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Playing in the rain (RATED R)


Need more. Yes! I drag my legs off my bed and stumble to the cellar. I ran my fingers over the champagne bottles stack neatly on the shelves,” Eeny-meeny-miny -moe.” I pick the black glass bottle up,” Dom-Péri- whatever vintage 1983.” Good enough. I pop it and took a gulp. Bloody hell. I crinkle my nose at the taste.

I giggled and began stumbling up the stairs, back to my domain. Wherever he is or whoever he with, I bloody hope they both get caught by the dog catcher and locked away for life!

I took another drink. My eyes glance outside to the rain falling. Steady droplets, bigger than hail, watering the green grass and trees. So serene and beautiful. The pitter-patter of the rain hitting the windows made me smile. It sounds like a natural melody soothing my aching heart and brought a steadiness to my soul. I took another swipe of my champagne staggering to the door. Turning the knob not expecting it to open.

The glossy grass softly waving in the gentle refreshing night breeze. I stretch my hand out feeling the crystal droplets kiss my fragile skin, I smiled to myself. The rain was something that eases my drowning thoughts, calms me, and at the same time excites me. I took another step and tilt my face toward the sky. Feeling the water caressing my body and soaking my shirt. I twirl like a child in the rain and giggled with my bottle in a tight fist. Not dropping that. Something felt eerie. I had this inkling; like someone was watching me. Someone, that shouldn’t be here, but I ignored it and bathe in the rain.

“Is that my seven thousand bottle Dom Pérignon?” I spun around to the voice. Leaning against the door frame, with his right leg behind his left and an arm cross authoritatively. I didn’t know he was home.

His black hair messy like he ran both hands through them way too many times. In dark blue Pj’s bottom hanging too low on his hips, displaying his yummy prominent V line. I wanted to run my tongue along with it, right down to his hard-big length. No Luna! Bad girl. He threw you out of his room and pretend you didn’t exist for four days. And who knows what or who he was humping last night. I don’t even think the lampposts out here are safe.

I took another sip feeling that delicious burn down my throat, “Is someone talking to me. I thought I heard something in the wind?” Yeah, I’m being childish but who cares.

He furrows his brows at me with a straight face,” Get out of the rain before you catch a cold.”

“I don’t wanna get out of the rain!” I huff stubbornly like a child. “Why don’t you go back to whatever leg you were humping last night and order them around! Huh! You’re not the boss of me or my ‘Alpha’!” I air quote alpha he remains impassive “You know why? I’ll throw you a bone,” I giggled. He arched a brow.” I don’t chase my tail around or have fur!” I took another sip,” Can’t bite me. Can’t keep it in his pants. Even dogs are more loyal than him.” I grumbled under my breath and took another drink, but only to have it snatched out of my hand.

“Heyyyyy!” I whine and pout.

He tips the bottle against his lips, with his Adam-apple bobbing, and took two huge mouthfuls.

“Gimme back that you metamorphosed Pomeranian!” he raises his arm above his head, almost amused at my tantrum. How am I supposed to reach that? I need a bloody ladder. I jumped but it was useless.

“All this because I didn’t come home last night or marked you?”

Mark me? He said that like I should know what that means. And I don’t care if he came home or not. I don’t!! I knew I heard that word mark before, but was too shit face to recall who mentioned it.

“I don’t care whose doghouse you took a catnapped at!” I giggled. Doghouse. Catnapped. Get it? He just stared at me and shakes his head. Is he laughing at me? “Just gimme back my bottle, because I promise you not all dogs go to heaven. No matter how hot you are!”

“You think I’m hot?” he smirks like the conceited mutt he is.

“No. I take that back,” I frown and fold my arms feeling that buzz in my head.

His smirks grew into a grin, with the rain beating down on his body, making him look even sexier. If God is testing me right now, I am way too drunk for this shit. I glared at him as hard as I can. The wet dog grins at me and took another gulp until he consumed it all. Bad cheating lamp humping mutt! His parents should had him neuter for good measure.

He arched a brow at me. What? I arched one back. Not like he heard my brains. That’s crazy as a bag of cats. His jaw twitches and he yanks me in his wet solid chest. I yelp. Giving him the opportunity to sneak his tongue in my mouth with the champagne still in his. Sweet Jesus. It slides down my throat from his mouth to mine. It was better than drinking it from the bottle. I moan in his mouth unable to contain myself anymore and jumped him. He growls and caught me with his hands squeezing my bum. Legs wrapped around his waist, and fingers tangled in his thick wet mane.

Everywhere his skin touches mine the tingles ignite with such passion. Hurling bolts of lightning down my spine. It wasn’t like this before. Our kiss was passionate as both our tongues fought for dominance, but he won in the end. Massaging and sucking my tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. One hand holding me up. While the other running up and down my back under my shirt. He broke the kiss and lick the side of my face, down my neck. Nibbling at my shoulders and licking his way over my collar bone to that spot. He sucks and bites down on it, but not enough to break the skin.

I moaned louder and squeeze my thighs. My core was throbbing begging to be touched. My blood was on fire with a hotness burning in my core. He moves back to my lips and thrusts his tongue in my mouth kissing me hungrily. The kiss was unexpecting and beyond mind-blowing. I don’t know if it’s because of the champagne, but I can feel my muscle tensing in my body. I began grinding my clit against him. A deep growl rumbled in his chest, as he deepens our kiss. If that was possible.

The door slam shuts, with my back against the wall. He wasted no time ripping my shirt off, with my panties and cups me, “You’ve been a bad girl.” he growls. I moan.

This overwhelming desire to feel him inside me swept over me. “Punish me. Punish me hard.” My voice heavy with lust, grinding on his hand.

He pumps his finger in and out of me with his mouth sucking on my breast. Biting and pulling on my nipples. He kisses up my neck, leaving wet sloppy ones. I moan louder in a lust-filled trance, feeling his steel erection throbbing in his PJ’s.

He pulls his finger out and shoves his pants down” I’m going to fuck you senseless,” he growls and rammed into me.

I cried out loudly as he thrust fiercely in and out of me, pounding at my wet cunt with long deliberate strokes. My body vigorously jerking up and down, as he hammers my wetness. The sound of skin slapping, moan and groans reverberate through the house.

He drills me harder and deeper, thrusting with purpose, fucking just the way I like. His strong chest rubbing against my swollen rosy buds, with my nails dug into his shoulders, the harder he laid into me. Talk about laying pipe. It feels so good. How I miss this. How I love this. His big shaft was stretching my tight cunt so deliciously, with heat flooding my core.

He was rough and pound my bad pussy like the bad girl I am. His strong arms holding me up, as his muscles rippled with every merciless thrust. My walls began tensing and I feel that release building.

“Cum for me, like the bad bitch you are.” He growls.

I never knew I like dirty talking. On command, I scream out my overwhelming pleasure, as my pussy clamp down on him. My orgasm felt ten times more intense. He was so aggressive. And I loved it. My nails dug deeper into his shoulders, as waves upon waves of that intoxicating sweet sensation ripped through my body.

He walks up the sofa and sat down,” Ride me,” he orders.

I was in a haze of lust and my body recovering from my orgasm. I pushed him back and start bouncing on his long thick length, with my tits moving up and down. He grabs them and rolls my nipples between his fingers tweaking them. Sending volts of pleasure to my core.

I felt myself cumming again. I grind on him and rolled my hips rhythmically. His eyes never left me as he watches me fuck him. I felt empowered and dominant. The way he looked at me, with so much adoration, lust and something else. I was too drunk to decipher it. He loved it. He loves watching me bouncing on his length, groping my breast with my hair all over the place.

I throw my head back and bounce higher as I felt that pressure building. I’m almost there. He spanks my ass and snatches my nipple in between his teeth and tug. That did it. I scream out as I came, but he didn’t let me off that easy. Oh no. He lays back down, and pulls me down on his chest, wraps his arms tightly around my waist and bends his knees. Pounding into me mercilessly, I could feel his balls slapping against me. Sending me automatically straight into another orgasm.

“Right there! Don’t stop!”

“Scream my name!” he commands and quicken his pace.

I felt my muscles contract deliciously. As I scream his name out in bliss, clamping down on him. I don’t think I can cum anymore.

He growls satisfied,” Fucking hell Ava!!” the same time and shoves himself deep inside me, filling me with his warm seed.

Our chest moving up and down rapidly, panting for breath. He ran his hands through his hair, with his legs stretched out. Our bodies dried off from the rain but now soaked in sweat. He wasn’t kidding when he said senseless.

“The fuck.” he exhales loudly “I will never get used to that.” I giggled at his statement. “That’s so beautiful. “I couldn’t tell if I imagine that last part or not.

“I miss-” he took a huge gulp of air, “Safe to say your not mad at me any more angel?” his voice breathy. What was he going to say before? Miss what?

“I’m still mad,” I murmur against his chest. Barely able to keep my eyes open.

He snickers, “And... about last night.” he kissed my head, cradling me to his chest. God, I love being in his arms.“I when for a run. Got back late.” Wait is he explaining himself to me? I was surprised and too out of it for a witty comment right now. I smile knowing at least he wasn’t with some other woman. Relieved too. Oddly.

My eyes were closing with his finger rubbing up and down my spine soothingly. I felt exhausted and completely irrevocably punished, with a huge grin on my face. My eyes began closing slowly when I saw a blurred shadow. I force them open again and I think I saw a man.


“Yea, babe?”

“Why is that guy watching us?”

“What Guy-” his sentence was cut off, by a thunderous roar, that literally shook the room.

I cowered in fear. His eyes flash gold, then that obsidian black and back to gold. I was covered in a blanket and lifted off the sofa. In a breath, I was in his room on his bed. He got a new bed. When did this happen? He dashed across the room in jeans and opens a secret compartment in his closet. Filled with weapons like the hotel, but these were more advance looking. He grabs two guns and sticks one in the waistband of his jeans.

While I am sitting on a bed clutching the throw blanket to my heaving chest, with my heart in my throat. I never got sober that fast before.

“Safety off. Safety on. Point and shoot,” he places a 9mm handgun in my trembling hand. “Ava, did you hear me?”

“Y-yes,” I stammer.

“Repeat back what I said.”

“Safety off. Safety on. Point and shoot.” I click the safety on and safety off just how he showed me.

He was radiating power in waves. I had the urge to lower my head to him. I was scared but what I felt was different. He was scared, not for him. He feared whatever was out there, would hurt me if he didn’t eliminate it. He was scared of-of-losing me?

He kisses me softly and cups my face, “Stay in the house. Zuri is on her way.”

“Who was that? What’s going on?

“Something that shouldn’t be here. Don’t leave. I mean it.” I shake my head yes. And in a flash, he was gone.

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