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Two can play that game


“You’ll regret that!” He spreads my legs. I can feel him shoving his pants down and stroking himself. I screamed and tried to escape but it was futile.

“You’re going to scream his name for me. And when he finds your dead corpse thoroughly fucked. I’ll be sure to inform him how much you screamed for him. And how good it felt in your tight little pussy.”

“Bugger off!”

He growls and began aligning himself at my entrance and slams into me. All I felt was agonizing pain and fear, as I screamed.


“Wake up! Angel wake up! Ava open your eyes it’s a dream!” his voice shouts in a panic, shaking me awake.

I was screaming in my sleep. My eyes snap open to a worried Wyatt. I was covered in sweat and shaking in fear with my heart pounding viciously in my ears.

He held me in his arms, rubbing calming circles on my back.” You’re safe. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“He-he tried-” I stutter between sobs.

“He’s dead and will never touch you again,” he stated firmly with a hint of a growl.

I pulled away from his chest slightly,” Y-you k-killed him?” I didn’t really want Wyatt to kill him. Lock him behind bars.

“He nearly raped you. What did you expect me to do?”

“Put him on trial or-”

“Do you know what rape is?” he was getting irritated.

“Of course, I do. But-”

“No, but Ava.” My heart skips a beat. I like him saying my name. He sighs, “Look. My world is different. Ok.”

“That doesn’t justify killing.”

“It does when it’s you.” He snaps. From the look on his face, he didn’t mean to say that out loud.

He shook it off like nothing and ask, “Did he tell you anything or ask you anything.” I nod yes.


“He asks... If you let me sleep in your bed. If I feel sparks when you touch me. And if-you,” I paused for a second. “ever try to- bite my neck. But I didn’t answer. I swear.”

“You wouldn’t have too. He was listening to your heartbeat.” His jaws clenched angrily. Did I do something wrong? “What happened after?”

“He wanted me to scream your name. So, he can tell you about it-when-you found my,” I look down at my fingers, “d-d-dead body.”

“That’s it?” I nod yes.

“You did good angel.” He lifts my chin with his fingers, connecting our eyes, “No one will ever hurt you again,” and kiss my forehead. He said in a calm tone, but I could hear the deadly promise in each word.


“Onyx,” he growls startling me. ” Called me Onyx” he repeats softly. He’s really anal about his name. it’s just a name!

“Onyx?” his body relaxed. Hmm, I might call him that more often.


“Why do I want you to bite me?” his body stiffen, lust flash in his eyes, but immediately replace by anger.

He got up from the sofa and ran his hand through his hair exasperatedly, “Go to your room and take a shower.” he said in a sharp cold tone and began walking to the bathroom,” And Ava. Don’t tell anyone what you told me,” and slam the bathroom door shut.

I felt like someone dumped a bucket of ice-cold water on me, and then stuck me in a freezer. Rejection. Sadness. Regret. Anger. I felt it all, but here is the insane part. It didn’t feel like it was all mine. Like I was feeling someone else’s emotions. One thing I know for sure. I was pissed off and that, I know was all me. If he doesn’t want me in his room fine! I’ll gladly leave his flea circus. He can go chew on a bone! Or his right leg! Bloody mutt!

Even though he’s the best shag I ever had; I’ll show him! He can’t treat me like one of his bitches! He’s messing with the wrong girl. I’ll enrol the arrogant prat in obedient school. I stood and wince from the pain between my legs. The delicious pain reminds me that last night really happen. But all that did was vex me more. I storm out of his room to mine as commanded by the oversize chihuahua, wincing every couple steps. A warm bath. That’s what I need, a bath to help my soreness. Bloody wolf!

The next few days Wyatt, sorry I mean Mr. stick up the ass Onyx and I ignored each other. And add insult to injury the knob won’t let me leave the house. Now there is a guard here twenty-four seven outside. The only person who comes and goes is the girl that brings me food.

My parents would’ve eventually started to wonder where I am. So, I had to convince the butt-sniffer to let me call them. I told them I’m heading back to my dorm earlier than plan and they seem to buy it. I miss Zuri. She hasn’t visited me. Oh, on the side note, the big bad werewhore didn’t fetch around any of his chew toys. Probably boning them somewhere else, my subconscious snuck her two cents in. Suck a turnip.

You ever experience that feeling, when a person walks in a room; your heart leaps in your chest and your stomach does backflips? Every fibre in your being overjoyed to see their face, their perfect smile? Your body heats up just by their proximity, with a passion burning inside of you, that only they can quench?

If you said yes; you would also know how it feels when they ignore you or don’t even spare you a glance. As if they didn’t screw your brains out and left you breathless. As if you’re-invisible. Leaving a sinking pain in your chest. That makes you want to die and scream from the top of your lungs. The feeling of rejection is a sadistic bitch. But if that son of a bitch thinks I’m going to let this break me, he’s got another thing coming!

Two can play that game. He thinks he can dog-this chick and get away with it. Think again you bone chewing, tail chaser transmogrify canine. When he walks in a room, I walk out with not even a glance. That tick in his jaw indicates my mission is successful. Not that the broken glasses and fist-like dent in the fridge door wasn’t enough confirmation.

When I leave the room sometimes, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of longing, that almost knocks me off my feet. I can’t figure out if it’s from him or me? Sometimes, I swear he can read my mind. I know wolves have their mind-link thingy, but can he read human minds too? I need a foil hat. Or I’m going bonkers.

Yesterday, I was frying eggs and it got super hot. Unconsciously, I tied my tee-shirt up in a front knot, under my boobs. I forgot I was only in my black knickers and at that exact moment, Onyx came in. Things got extremely awkward. His eyes were turning that freakishly gold colour and knuckles paler than white chalk. He growls and grumbled something about control and Wyatt. Talking about himself in the third person, he sounds crazier than a pack of hyenas on crack.

I haven’t seen him since, and he didn’t come home last night. Home? No! This is not my home. His house I meant. It’s not that I care. I don’t. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be drunk off your ass, on champagne at 10:00 o’clock in the night. My subconscious reminding me in her sarcastic bitchy tone. Ah, shut it!

That bloody awful day haunts me every night, drinking keeps the bad things out of my mind. Scrubbing my skin off bloody hell didn’t work.

Sometimes I swear it feels like he’s watching me sleep. You know what’s messed up about that? It helps. Knowing he’s here helps. Even though that side of him scares me, part of me knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I snicker bitterly and lean my head back as far as it can go without snapping off. Press the champagne bottle to my lips, sadly nothing came out. I frown. Ah, kibbles.

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