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Goodbye world

Shake, Shake, “Wake up. ”

I raise my hand shielding my eyes from the blinding yellow sunlight. He sighs impatiently and yanks me out the trunk like I was an empty sack. I yelp as he placed me down with his hands on my hips steadying me. My legs felt wobbly and body ached from being cramped up in that bloody awful trunk. The tingling shot through my body once more.

I squeal “Get off me you bloody goon!” and began slapping his chest and shoving his hands off me.

He growls and snatches my wrist in his manly rough hands, “Seem like you wanna go back in?”

“No! Please don’t put me back in there,” I beg.

He released my wrist to catch a bottle of water, toss by the guy from earlier. His arm around the girl’s shoulder who had a six-pack in her hand. We’re at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Cue the tumbleweeds. Maybe I can call for help.

“Don’t think about it,” he shoves the water in my hand and grabs my arm dragging me to the back seat. He opens the door, forces me inside and got in beside me. Instinctively I slide to the other end and yank on the door handle. Damn child lock.

“Pay up,” the girl in the front seat smack the guys shoulder triumphantly. He pulled out some money from his wallet and she snatches it away.

“You got lucky,” he groans, and she laughs.

My kidnapper shakes his head at their childishness and continues texting on his phone. The guy pulls off and I’m left sitting their disoriented, afraid and confused.

For the first time, I actually got a good look at him. If I wasn’t so bloody scared to death, I would probably be gawking at the Greek God in front of me. Of course, he had to be smoking-hot. Just my luck. Not!

He had silky hair darker than a moonless night, brush back in a rugged bad boy kinda way. You can tell he ran his fingers a little too much through them. Lightly tan skin that glows in the sunlight through the window. His entire frame was well built and muscular. He wasn’t overly bulky but just right, everything was in proportional to his body. His chest wide and shoulders were broad and square. Angular nose, full red kissable lips; his eyebrows thick and perfectly arched. Sharp prominent jawline with killer arms wrapped in tattoos. To say the least, he was the most attractive man I have ever seen. He still had on sunglasses so I couldn’t see his eyes.

It was obvious him and the drive are related. He had the same hair, strong angular features and light tan skin with sunglasses on. He wasn’t as build but close.

The girl had her medium champagne brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Lustrous sun kiss tan skin with dark ocean glowing green eyes surrounded by thick long lashes. And gorgeous long tone legs for days. Easy 5′8 if you ask me. Like a supermodel. To think about it, they all do and had that same dark predatorial vibe about them. Bloody Brilliant, I got kidnapped by the Berenstain’s.

I should be screaming or shouting or questioning him, but all I manage to do so far is glared at him and shiver in fear. Meanwhile, they were nonchalant and cool as a frigging cucumber. Makes one wonder, how often they do this. Maybe it’s a fetish? But the real question is, what do they do with them after?

" W-where are you taking me?” I barely manage to stutter out. No answer.

" Why are you doing this?” I said a little louder. Still no answer. Ok, this is starting to piss me off.

“Asshole, I’m talking to you!” There, I finally snap. His jaw twitched, and the driver and the girl tensed. The air in the car was suffocating all of a sudden.

He grabs my ankle and yanks me to him. I screamed and kicked, but it was useless. He grabs me by my hair, and I whimper from the pain. It felt like he was going to rip my hair from my scalp.

“No one talks to me like that. You’ve no respect in that pretty mouth of yours.”

“Respect? Ha! Says the man that kidnaps me and toss me in a trunk!” I scoff.

He chuckles darkly and removes his glasses. I gulp at his mesmerizing eyes. His obsidian black pupil was surrounded by a ring of blazing sterling silver-grey, swallowed by an exquisite unique azure blue. It was the most beautiful, artistic, picturesque eyes, I ’ve ever seen in my whole lifetime. Somebody should name a crayon after this guy and markers too. Screw it, give him his own paint line.

Don’t get me started about those thick lashes of his and perfectly place cheekbones. How is this dude even a real person? Is there build a perfect guy workshop I am not privy too? My stomach had butterflies fluttering all around with goosebumps spreading through my body. My heart leaps in my chest unnaturally. His gaze was magnetic and intense drawing me in the longer I stared into them. They’re spectacular with so many emotions swimming in them, that his face hid so well. His eyes soften and I could feel him probing deep into my soul.

Suddenly like something click draining his emotions from his eyes and left a cold menacing glare. He said with a cocky smirk, “It’s only a pretty face angel.”

My cheeks burn crimson from the embarrassment of being caught gawking at the dipshit. What the bloody hell is wrong with me? Get your shit together! I glared at him with as much hatred as I can muster.” I’ve seen better, sweetheart” I smirk back.

His jaw twitches,” I won’t think twice before putting a bullet between those gorgeous grey eyes of yours. So, I suggest you don’t test me.” he lets go of my hair and I scrambled back to the corner. He thinks my eyes are gorgeous. Wait, no. Snap out of it Luna! Ughh...

I massage my aching scalp,” W-why kidnap me?”

He picks up the water and tosses it at me.“I needed a hostage.” I caught the bottle. How do I know he didn’t poison it or something? “Drink.” he sighs exasperatedly.” If I was going to kill you it won’t be by poison.” he taunted. The ass wipe got a point there and my throat is parched.

I tip the bottle back and moan softly as the cool water touch my tongue. A low growl rumbled in his chest and his body stiffen. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. “A whole mall and you chose me?”

“You were weaker and oblivious of your surroundings. An easy prey.” Outrageous!! Am not! Well... Maybe not that mindful of my surrounding but that gives him no right! NONE!

" I was plenty aware! I didn’t know I needed to be vigilant when taking a piss. Pretty sure nothing was going to crawl out and bite my ass!” I huff. ” And I’m not weak!” I folded my arms defiantly.

“Watch your mouth,” he warns

“Or what? You’re going to lock me in the trunk again?”

“First, I’m going to fuck that lovely little mouth,” he smirks sinisterly, gauging my reaction. Which was fear.” then... lock your sweet ass back in the trunk for the remainder of the trip.” He arches a brow at me daring me to challenge him. Someone needs to wash his vulgar mouth out with soap.

My eyes widen frantically in both shock and fear. I quickly averted my gaze and face the window with my knees tuck securely into my chest. I knew he wasn’t playing around. He didn’t strike me as a man that kid. But deep, deep down something was telling me he won’t hurt me. There is no way I was going to take that risk. My family and Ethan must be searching for me. Oh god, they must be so worried. I hope they find me soon. My eyes felt heavy and harder to stay awake for some reason. Car rides always make me sleepy anyway. I’ll just rest my eyes for a second.

I was encased in a warm tingly sheet, melting into its relaxed and comfortable threads. A thousand thread count maybe or two? Damn, it smells heavenly. I inhale with a soft moan escaping my lips snuggling further into my comfy sheet. Did mum change detergent? A deep growl vibrated my sheet, but I paid it no mind as my grip tightens involuntarily.

I was somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness. I could hear faint voices but couldn’t make out all the words or the voices.

“Down boy. She’s asleep,” a voice snicker or more like teasing. Avery?

“Shut up,” my sheet growl.

“You know... You could give her to me. I’m all into cuddles.” a deeper voice said. Did mum get a cold?

“And I’m all into snapping necks,” My sheet stated matter-of-factly. Hold on.

Why is my sheet talking? Or feels hard. Or have arms. Oh no... My eyes snap open frantically, I squeal, scrambling out the arms of none other than my kidnapper.

“Bloody hell-” I groan out from slamming my head accidentally into the car door across from him. Pain shot up from my back straight to my aching skull. It’s dark out which means we have been driving all day. Who knows how far we’ve got? The giggling from the from seat snap me back into reality.

“Where are we? Where are you taking me? Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.” I continue rubbing my aching scalp and rambling.

“Calm down.” my kidnapper sigh beside me. It’s too dark to make out his expression but I can feel his eyes on me.

“You kidnapped me and refuse to tell me where we’re going. How do you expect me to calm down?”

“We’re going to North Carolina.”

“North Carolina? That’s going to take you at least another day driving. That is if there’re no roadblocks. Just let me go and you won’t have to worry about anything. I won’t tell anyone I swear.”

“We’re almost there.”

“Almost there?” I gasp.” How long was I out for?”

“Roughly thirty-one hours.” My kidnapper stated smoothly.

“31hours!” I squeal.

“Was Peaceful,” he grumbles.

“How did you-me-You didn’t!” I gasp in shock. The water. He drugged me!

“I told you the injection would’ve lost longer than the water.” The girl in the front seat told the driver.

“Only because she didn’t finish it,” he replied casually. Their all crazy.

“Why are you doing this? I don’t even know you people!” I shouted angrily.

My kidnapper growls irritated, like a real animalistic growl.” We’re almost at our destination and so far, you’ve been asleep for most of it-”

“That’s because you and your band of sociopaths drugged me.” I cut him off and they all growl. What are these people? Rottweilers?

“Clearly you don’t give a shit about your fragile life but tell me. What about that family of yours in Seattle? Especially that fine ass sister.”

I gasp in shock, “Please don’t hurt them. I’ll do anything.”

“That’s more like it. Now shut the fuck up and sit quietly. I need a nap” He adjusted himself comfortably. “Try anything stupid and your family will pay.”

I heed his warning and sit quietly. The driver and girl spoke once in a while but in a foreign language. Italian maybe? I couldn’t tell if he really was asleep. But I assume he was since he didn’t budge from that position for nearly an hour. One thing for sure I’m not falling asleep again. Who knows what will happen next? If they’ll harvest my poor kidneys or if I’ll wake up at all.

The car skids and began spinning out of control. I felt my body flying forward but before I could hit the seat in front of me; my kidnapper pulled me into his chest with his arms coiled around me protectively. A deadly animalistic growl ripped from his chest, but it wasn’t at me. It was warning whatever was outside. The car skid to a deafening stop, but not a second later something crashed into the side of the car flipping us over. I scream clinging on to him for dear life as he kept me wrapped in his arms. My head tucked into the crook of his neck and his body was practically shielding me. Why is he protecting me and what the bloody hell hit us!

Smoke was the first thing I notice over my hysterical screams. My kidnapper was yelling something at his friends, but I couldn’t make out the words. Rogues or Roger was one of those words. More growls and howls sounds came from outside the car. My breathing was heavy. The door ripped open by the girl and my kidnapper pass me to her. A second later I was laying on the grass with my chest heaving uncontrollably.

I felt my body pulled into a warm chest and tingles spread across my skin everywhere he touched. “Look at me.” He cups my chin gently, eyes soften and looked almost worried? Am I delusional? Gentle and him in the same sentence? He didn’t strike me as the gentle type. I must’ve hit my head. Yea. “Are you Ok? Say something. Say anything dammit.” his voice laced with a panic that confuses me. Why would he care? Does he care?

“Anything,” I cough out.

I felt him relax for a brief second. He picks me up and, in a flash, we were almost half-mile down the road away from the smoking car. The cool night air made me shiver. How did he move that fast? I definitely hit my head. There is no way he can run that fast. He sets me down on my feet and soon the girl was beside me.

“You need to go now. Zuri,” the way he growls her name said it all. She nods understanding whatever the growl meant and grab my wrist.

“Wait! Aren’t you coming with us?” I tug my wrist from her, but her grip was too strong to break. Why did I care? He kidnapped me for crying out loud and threaten to hurt my family.

“I’ll find you. But you need to run.” A howling sound made us whipped around to the car that exploded in the distances.

“RUN!!” He roared.

“C’mon!” she grabs my wrist and we sprint off into the dark forest without turning back. I could barely see where I was going. Tripping and stumbling on overgrown roots and rocks. It was dark and we were running in the middle of an unknown forest. But the girl Zuri didn’t seem to have that problem, almost like she had night vision. Every muscle in my body was on fire with adrenaline pumping through my veins like hot lava.

“C’mon we need to keep going,” she grabs my arms picking me up after I tripped on a fallen log for the fourth time.

“It’s hard to keep up when I left my night vision goggles home.”

“Not the time to get smart,”

" I am smart. There is no getting smart.” I sass back when a howling echo behind us.

“Is that a w-wolf?” I stammered.

“Shit. RUN!” she shoves me forward.

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me you need to get your ass across the lake. Now RUN!!” she yells.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me ignoring the burning in my lungs. The howling got louder, as I continue pushing myself tripping occasionally over hidden roots in the darkness. Dodging trees and ducking under broken branches. My adrenaline rush slowly ebbing, and I couldn’t feel my legs. I stop for a second to catch my breath leaning against one of the many tall trees in the forest for support. My heart was pounding like the little drummer boy was in my chest. Mouth felt drier than a desert with my entire body throbbing. Lungs screaming as I gulp down the fresh crisp air greedily.

Soon my breathing began to level out and my pounding heart regulating. It was quiet, too quiet. This is always bad in the movies. I recalled Zuri words. She said I had to cross some lake. I close my eyes and try to focus. I barely heard the soft sound of water trickling. My eyes shot open and I began running towards the sound. The closer I got the louder it was. I was relieved. I was free. No one was chasing after me and I can finally return home.

But it was short-lived when I heard snapping of twigs behind me. It was getting closer and fast. I began running faster pushing my legs harder, just as I reached the lake something or someone body slammed me into the sand beside the lake. I scream from the impact hitting the ground with a thud. A few ribs cracked from the impact with stars dancing around my head. But it only got worse.

Standing over my body, with its legs beside my head caging me under its foul body, was a huge bloodthirsty wolf. Its eyes scarlet red and fur look dark. He growls at me drooling on my face. GROSS!!!!! I squeal, scared to death of making any sudden movements. I didn’t wanna provoke the wolf that reek of death with its razor-sharp canines in my face. I knew better.

He was knocked off me by another wolf, a slightly bigger one and they started to fight. Biting and snapping at each other throats. The wolf that saved me, made brief eye contact and growl. Somehow, I knew it wanted me to run.

I stumbled to my feet clutching my broken ribs and drag myself to the lake. The current was getting stronger closer I got to the middle. The water almost at my belly button. I pushed myself ignoring the searing pain in my ribs and soon collapse on my knees, crawling out of the lake. I made it.

My body was trembling from the cold air and fear. My vision blur as I lay on my back with my head hammering and the pain from my ribs amplified; after the little adrenalin, I had left burned out. I couldn’t hear anything other than my pounding heart in my ears. I guess this is how I die. Goodbye cruel unjust world.

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