in closer to his chest with his arms snaked around me like he never wanted to let go. My hands around his neck holding onto him, like he was my everything, my very breath. We stayed like this for I don’t know how long.

Suddenly, he picks me up and I yelp. “I’m not-”

“I know. I know.” He chuckles and walks into the bathroom instead. Placing me on the countertop. The cold made me yelp.

“Sorry,” he scratches the back of his head. He looks so cute and innocent. I just wanna eat him up.

Ah, bugger I’m one of those people. He turns the shower on, filling the bathroom with steam. He was one mouth-watering specimen. My eyes wander his body appreciating the way his muscles rippled, as he reaches out and tested the water. My breathing hitched when I realize he was in nothing but his boxer. And a round nice sexy bum. I tilt my head to the side for a slightly better view and swallow. I had no dignity left. Who am I kidding when it comes to this man, I’m a whole mess. And now a perv.

He grasps my chin gently, bringing me back to reality. His eyes shine something wicked. In the most erotic dirty way possible. My innocent mine was being corrupted. Every muscle in my body tense with expectation.” I told you once; if you don’t stop biting that lip of yours, you’ll regret it,” he leans in and whispers in my ear,” and I’m a man of my word.”

He captures my lips in a dominating fervent kiss. He wasn’t gentle. Oh no. He squeezes my ass and I gasp giving him entrance. He slips his tongue inside my mouth sucking and caressing, letting me know I belong to him. It was a passionate deep kiss that made my toes curl, and my core clenched. His kiss said it all, in Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, English, you are mine. Hands roaming my body with urgency and ripping the shirt I had on. Leaving me naked as the day I was born. Why am I not surprised? He loves me sleeping like this.

He kisses down my neck, across my collar bone until he found that spot. I moan louder the harder he sucks and nibbles on it. But disappointment set in when he didn’t do the one thing my body was aching for. A bite.

He kisses and licks up my neck, along my jawline and back to my lips. I moan, whimper and practically squeal with pleasure. The bastard smirk against my lips. His hands move to the back of my head and fist my hair, pulling me even closer to him. He kissed me as if his life depended on it, hungry desperate and passionate.

When he finally broke it, we were breathless and lips red and swollen. I was wet. And he was driving me delirious with his body smashed into mine. Feeling his hard member between my legs made me think naughty things and I can’t help it. I wanted him. Now. He’s not walking away this time. I wrapped my legs around his waist and whisper in his ears, “Wyatt-fuck me.” my voice heavy with lust. Never in my life have I ever said such vulgar dirty words. But I like it.

Anger flashed in his eyes,” Onyx”

“What?” I ask confused.

“Call me Onyx,” He’s serious right now?


He growls and his eyes darken with lust. Darker than I ever saw before, “Ask me again?”

“Onyx, fuck me,”

" With pleasure,” he lifts me up and carried me to the sofa in the room. I was a bit sceptical of the furniture.

“She didn’t touch it,” he growls pushing me down on it.

My nipples hard and the wetness between my legs dripping down me. I felt alive under his intense powerful gaze. His eyes consume with lust, drinking me in, as I lightly fondle my right boobs and biting my lips.

“Fuck, you’re a tease,” he growls.

He leans over me and began kissing me from my neck, between my breast down to my belly button. Biting, sucking and licking all over my tender flesh. Like he couldn’t get enough of me. I grab his hair and pushed him lower, he got the point and smirk against my stomach. Licking his way to my hips and drawing sensual circles with the wet tip of his tongue. He parts my legs and began sucking and licking my inner thigh all the way to my apex. I moan. Desire exploding in my core down my spine, with an ache between my legs begging to be touch, to be devoured.

He presses his nose against my wet folds and breathes me in,” Fuck.”

My breathing was heavy, with a throaty moan I beg,” Onyx p-please.” I couldn’t take it anymore. He smirks against my folds like the cheeky bastard he is. Enjoying torturing me.

He buried his face between my legs. I almost came from just feeling his mouth on me. Pleasure I never felt before crashed into me in waves after waves, with my fingers tangled in his silky hair. He growls in his throat approvingly, reach up and grope my boob in his rough hand.

Licking and twirling his tongue around my clit before jamming it into my pussy. Devouring my cunt as I wither and moan. He sucks me into his mouth and did things with his tongue I can’t even describe. I can feel that familiar tingle in my core building and he when in harder on me. Biting down on my clit, and that did it. I burst into his mouth and he licks my juice up like a thirsty man, lost in the desert for months. My body trembling with pleasure leaving me in a haze. He slowly licks up my inner thigh, leaving feather-like kisses. I moan breathlessly, lost in a mist of passion. For a second, I swear I saw his fangs lengthening, throbbing to sink into my flesh with a foreign sensation seething inside me.

He flips me on my stomach before I could process any of these newfound peculiarly feelings. “Do you like being spank?” he asks in a deep virile voice.

“Yes,” I moan breathlessly forgetting everything.

He spanks me, grabs my bum squeezing it and repeat. “Fuck baby.” I yelp from his stinging palm followed by a deep wanton moan.

“That’s my girl,” he purrs, burying his face into my wet cunt, and started his routine all over again. Right when I was about to cum, he pulled away, replacing his mouth with something hard at my entrance. He rubs his thick head up and down my slit and over my clit.

I cried out, “Onyx.”

As his name left my lips, he rammed his cock inside me. “Fuck Ava!” his groans of pleasure made my body shivered in delight. “I’ve waited so long for this.”

I yelp from his thick long length, filling every inch of me up. He still for second letting my tight cunt adjust to his length, with a low satisfying growl. Then he pulled all the way out and plunged into me again, and this time, spank my bum. He did it a third time, I was all ready to cum again. He rammed into me but this time he didn’t pull out, this time, he began to thrust deeper, harder and faster. Pumping in and out of me and occasionally spanking my bum. I moan wildly in pure ecstasy from the way he stretched me so deliciously and fucked me.

He pulls out and flips me over on my back. Plunges himself into me, pounding away at my cunt as I scream. Driving his dick into me as deep as he can go with each thrust.

“Scream my name Ava,” he growls my names making me clench.

“Fuck your so responsive,” he raises my legs up unto his shoulders, with him kneeling in front of me.

He quickens his pace and I did just as he ask, “Onyx! ONYX!!” I screamed.

He circles my clit with his thumb. As he pounds me at a different angle deeper and harder, with a rhythmic movement of his hips. Pleasure, desire, lust, all blazing in my blood, spreading heat all over my body. He thrust in me like a beast, like an animal and I loved it. I felt every muscle in my body tensing as I raise my hips to match his thurst. He picks up his pace and growls approvingly.

“Show me how much this pussy loves me. Cum for me.” He growls. Sweet mother M- holy-

On command, my pussy squirted everywhere, with my eyes roll to the back of my head. He grunts loudly and curses out feeling my pussy squeezing his cock, pushing him over the edge. As he spills his warm seed deep inside me. Filling me up.

“Fuck me,” he pants pulling out slowly.

“I did,” I tease breathlessly with a wicked grin.

“That you did angel. Very well.” He winks, lifts me up and lays down with me on top of him.

I giggle and snuggled into his chest. I was still spasming from that, but my body felt euphoric with pleasure. Never have I ever felt this way. It felt like our souls were being tied together. Like his, somehow touched mine. It was weird but divine at the same time. He pulls a throw blanket over me with his big arms protectively around me, cradling me to his chest. It felt so right and wrong at the same time. I felt- hell I don’t know right now. Tiredness set it, weighing heavily on my droopy eyelids.

“I’m fucked,” was the last thing, I think I heard him whisper to himself, before I fell asleep.


Will continued based on how many readers. For now... You guys rock!

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