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Help him

As soon as he was gone. I hop off the bed to my room. The pain between my legs made itself known, but I ignored it. Yanking on my jeans, a tank top and hoodie with my chucks. I check the gun chamber and it was loaded. Snapping it back in and sticking it in my waist. He’s crazy if he thinks I’ll stay here. I ran out of the room and jerk the door open. We both squealed.

“What the hell Luna?!”



“Let’s go, “I cut her off and grab her hand. I had no clue where I was going, but my body somehow did. It was almost instinctive.

“Are you crazy? ” she jerks me back.

" I’m not waiting around here. Either you come with me or I’ll go by myself. Do you reallllyyy wanna tell your alpha,” I stress alpha,” you let me run off into the woods. Alone. A human. At night. In the rain.” Yeah, I sorta guilted-trip her and kinda blackmailed her a little. But how else was I getting her to come with me? I’m not going out there alone.

I can see the dilemma in her eyes, “I know what you’re doing.” She glares at me.

“Good. Is it working?” I grin and use my puppy dog eyes on her.

She signs in defeat,” Fine. But stay behind me.”

I squeal, “Yessss!” She rolls her eyes.

“Do you even know where you’re going?” we were in the middle of the woods and I hate to admit it, but I might be lost. So much for instincts. At least its drizzling and not raining cats and dogs. I giggled inward. Cats and dogs. Get it?

“Why don’t you put your sniffer to use and help out?” I turn left then spun back right. It all looks the same. I groan exasperatedly. Why do all trees look alike?! This is how people get lost in the woods at night. Yep, spidey skills broken.

“It’s raining. So. My. Sniffer” she enunciates sniffer at me. “is having a hard time picking up a scent.”

“Can you use your mind-thingy?” I turn left on a dirt path to a clearing.

“No one is responding to the Mind. Link,” she corrects me with an eye roll.

“What about-”

“Shhh. I hear something.” she cuts me off, pulled her hair behind her ears and listen with her eyes close. Finally! Her wolfie skills kick in.

“Follow me.” she began running down the dirt path and we hid behind a tree. My eyes grew so big, I was afraid they were going to drop out of my skull. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ethan.

Lake, Kristoff, Christian and Onyx with a few other men had him on his knees, begging for mercy. Lake steps forward and pointed a gun at his head.

My heart jumps in my chest, “NOOO!!!” I scream, running towards them. I pulled out my gun and aimed it at Lake. “I-I can’t let you do that,” My voice meek at best but they heard. I can hear my heart beating in my ears and adrenalin pumping through my veins.

“What the hell Luna?! What are you doing?!” Zuri yelled from behind me.

“Avaluna!” Onyx growls. Oh, That’s where we’re at, Avaluna now. Oh boy, he was madder than a wet hornet’s nest. Everyone else looks taken back and annoyed.

“Drop it,” Lake clenched his jaw angrily at my command. “Now!” I click the safety off.

He growls low in his throat and looks at Onyx requesting permission. I have the gun and he’s asking him? Onyx nods and he shoves the gun into his waist. But not before shooting me a death glare. They weren’t too happy, especially Onyx. He was fuming on the inside, but outside he was his normal emotionless self. I’m toast.

“L-Luna?” My eyes snapped to Ethan.

His clothes were ripped and muddy. And beaten badly. Skin ghostly pale and looks like he hasn’t eaten in days. Bruises and cuts covered his neck and face. Scarlet flakes were eating into his sky-blue eyes.

I gasp, “Oh buggar, ” and swallow the knot in my throat. He stumbles up to his feet, and I shift my gun on him instead, “S-Stay-Stay there Ethan. Please.” From the corner of my eyes, Onyx body tensed.

“I won’t hurt you.” he raised his hands above his head and remain kneeling.” I won’t ever hurt you, baby.” Suddenly I felt like I wanted to shoot him. But I wouldn’t. I glance at Onyx and I could see those familiar golden specks multiplying. This is bad.

“On-Alpha.” his head snaps to me,” He-he my- my friend.”

“Boyfriend,” Ethan said simultaneously. Bloody hell.

“Shit,” Zuri mumbles behind me. Lake just studied his alpha. Anger exploded in me. And that urge to shoot Ethan was stronger. Brilliant!

“Ex-boyfriend.” I quickly added, begging Onyx with my eyes not to do anything stupid. His face was turning darker by the second with rage “He’s my ex-boyfriend. We broke up a few weeks ago. We haven’t seen each other since then.”

“We’re on a break. That’s what people do when they’re on breaks.” Bullocks. Shut up, Ethan. This man can rip you to shreds dummy.

I cringed and chuckled nervously at Onyx. He folds his arms with his jaw clench tighter than bark on a tree. He had no reason to be mad at me. And why the bloody hell am I explaining myself to this man. All we do is have sex. We aren’t together. I glared at him with my chin high defiantly.

He arched a brow as if he heard me. Did I say that out loud? No, I positively didn’t. Nobody else looks like they heard me. “You really wanna test me now sweetheart?” The look alone on his face is enough to scare my stubborn ass.

I quickly shift my attention to Ethan. I won’t win this with him right now, and not about to get me and Ethan eaten by wolves. Eaten by him. Hmmm. My heart skips a beat. NO! Focus and get your head out of the gutter Luna!

“W-why are you here?”

“I-I got dropped off at the corner of a road and handed a shirt with a scent.” he glances at Zuri and back to me ” I’m to kill her.” Kristoff and Christian growl and step forward.

“Ah, ah,” I aimed my gun at them. “B-Back up.” They clench their fist and glance to Onyx who nods. Again, I am the one with the bloody gun people!

I nod softly to Onyx, thanking him. Before turning my attention back to Ethan and lowering my gun a little.” It was like I couldn’t stop myself. You gotta believe me, Luna. I had no control over my body.” he had tears filling his eyes. He looks so confused and terrified.

“I-I do,” I force a smile on my face.

“But on my way, I saw you. And something snapped.” His tone and eyes soften. ” And I felt myself regaining control, the longer I watched you twirling in the pouring rain, with that smile on your face.” he lifted his knee to stand.

“Don’t fucking move from that spot,” Onyx powerful commanding tone made me shiver. It was hot and scary at the same time.

Ethan growls at him and bows his head involuntarily. My breathing hitched a little at his growl. What’s wrong with him? Wait- Did he sniffed her out? But he is-human. Or is he? His eyes suggest something else.

“I was relieved to see you. Happy more like it. You looked so beautiful as always. Smoking hot.” His eyes travel down my body filled with lust. It made me uncomfortable. Even though he was my boyfriend for almost a year. The urge to shoot him spiked ten times higher. I glared at Onyx briefly before turning back to Ethan.

“I realize how stupid this break thing was. And I was going to beg you to give us another try. But then” he clenched his jaw.” he came out. You guys argued and the next thing I know. You had your legs around his waist, and tongue down his throat.” His voice turns darker. “But I didn’t expect to watch my girlfriend riding the big bad alpha,” he growls. He knows. He is a werewolf? I gasp loudly. Onyx smirk smugly at Ethan who was boiling in anger and jealousy.

“Ex-girlfriend,” Onyx corrected him with a cocky smirk, adding fuel to the fire. Bloody brilliant!

“Ethan, don’t!”

“You son of a bitch!!” he launched for Onyx who didn’t even move a muscle. Suddenly Christian pulled out a gun and shot him three times.

“NOOooo?!!!!” I scream and rush to Ethan. Dropping my gun on the wet grass.

“Ethan?!” I screamed.

“I love you Lu-” and he died. I cried and scream” You kill him! How could you !!”

“Calm down,” Onyx growls irritated. “It’s tranquillizing darts.”

“W-what?” Darts?

I scan his body and spotted three red darts. I yank them out and put my ears to his chest. His heart was still beating. I sigh in relieved and flop down beside him in the drizzling rain. Onyx stormed off and Lake approached me.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s bitten.”


“Someone turned him,” he crouched down and lifts Ethan’s shirt. There was a small circle, with five petals inside, branded on his side, right above his right hip. It was infected and red.” He was right.” Lake mumbles to himself.

“Who was right? What is this?”

“The alpha,” he said curtly. Still pissed about the gun I see.

“Take him to the holding cell,” he orders the guys beside him and left.

I turned around and Kristoff, Christian, Lake and Zuri were in a deep serious conversation. I couldn’t hear anything because they were too far.

They all left and Zuri remains, “Come on.” She orders. Is everyone mad at me?

I had to practically run to keep up with her, stumbling over roots and rocks.“Zuri,” I called. No answer.“Zuri can we talk?” No answer and she picked up her pace. “ZURI!“I shouted and tripped over a rock and fell. Bloody hell! Just my luck. “Can we please talk about this!?” I got off the ground and wipe my muddy hands off on my jeans.

She growls fiercely at me, before spinning around. Scary. “Talk about what huh? Talk about how your ‘boyfriend’ wants to assassinate me? Talk about you pulling a gun on Lake, Kristoff and Christian who happens to be my brother?” she exploded and began walking but stop again and spun around,” You know that gun couldn’t have saved you. Any one of us could’ve easily taken it from you and shot you and your boy toy dead. The only reason your alive is because you’re the alpha’s new whore. I bet that was one hell of a ride because it saved your ass tonight!”

“So, your mad because I slept with him?!” I shout back.

“Please. The alpha bangs a different chick every night!” she shots back and began walking again.

That pissed me off. “Then what has your knickers in a twist? Your mad because you didn’t? Or because my ex-boyfriend,” I stress ex-boyfriend.” who has been turned, brainwashed and branded like some bloody cattle tried to kill you? Or because I pulled a gun at Kristoff?!!”

" The alpha is like a brother to me!” she snarls her eyes flashing blue, as she takes long menacing strides to me. I backup slamming into a tree. Who put that there!? My heart was pounding violently against my chest. Her eyes flash black and she paused. She snickers darkly,” Have to hand it to you. That some magic trick you got between those legs. Let’s go. Keep up or find your own way home.”

The door was open when I got back to the house. I shut it and walk straight to my room. I never saw Zuri so mad before. She was my only friend here. They all were royally pissed at me. Especially him. I stripped and took a quick shower, before pulling on my pj’s. I cuddle my pillow and recall all that happen tonight. Ethan. I’ve to convince Onyx to let him go. He needs help. But who’s better than a pack of werewolves? Maybe I can convince him to help?

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